10 Things Teachers Should Never Do In Classroom

There are 10 Things Teachers Should Never Do In Classroom, as they are the head of a classroom.  With that accountability comes a certain amount of power. We know that all teachers have bad days and make mistakes. Yet you need to avoid doing some things even when you are frustrated. You don’t want to lose your job over a bad hair day.

Knowing what to do and what not to do every time you are with your students, makes you a good teacher. You’ve got to practice the discipline you preach always.

10 Things Teachers Should Never Do In Classroom

Whether a teacher is to manage a large classroom or not, these are 10 things teachers should never do in classroom:

1) Lose Your Temper:

Losing your temper in any classroom can be really devastating. This particularly applies in Nigeria, where showing powerful negative emotion will make students label you as ‘wicked’, and you don’t want that.

All teachers have bad days, get annoyed with students, and attempt to maintain calmness later on. Trust me you certainly do not want to lose your temper, because you might end up shouting, yelling or even crying. If you ever feel yourself getting angry, just step out of the classroom.

2) Lose Control:

If there’s one thing you will never gain back if you lose it, its control. Don’t allow students in your class walk all over you, take control of your lesson and don’t get imprudent in any way. Sometimes student might get annoyingly loud during a lesson, and you need to be able to take charge of the moment.

One great teaching strategy that works with kids is to make a signal that immediately they see it, they know they are supposed to do the same thing or get quiet.

Some familiar options are: raising your hand, clapping if the class is noisy already, or waving. It is very effective that when you show a few students, the rest will follow and you will regain total control of the classroom.

3) Go Crazy with Handouts:

University lecturers and professors should know that too much paper is just not a good idea. Trade handouts with activities, don’t just allow them sit indolently, doing uninteresting rote work by trying to read through a book. Use the board, communicate with students and never depend on a piece of paper to do your job!

4) Eat Lunch:

You’d be shocked how many teachers bring their lunch into the classroom! This is so inappropriate on all levels. Drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning or bringing in donuts or snacks is one thing, but don’t ever eat your afternoon meal in the classroom as a teacher.

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5) Get Overly Involved:

Depending on the situation, it can be very easy to become immensely emotionally involved with your students. You will learn a lot about students during the class, and you may be required to provide some help to them outside the classroom.

But be very careful and set barriers for yourself and don’t get too associated or involved in students’ problems. Also be wary of developing personal relationships outside of the class. This can regularly happen when teaching adults, just make sure it doesn’t intervene with the classroom dynamic.

6) Make Fun of Students:

It may seem quite apparent that you should never mock or make fun of students, because sometimes what suppose to be a harmless joke or comment can affect a student’s confidence and self-esteem. You should learn how to use humor in the classroom, without making fun of any student. Just be careful and make sure that your jokes or sarcasm aren’t directed at a  particular student in a specially harmful way.

7) Sit Down:

Sitting down through a whole lesson or lecture is simply inappropriate. The teacher is expected to stand in front on the class, or walk around throughout the whole classroom period with confidence. Sitting down totally sends a message of laziness to the students, unless you are injured or ill. Whenever a teacher is in the classroom, it is a time to circulate and interact.

8) Be Late:

Being late is a big problem in many schools for teachers. It is very essential to model the behavior you want your students to adopt. Being late very infrequently or sometimes coming in a few minutes late is not a problem. It’s when you are persistently late that you show the students it is tolerable for them to be late as well. Be in class on time and whenever you are a little bit late, make sure you apologize to your students.

9) Only Follow the Book:

A textbook is a guide and can contribute ideas about the arrangement of topics and the format to follow. Be sure that you are relating your activities and teachings to the book, but not entirely doing everything from that one source.

Teachers often fall into the trap of teaching almost everything completely from the textbook. This is not only boring and monotonous; it is doing your students injustice.

Because students need a lot of chances to practice and research on their own with their skills. If you only concentrate solely on what the book directs, the students will miss a lot.

10) Play Favorites:

All students in the classroom deserve to get your consideration and your direction. It is okay to have your favorite students, but don’t give them privileges that you don’t give to others. It is only natural to be close with some students, just make sure that you are fair enough to all the students in your class and give everyone sufficient attention and praise.

Now you know the 10 Things Teachers Should Never Do In Classroom.

Don’t just teach hard; teach smart!

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