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Online Learning Management System
About Us

Online Learning Management System for Schools and Businesses

Gopius is an innovative e-learning platform that meets the learning and training needs of schools and businesses. From primary/secondary schools to higher education institutions and businesses, Gopius helps create amazing learning for all.

Online Learning Management System | LMS
E-Learning Platform

Perfect for your organization

Enjoy the enormous benefits of a standard online learning management system. See how we meet your organization's learning and training needs.

White Label

Enjoy corporate brand reflection; customize your e-learning platform to fit your organisation.

Learning Accessibility

Deploy and track online learning and training courses without geographical limitations.

Social Learning

All users can engage, collaborate and share resources within and outside the workplace


Our digital workspace can accommodate all and more. We guarantee 100% security.

Some of Our LMS Features

Why Brands Prefer our LMS

Our e-learning platform is everything a Learning Management System should be, and more.

Course Management

Create multi-modal digital content - notes, images, videos, pdf, slides, sheets, etc. - and administer them on selected groups of learners, without any technical know-how


Assess your learners by administering quizzes, tests, assignments, surveys, and polls. Get valuable feedback that would guide your decisions.


Track your organisation's learning goals with our actionable and insightful reports. See what progress is made, so you can personalize learning.


Hold live classes with your learners using our video and audio conferencing tool. There are no limits to the number of students and time.

24/7 Support

You can count on our 99.9% up-time and reliable round-the-clock support for that other 0.1% of the time. Chat, call send a mail, we'll respond asap!

Intuitive User Interface

Our user interface is beautiful; you will enjoy navigating through our platform form all devices. We had you in mind while developing.


What Clients Say our E-Learning Solution

From primary, montessori and secondary school classrooms, to campuses, to startups and corporations, Gopius LMS software creates amazing learning experience for all.


I would say, with all boldness that Gopius E-Learning is the best online learning portal for all kinds of schools, especially in Nigeria. I teach in a Montessori and secondary school, and this platform has helped us implement remote learning seamlessly during the lockdown. We can’t wait to fully

Oyok Blessing
School Teacher & Online Course Creator

The most intriguing aspect of this platform is the white-labeling aspect. The LMS was integrated to my school website, using our domain name and brand colours. Sincerely, this made parents and teachers very comfortable with our e-learning.

Anna Dowson
School Administrator

Using Gopius LMS for training and onboarding my staff in my Digital Marketing Agency is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done recently. My team and newly recruited employees cannot forget the experience in a hurry. It is super easy to use and has a very appealing interface.

Hope Ekpo
CEO, Greenedu Digital

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Online Learning Management System in Nigeria

Take a closer look, and see what the best online learning management system for businesses and schools in Nigeria looks like.