Gopius E-Learning Services

We saw a learning gap, and we decided to fill it

Gopius is an elearning platform that meets the learning and training needs of businesses and schools. From primary, montessori or secondary school classrooms to higher education institutions and all kinds of corporate businesses, we help make the onerous administrative tasks smoother than ever. Educators, trainers and HR managers can now create amazing learning experiences that advances all learners, irrespective of their technical expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help all organizations get more out of learning by making premium eLearning technology accessible and affordable. We at Gopius desire to help schools and businesses manage their administrative tasks, while helping instructors and trainers create amazing learning for their learners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue working with our valuable clients, to help them create amazing learning. We believe in usability, simplicity and corporate brand reflection, as we plant our footprint throughout Nigeria, Africa and the world. Our people are our strength; they are highly motivated, knowledgeable and committed to excellence.

How it Works

Gopius is easy to set up for your Organisation

Register your Organization

Signup and indicate whether you are representing a business or a school. Make adequate payment.

White Label

Customize your dashboard to reflect your organization's brand. Add all user types (instructors and learners).

Enjoy Learning

Create digital content, share resources, train, track progress while learners' enjoy amazing learning.

Some of Our LMS Features

Why Brands Prefer our LMS

Our e-learning platform is everything a Learning Management System should be, and more.

Course Management

Create multi-modal digital content - notes, images, videos, pdf, slides, sheets, etc. - and administer them on selected groups of learners, without any technical know-how


Assess your learners by administering quizzes, tests, assignments, surveys, and polls. Get valuable feedback that would guide your decisions.


Track your organisation's learning goals with our actionable and insightful reports. See what progress is made, so you can personalize learning.


Hold live classes with your learners using our video and audio conferencing tool. There are no limits to the number of students and time.


No need to worry about installations, maintenance and backups, our digital workspace can accommodate all and more. We guarantee 100% security.

White Label

Enjoy corporate brand reflection by customizing your e-learning platform to fit your organisation. Create branches, departments and classes, just like real life.

Online Learning Management System | LMS

Robust E-Learning Solution
for all our Clients

A wide range of different organisations need and use our learning management system software, to automate learning and training. From schools to corporations can benefit from using Gopius LMS.

Primary & Secondary Sch.

Our LMS interface is appealing to pupils in the primary education level. Primary schools, Montessori and secondary schools use our LMS to engage learners.


From startups, to SMBs, HR firms and large corporations, businesses of all kinds use our e-learning platform for employee onboarding and all forms of corporate training.

Higher Education

All our robust features are fully utilized by students and lecturers in universities and polytechnics. Multi-modal learning content are created with ease for better learning experience.

Training Institutions

Training institutions and professional bodies learning management systems to engage their learners. Course can be hosted and sold with an LMS.


What Clients Say

From primary, montessori and secondary school classrooms, to campuses, to startups and corporations, Gopius LMS software creates amazing learning experience for all.

Mrs. Iniebehe Akpan

“GOPIUS tutors are excellent in what they do, my son scored 325 after writing JAMB twice to get the Medicine cut-off point

Mfoniso (2020/2021 JAMBite)

The mathematics tutor explained and solved complicated problems in a way that made me to love maths even more. My JAMB score was 305, above the cut-off point for my Civil Engineering discipline.

Mrs. Toluwani Olorunronwalowo

My daughter said that the questions that came out were what she learnt from GOPIUS tutorial videos, I recommend GOPIUS JAMB tutorials always.

GOPIUS - Create amazing learning

Our Origin and Story

Useful Apps Every Student Must Have Value of Gopius LMS

GOPIUS was first developed in 2016 as Smart Lecturer LMS. It originated as a platform that provided lecturers in Nigeria with top LMS tools for instructional delivery to students in higher ed institutions. At the time, Godwin realized that most educators in Nigeria were not willing to use emerging technologies in teaching (maybe because it was perceived as been difficult), despite the global technology wave.

Today, educators and trainers love using our online platform because of its simplicity, yet powerful and flexible learning portal. Instructors can create and deliver online instructions to their respective audiences (pupils, students, trainees, employees, partners, and customers), to help them meet and exceed their learning goals.

GOPIUS is used by schools and businesses for online learning and training. Our white label solution allows organizations to fully customize the look and feel of the platform, to give a corporate branding reflection.

GOPIUS is a learner-first, user-friendly eLearning platform that serves the learning and training needs of people from all kinds of organizations. We help create amazing learning for all.

Our Team

Our Creative Staff

Our people are our strength; they are highly motivated, knowledgeable and committed to excellence.

Godwin Pius, Ph.D
Godwin Pius, Ph.D
CEO and Founder
Etimbuk Johnson
Etimbuk Johnson
Chioma Okonkwo
Chioma Okonkwo
Ed Advisor
Olaide Muideen
Olaide Muideen
Software Developer
Byron Neji
Byron Neji
Business Development
Hope Ekpo
Hope Ekpo
Sales & Marketing
Sodiq Oladipo
Sodiq Oladipo
Product Development
Mfon Eti-Mfon
Mfon Eti-Mfon