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Online learning management system

Experience amazing learning with Gopius.


Upgrade business training for employees, customers and partners with an LMS that is perfect for onboarding and corporate training.

Basic Education

Engage young minds and design appropriate learning opportunities for students in primary and secondary schools.

Higher Education

Seamlessly integrate eLearning into your institution with our customizable LMS that is easy to use by administrators, instructors and learners.

About Us

Online Learning Management System

Gopius is an e-learning platform that meets the learning and training needs of corporate institutions. From startups, to NGOs, government institutions, higher institutions and companies, our LMS platform helps organization boost performance and drive growth.

Online Learning Management System | LMS
Why Gopius?

A user-first elearning platform.

See how we meet your learning and training needs of staff and learners.

Clear Navigation

We had all users in mind while developing our platform. Our aim is to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

24/7 Support

You can count on our reliable round-the-clock support. Reach out, we'll respond asap!

Great Advice

We offer great advice to our clients; helping you optimize your learning and training impact.


Our digital workspace can accommodate all and more. We guarantee 100% security.

LMS Benefits

Why Businesses Prefer our LMS

Our online learning platform is everything a learning management system should be, and more.

Course Management

Create multi-modal course content - notes, images, videos, pdf, slides, sheets, etc. - and administer them on selected groups of learners, without any technical know-how


Assess your learners by administering quizzes, tests, assignments, surveys, and polls. Get valuable feedback that would guide your decisions.


Track your organisation's learning goals with our actionable and insightful reports. See what progress is made, so you can personalize learning.

Social Learning

Engage and collaborate with instructors and colleagues. 82% of workers prefer a collaborative environment to a competitive one.

Self-paced Learning

Users can learn from or publish quality course contents at their pace, irrespective of present location. Personalized learning is easy and fun.

White Label

You can completely customize our LMS to have the look and feel of your organization's brand. Even the URL will fully represent your company.

Excited to learn more about our online learning management system? Gopius is ready for you.