Instructor-Led Training Program
Instructor-Led Training Program: Can LMS Be of Help?

Many companies around the world use the traditional training style known as an instructor-led training program. Learn how to empower them by using an LMS. Read: Adequate Ways To Control ILT Training With TalentLMS Instructor-Led Training Program: Can LMS Make It Better? ILT has various disadvantages, including having a limited audience, greater expenses, and the potential […]

LMS Support ILT
Can LMS Support ILT Without Any Cons

Your teachers will have all the technological resources necessary to deliver memorable (and up-to-date) training sessions thanks to a learning management system. But how can you get the greatest LMS without spending a lot of money from the business budget? This article will answer the question, can LMS support ILT without hurting a budget? Read […]

Responsive Learning Management System
Best 9 Features To Consider When Buying A Responsive Learning Management System

To obtain the best value for your money, make a well-thought-out shopping list. Considering your goals, expectations, and L&D requirements for online training, which features should you include? We will take you through what to consider in buying a responsive learning management system. Read: 8 Responsive Design Strategies For Mobile Learning Best 9 Features To Consider […]

LMS Reporting Features
6 Clinical Tips To Consider Regarding LMS Reporting Features For Employee Training Software: 6 Clinical Tips

There are countless LMS possibilities, it seems. How then can you locate a system that fulfills all of your needs, is within your budget and generates reliable reports? You can uncover a system that exceeds your analytical expectations by using these exclusive suggestions. It will look into LMS reporting features and other things to consider. […]

Blended Learning Solutions Versus Online Training
Blended Learning Solutions Versus Online Training: What Distinguishes Them

Online and offline learning can generally be distinguished from one another, however, blended learning software makes this distinction more difficult. What distinguishes one from another significantly? We will see blended learning solutions versus online training and go through what distinguishes them. Read: Enhance your Learning Environment With 5 Strategies Blended Learning Solutions Versus Online Training: How […]

Sales Team Training
Utilize These 5 Strategies to Improve Sales Team Training

Is your sales approach not working for you? Are your salespeople communicating effectively? In today’s cutthroat market environment, an efficient sales team training program can make all the difference, especially one that utilizes online training. Read: Enhance your Learning Environment With 5 Strategies With Online Sales Team Training, Close The Deal Sales are challenging in both […]

Enhance your Learning Environment
Enhance your Learning Environment With 5 Strategies

You probably feel like you’ve heard it all when it comes to studying advice, from suggestions like “choose a peaceful spot to study” to “clean away the clutter from your learning environment.” Although part of this is unquestionably good practice, there is no one methodology that works for everyone, and conventional study methods aren’t always […]

Responsive Design Strategies
8 Responsive Design Strategies For Mobile Learning

The thought of designing every conceivable gadget might be overwhelming. Here are 8 responsive design strategies to guide you through the process of creating a responsive web tool, application, or course. Also read: Online Learning Environment: Redesigning Social Presence Using 8 Responsive Design Strategies To Improve Mobile Learning Building a web tool for your online training […]

How To Use GIFs To Advance Your E-Learning
How To Use GIFs To Advance Your E-Learning Efficiently

Have you asked the question, how to use GIFs to advance your e-learning? The goal of our work as instructional designers is to continually improve our eLearning courses. The ultimate goal is to increase engagement and achieve those learning objectives, whether it’s done through animation, visuals, music, or gamification. Although employing multimedia in eLearning programs […]

Learning Management System
Create A Learning Management System Without Exertion

The conventional method of education is now obsolete. The era of online eLearning programs is now. This was further underscored by the introduction of the “work from home” standard, which the COVID-19 global pandemic was responsible for! Almost every industry-specific business nowadays is making use of the latest developments. Additionally, the educational sector is not […]

Transformative Training Program
How To Create A Transformative Training Program: 5 Steps

Have you come across a transformative training program? Companies that are most inventive and competitive understand that success over the long run necessitates constant learning. In this post, we’ll look at 5 essential suggestions for creating corporate education programs that support and promote transformation through practical learning techniques. Read: Informal Learning Activities that Promote Transformative Learning […]

Promote Transformative Learning
Informal Learning Activities that Promote Transformative Learning

In this article, Mezirow’s transformative learning theory is explained in detail, along with examples of how the theory might be used in informal, self-directed learning situations at work. Read: Workplace Transformative Learning Theory of Transformative Learning and examples of how to use it in the Workplace Meaningful learning can occur through a constructivist process offered by […]

Online Learning Environment
Online Learning Environment: Redesigning Social Presence

The traditional teaching methods are altered by online learning, but the overall objectives—to encourage learning—remain the same. The necessity for educators to establish techniques, plans, and resources to provide an online learning environment that encourages peer communication and cooperation is highlighted by this substantial shift in the way students learn. The online learning environment must […]

eLearning environment
5 Advantages of Setting up a Secure and Friendly eLearning Environment

L&D in institutional settings has undergone a revolution thanks to learning management systems. Nowadays, businesses can quickly and effectively train their staff members in the best manufacturing methods. As a result, office productivity has grown. This is why the eLearning environment is important. By eliminating the physical requirements of face-to-face training tactics, such as travel […]

LMS Gamification
LMS Gamification: The Truth You should Know

Gamification is being used by an increasing number of businesses to improve different elements of the workplace, including their learning management system (LMS). Employee learning and training can be quickly improved with the help of LMS gamification, which also has other advantages. Find out how by reading on. Also read: How to Make Your LMS Experience […]

Online Learning Benefit Students
How Online Learning Benefits Students

In today’s world, students are looking for ways to improve their skills and hone their learning skills. They want to prepare themselves for a future where they will lead a real life and not one filled with anxiety and worry and this is how online learning benefit them. in This article, we will take a look […]

The State of Edtech: What To Look Out For In A Startup

With topics like accessibility and remote learning in the forefront, EdTech companies play a critical role in improving education through various technologies. The need for a tech-driven learning environment among students has been pushed by educational platforms, e-books, and game-based learning apps. The market has reacted accordingly, and according to some projections, the EdTech sector […]

LMS Experience
How to Make Your LMS Experience Better

LMS has been around for some time now and the LMS experience is different for different users. LMS is a powerful data management and discovery tool that’s easy to use and understands every level of your company’s needs. But for small businesses, it can feel like you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how […]

E-Learning Games
How to Build Great E-Learning Games

‍E-learning is a proven model for drive and engagement within your organization. When implemented effectively, it is a potent force for positive change in employees’ mindsets, interactions with staff, and the effectiveness of projects. E-learning is a collaborative effort that involves multiple parties working together on a project or initiative. It shares the same purpose […]