What Innovative Teaching Techniques Have You Seen in Developing Countries

What Innovative Teaching Techniques Have You Seen in Developing Countries?

Learning is a continuous and dynamic process. Every teacher has their own teaching style and methods of communicating knowledge. This article highlights different types of teachers and their innovative teaching techniques that have been seen in developing countries.

While many people may think that only underprivileged schools or struggling universities need to find ways to innovate their teaching methods, the truth is that anyone working as an educator could stand to learn more about new ways of transferring information.

Below is a list of some great examples of inspirational teachers from around the world who have found unique ways to connect with their students while also getting them excited about new ideas and perspectives.

The student-centered teacher

The teacher-centered approach to teaching may be common in many schools, but it’s not the only way to get the job done. In fact, researchers have found that a student-centered approach to teaching is far more effective for many subjects.

When you teach in a student-centered way, students have the chance to explore their interests and choose what to study based on what excites them. Teaching styles like these are particularly useful for students who might otherwise feel bored or disengaged by traditional teaching styles.

This kind of approach can also be helpful for students who are in advanced courses and are struggling. When teachers are focused on their materials, it can be difficult for them to understand what might make a particular topic difficult for a student and how to help them make progress.

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The comics teacher

A teacher in Thailand who had difficulty keeping his students engaged with the material found a creative solution. He drew comics to illustrate the subject matter and then had the students read the comics and summarize the main points.

When the teacher first approached his class with comic books, many of the students were skeptical. But once they began reading the comics and summarizing the key takeaways, they were engaged and excited.

This teacher found a new and creative way to teach a difficult subject and made a connection with his students by finding a fun and interesting way to bring the material to life.

The games teacher

A math teacher in Malaysia has developed a video game in which students play as an employee who needs to earn enough money to pay for a house, car, and other necessities. Certain questions in the game are designed to teach students about topics like compound interest and the risks of investing too much money in stocks.

Students who play the game have been found to have a 19 percent increase in their ability to solve math problems and an overall increase in their math knowledge. The ease and simplicity of the game allows students to take their own pace and replay the game at will to make sure they understand each concept.

Additionally, since students are playing a game, they may be more likely to stay engaged and play the game regularly.

The role model teacher

A Spanish teacher in the Dominican Republic has been recognized as one of the most important people in a student’s life. His students say that he has been a mentor since they were 9 years old and that he has encouraged them to pursue their passions. So much so that they consider him to be more than just a teacher.

A teacher’s role in the classroom extends beyond the moment-to-moment instruction. A teacher’s words and actions are critical to setting the tone for their students and showing them what is possible. Any teacher can have a profound effect on their students by setting the right example.

A teacher can inspire students by sharing stories about their own path to success, by showing off a strong belief in their students’ abilities, or by being an example of the type of person students want to be.

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The collaboration teacher

A teacher in Thailand has created a space for students to learn from one another in a collaborative manner. He has set up a platform where students can collaborate on class projects and access resources that they could not find on their own. Students can use the platform to ask questions, receive feedback, share resources, and connect with one another.

The platform has been so successful that it has been adopted by other schools in the region. A collaboration teacher creates an environment where students can help each other succeed. Collaborative learning is one of the most effective ways to create that environment.

Collaborative learning involves students working together to solve problems and learn new material. This approach can help students build new skills, learn from one another, and feel more connected with their peers.

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The cultural expert teacher

In one school in Nigeria, the students did not know much about the country’s history, culture, or its people. So the school decided to do something about it. When a new class began, the teacher decided to use a creative approach to introduce their culture and history.

They created a game that allowed the students to become part of the adventure. The students were divided into teams, and each team received an identity. Each team was then given a series of tasks to complete in order to win the game. As they completed tasks, they discovered more about their people, culture, and history.

As the game progressed, each team was also given the opportunity to learn from the other teams, creating a cultural exchange between the groups and making the information even more meaningful.

The app builder teacher

A teacher in the Philippines realized that students in his school had limited opportunities for internet access at home. So he decided to build an app to make it easier for students to learn the subjects that they were studying in school.

The app allows students and teachers at the school to access online resources, download and print materials, and save information for later. The app has been so useful that it has been adopted by other schools in the area and has helped students who otherwise might not have had access to comparable material.

This app was built to solve a specific problem, but it has the potential to do so much more. The app could be expanded to include other subjects, additional resources, and even communication features that allow students at different schools to connect with each other.

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Innovative Teaching Techniques in Developing Countries

There are many innovative techniques that can transform teaching and learning in Nigeria and other developing nations of the world. As times go on, teaching strategies and styles keep evolving. It is necessary to adopt one or two creative or innovative teaching methods to follow the trend. Knowledge, which is dynamic, could be complex and many ways are improvised or devised to impart it.

These innovative teaching techniques that can transform teaching and learning are as follows:

  1. Traditional Method

You may be wondering if the traditional teaching technique should be mentioned as an innovative technique for pedagogy? Yes, it is the basis in which other techniques can be explored properly via creativity in teaching.

Here, we have the normal one-on-one tutelage, where a lecturer stands on a podium and faces students. In this method, there is a teacher-student relationship. The students are able to ask questions and answer questions and can take part by interacting with the teacher or lecturer.

  1. The Use of Projector

Students usually have a swell time in lectures when illustrated in multimedia. The use of projector is usually very significant in teaching as it enhances understanding and makes teaching simple. With the help of a projector you would not need any additional instructional aid or material as everything that is needed for teaching and learning is already embedded in the PC (personal computer) through which the projector is used.

  1. Individualized Learning

Teachers should encourage individualized learning among the students. Students should carry out personal researches strictly supervised by the teacher or lecturer. The ‘A’ student tends to learn faster, mastering the basic steps from or in his discovery.

Students should endeavour to study on their own to find new ideas, deliberate it among themselves and seek for superior advice or contributions from the teacher or lecturer. The learning styles seem to make knowledge obtained, internalizes and enhances individual intellectual development and bolsters the confidence of students towards academics.

4. Social Media learning and teaching

Here, the lecturer and the students communicate through a learning platform. The lecturer logs into the platform, having notified the students earlier on when he would have a word or two with them through this platform. The students in turn would log into the same platform and type in their respective group codes having been provided to them by the lecturer on this platform. Use the only Educational Social Media for blended learning in Nigeria.

5. Blended learning and Teaching

Blended teaching is actually a combination or a hybrid of both the traditional method of teaching and learning and social media teaching and learning. This technique requires that the lecturer delivers lecture materials to students to download through a Learning Management System (LMS) platform.

Final words

While each of the above teachers may have their own unique approach to teaching, the common denominator is that they are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. They are inspirational and innovative, and they are eager to find creative ways to engage their students and encourage them to explore new ideas.

These teachers have found ways to turn students into active learners and have created classrooms where students are excited about what they are studying and are eager to explore new ideas. They have created a space where students feel comfortable asking questions and where everyone can work together to achieve new levels of success.

These teachers have found ways to transfer knowledge to their students that are exciting, engaging, and dynamic. These teachers are innovative and inspiring, and they have found new ways to inspire their students to learn.


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