culture of continuous learning in your organization
6 Proven Strategies For Building a Culture of Continuous Learning in Your Organization Successfully

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations need to be agile, innovative, and adaptable to succeed. To achieve this, they need to cultivate a culture of continuous learning where employees are encouraged, supported, and rewarded for learning and development. In this post, we will discuss six proven strategies for building a culture of continuous learning in your […]

instructional design best practices
The Top 12 Instructional Design Best Practices You Need to Know for Successful eLearning

The use of eLearning has increased significantly over the years, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic that forced many organizations to switch to remote working and learning. However, for eLearning to be effective, it requires a systematic approach to instructional design that focuses on creating engaging and interactive courses that facilitate learning. In this article, we […]

building a resilient leadership development program
5 Essential Steps for Building a Resilient Leadership Development Program in a Disrupted Market

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are facing constant disruptions, whether it’s the introduction of new technologies, changes in market trends, or global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. These disruptions have significant impacts on businesses, and leaders need to be prepared to navigate them effectively. One way to build the necessary resilience is through a […]

effective strategies for improving learning retention
10 Effective Strategies for Improving Learning Retention

As a learner, it’s not enough to just absorb information. It’s essential to retain that information for the long-term, as it can aid in better decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Unfortunately, many students struggle with retaining information beyond a few days, which can hinder their academic progress. But the good news is that there are […]

UX Design Principles
Top 5 UX Design Principles That Influence Learning Experience

Know about UX Design Principles that influence learning experience in today’s world. The traditional educational system is no longer functional, which is why individuals now need more individualized and hands-on learning strategies. A modern learner’s demands are not met by textbooks, antiquated instructions, or traditional classroom lessons. The syllabus must now be more easily available […]

Cognitive Load Theory In Instructional Design

It is imperative that you comprehend the fundamentals of the Cognitive Load Theory and include them into your instructional design if you want your learners to benefit fully from the eLearning course you are developing. You may learn more about Cognitive Load Theory in this manual, including how it might be used in educational contexts. […]

Cognitive Load
What Cognitive Load Does To Learners

Get to know what cognitive load does to learners in elearning. As you teach adults as opposed to children, there are a few principles you must comprehend to transition from teacher to instructional designer. For my department, I’m putting together a series of workshops that will go over some of those theories and how to […]

challenges for instructional designers to overcome
The Roadblocks of Remote Learning: 7 Challenges for Instructional Designers to Overcome

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in remote learning, with many educational institutions and organizations switching to online and virtual learning environments. While remote learning offers many benefits, such as increased flexibility and accessibility, and there are several challenges for instructional designers to overcome. Challenges for Instructional Designers to Overcome In this […]

developing an effective corporate learning strategy
Boosting Workplace Performance: 10 Tips for Developing an Effective Corporate Learning Strategy

The success of any organization depends on the skills and knowledge of its employees. Companies that invest in the professional development of their workforce are more likely to see increased productivity, improved job satisfaction, and higher retention rates. Therefore, an effective corporate learning strategy is essential for boosting workplace performance. In this post, we will […]

revolutionizing government training in Nigeria
Revolutionizing Government Training in Nigeria: 5 Innovative Ways to Use an LMS for Efficient and Effective Learning

The use of technology in learning Nigeria has significantly increased over the years. From schools, to businesses, to NGOs and government parastatals, technology is redefining learning and training. One of the most important tools that have emerged is the Learning Management System (LMS). In this post, we will be considering ways to revolutionizing government training […]

Flexible Learning Sequence
How Can You Build A Flexible Learning Sequence With A “Blueprint” For Your Online Course?

What to know about flexible learning sequence. An online course curriculum serves three purposes, according to researchers: contract, communication tool and, learning aid. Focusing on these three tasks has helped to address many of the issues brought on by the physical and temporal distance between online instructors and learners as I’ve worked with the creation […]

LMS For Flexible Learning
7 Guide Elements In Picking LMS For Flexible Learning

Get to know about LMS for flexible learning. By providing top-notch training, trainers continuously support organizational growth by developing new learning resources or presenting more interesting course modules. The traditional classroom-based training approach, however, is dwindling in popularity these days because it is neither convenient for working professionals nor does it produce satisfying outcomes. In […]

7 LMS SEO Tips To Advance LMS Sales

Get to know much about LMS SEO tips. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and your online LMS sales are closely tied. You need a strong LMS content marketing strategy to stand out in the sea of online competition battling for the same consumer base. But you must also keep in mind that other important […]

Learning Analytics Programme
Learning Analytics Programme: The Future Is Now!

Get started with learning analytics programme. With the advent of “Big Data,” learning leaders and learning designers are now beginning to explore a field that may have previously seemed out of our purview. What should we do now that we’ve maybe done a decent job creating excellent exams and collecting survey data regarding learners’ reactions? […]

Ways An Hospitality Company Benefits From LMS
6 Ways An Hospitality Company Benefits From LMS

If you work in the hotel sector, using eLearning through an LMS, it will greatly improve your operations, especially now. Traditionally, one of the busiest times of year for hospitality is during the holidays. If you own a restaurant, you could notice an increase in reservations for Christmas parties for businesses and family gatherings. Maybe […]

Top Benefits of Enterprise Learning Management System to Your Businesses

Employee learning and development can be managed more effectively and efficiently with the use of an enterprise learning management system. Processes for employee training and development can be streamlined and automated using an LMS, which also makes it simpler to monitor employee progress. Learning Management System Organizations are under pressure to perform better over time […]

10 Challenges of Managing a Learning Management System

An effective eLearning tool for businesses and educational institutions to train staff, clients, and students is a learning management system (LMS). According to the 2017 HCM Outlook Survey by Brandon Hall Group, eLearning can cut employee training time by anywhere between 40% and 60%. Whether they are for internal staff, outside partners, consumers, or students, […]

10 Quick Tips To Boost Your LMS Engagement

The secret to making training programs successful is raising LMS engagement. Your learners will pick up new skills more quickly and cover more knowledge areas if they are driven to keep coming back to their online training. But how do you design a captivating eLearning experience that entices people to return for more? Here is […]

8 Ways to Make Compliance Training More Engaging

Compliance training is among the most important aspects of corporate training. However, the topic’s complexity can make it boring. Read on to discover top ways to make compliance training more engaging. What exactly is compliance training? Compliance training is mandatory. Organizations across industries are required to run compliance training programs in order to maintain a […]

blended learning program
Designing an Effective Blended Learning Program in 5 Steps

What exactly is blended learning? Blended learning program are a type of training that combines online resources and opportunities with traditional classroom-based teaching methods. While the learners attend classroom sessions with their peers and instructor, these face-to-face practices are enriched with online activity for content and delivery. Blended learning provides the best of both worlds: […]

create a learning and development strategy
How to Effectively Create a Learning and Development Strategy in 6 Steps

To create a learning and development strategy requires a comprehensive and holistic approach that considers the professional and organizational goals of a company. It is important to first develop a clear understanding of the company’s mission, vision, and goals, as well as its current strengths and weaknesses. Using this information, learning and development strategies can […]

become a successful instructional designer
How to Become a Successful Instructional Designer in 4 Steps

If you’re interested in technology and education, you may want to learn about the requirements to become a successful instructional designer. Instructional designers research and prepare learning materials to help others achieve successful educational outcomes. These professionals use their technical skills and knowledge of learning methodologies to create engaging educational experiences. In this article, we […]

Blended Model
A Comprehensive Guide on Blended Model

A blended model of learning is an approach that combines traditional classroom instruction with online learning. It is also known as a hybrid learning model, which involves a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. This approach allows students to learn at their own pace and in a flexible way, while still receiving the benefits of […]

Virtual instructor led training
What is Virtual Instructor Led Training?

Virtual instructor led training (VILT) is a type of training that is delivered remotely, via the internet or other digital means, by a live instructor. This type of training allows participants to learn and interact with the instructor and other learners in a virtual environment, rather than in a traditional, in-person setting. Read: Best 7 Advantages […]

Instructor-Led Training Program
Instructor-Led Training Program: Can LMS Be of Help?

Many companies around the world use the traditional training style known as an instructor-led training program. Learn how to empower them by using an LMS. Read: Adequate Ways To Control ILT Training With TalentLMS Instructor-Led Training Program: Can LMS Make It Better? ILT has various disadvantages, including having a limited audience, greater expenses, and the potential […]