About Gopius

Our Origins and Story

GOPIUS - Creative teaching; amazing learning.

GOPIUS was first developed in 2016 as Smart Lecturer LMS. It originated as a platform that provided lecturers in Nigeria with top LMS tools for instructional delivery to students in higher ed institutions. At the time, Godwin realised that most educators in Nigeria were not willing to use emerging technologies in teaching their learners, despite the global technology wave.

Today, GOPIUS is used by educators in all levels as well as trainers/employers for online learning and training.. Instructors can creatae and deliver online instructions to their respective audiences (pupils, students, trainees and employees), to help them meet and exceed their learning goals.

GOPIUS is a learner-first, user-friendly eLearning platform that serves the learning and training needs of people from all kinds of organizations

CEO Godwin Pius