Ways to Improve Education Standard in Nigeria

Ways to Improve Education Standard in Nigeria

Ways to Improve Education Standard in Nigeria…

The quality of education in Nigeria has fallen far below its standard compared to the past and how it ought to be. It cannot also be placed in comparison with the system of education available in other western countries.

The percentage of the Nigeria’s national budget that is also set out for education by the government is not only poor but it is also among the very lowest in most part of the world. This is in spite of the gross financial resources in this country.

Now we cannot lay all the blame on the government. Each of us has an important role to play to improve the standard of education in Nigeria.

We cannot just sit and wish that good education come to our country. In that light in this article we have highlighted some of the causes of poor education in Nigeria and also some tips that can help remedy the education system in Nigeria.

Please follow along with as we highlight the Ways to Improve Education System in Nigeria in this article.

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Effect, Causes, And Factors Responsible For Poor Standard Of Education

There are numerous factors responsible for the poor standard of education in Nigeria. However, I will mention these few here:

Poor Regard to Education from the Government

The poor standard of education in Nigeria has been strengthened and promoted by the poor attitude from those in high political positions.

In spite of the financial resources in this country little attention is directed to education by the government. The Constitution is constantly reviewed in favor of those in power to the detriment of the poor citizens.

Why would the rich and the politicians care when they are sending their children to study abroad sponsoring them with our national resources.

As a consequence children of poor citizens are left struggling and competing for the available junk of education they can get a grab on.

The government has placed so much focus and emphasis on oil sector and diverted attention from the education sector. Free education that our parents enjoyed are no longer available and any seeming available free education is not usually free after a critical look.

Inadequate Educational Aids & Materials

Education in Nigeria is bleeding badly because of inadequate teaching staffs, inadequate teaching facilities and inadequate teaching methods.

The above reasons have seriously hampered the quality of education that students receive in our part of the world.

In a country where they are large number of poor quality teachers who simple got their teaching jobs without merits and proper screening, the result has been the churning out of very poor quality of students.

As if that is not enough another very visible factor is the un-conducive learning environment of lots of educational centers. Most infrastructures are nothing to write home about. Some school buildings are on the verge of collapsing because they have been built decades past without any continued maintenance and care.

Classrooms are small with broken chairs and tables littering the floor. Yet, there is overpopulation of new students who are admitted every year with no adequate plans for the erection of buildings and facilities.

Ventilation is poor. The staff rooms are stuffy. Teachers go to classes with towels and handkerchiefs to wipe sweat from their brows and faces coupled with hand fan to aid ventilation.

The poor working condition and the absence of motivation and remuneration reduce teacher’s commitment.

Shortage of learning facilities such as basic reading and writing materials has further done little to improve the dying state of our educational system in Nigeria.

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Moral Decadence in Schools

The level of moral decadence in our schools today is quite alarming. In the past educational heads were seen as a strong bulwark against immorality. Today however, the story is different.

Teachers are seen as a danger to students. They have been lot of news report of staffs taking sexual advantage of students in school. Male teachers are constantly asking female students for sex with a promise for higher marks.

Any opposition from these female students can risk them failing a teachers course or having their stay in the school miserable. This is Why Should Sex Education be Compulsory in Secondary Schools

The lack of disciplined educational heads has wreaked havoc in the Nigerian education system resulting in students performing far below average.

Teachers are also seen demanding for money from students to give them better result in class. This has led to poor commitment on the part of students and have culminated to the fallen standard of education in Nigeria.

Examination malpractice is no more news, microchips, carrying of ’expo’, writing of answers on body parts, the use of mercenaries during examinations is now seen as a normal thing in Nigeria.

Law enforcement agencies no longer enact laws to curb the rate of these bad practices. Here are sure ways to pass exams without expo in Nigeria.

After recognizing some important causes of the poor educational standard in Nigeria, so how do we go on to improve the educational standard in Nigeria?

Ways to Improve Education Standard in Nigeria

Amongst the numerous ways to improve education standard in Nigeria, we will consider just these few here.

Improve Teachers’ Package and Set Higher Standard for Teachers

To improve the standard of education in this country then high standard of education has to be promoted at all level. This would require that teachers are paid very well as the meet up with the set standard.

It is important to recognize that impact of an educational staff has life lasting value. So it important that teachers are paid fairly for their work and their conditions of service are improved.

If teaching standards are raised and teachers are highly regarded. Then teachers would find it hard to resort to corrupt means to earn extra income from students. When educators recognize their jobs are in the line for poor performance or corrupt behavior then more and more teachers would dignity required of our education.

Thus paying due honor to teachers job would go along to motivate them to handle their job with all civility.

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Consistent Inspection of Schools

Now the most important part of setting higher standard for our educational system and for our teachers is the part of enforcing the compliance to this quality standard in education.

There is no point increasing the pay of educators or increasing the expenditure on educational materials of infrastructure if they are not monitored. That way it will encourage educators to take their work serious and give out their best to their work.

This inspection of schools will include functions such as ensuring regular attendance of teachers, monitoring the adherence to school syllabus, verifying the following of proper routine maintenance of the school environment for conducive studies.

These constant unannounced inspections would also discourage over de-congestion of students in classrooms. Here are Flipped Classroom Model: Easy Strategies for Its Implementation

These definitely would go a long way in ensuring strict adherence to the set out standard required of the Nigerian educational system.

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Update and Upgrade our Educational Curriculum

Are our schools and educators still using the school curriculum that was used by our fathers in education our children of the 21st century? Then that would be a very poor standard to imbibe.

Staying at that old standard of education is only keeping many miles away from modern and more quality of education.

Technology has changed how everything is done around the world. Embracing the speed of technological advancement in the line of education would bring into par with the standard of education in the modern world.

Toeing this line of advanced learning would mean putting away all the theory’s that was accustomed to leaning standards in the past. There we can now embrace the practical quality that our merging technological advancement with our educational curriculum

To this end the Nigerian school curriculum has to be streamlined to potentially meet up with the high standard of education of today.

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Availability of Teaching Aids

Educations of any people at any time have always lived and breathe by the availability of educational aids and materials.

Therefore, to improve Nigeria’s educational standard, these necessary teaching and learning aids should be made adequately available in schools.

Teaching aids are very important in schools especially in this age of technology where most practical skills are embraced through second hand learning.

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Severe Punishment for Indiscipline

The fallen moral standard of our Nigerian educational system has stripped it of any honor. To regain the respect that is due the Nigerian educational system as in the past, then high level of discipline must be enforced.

All forms of indiscipline in schools must come with complete disdain and severe punishment. On the other hand diligence and hard work should be encouraged.

Seriously all hands must be on deck by all who love education and the future of the educational system to savage it before it becomes ruins without hope of restoration.

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The work of restoring the quality of standard of our education is a huge task but it is not an impossible one.

The government must endeavor to place education as a priority in its agenda. Educational administrators must also be devoted to offering students the very best knowing the future of this country lies in their hands. Each of us must also be ready to condemn any corrupt influence seeking to wreak havoc in our educational system.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contribute via the comment section of this page and do not forget to share our post.


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