The Need for Tighter Security in Schools

The Need for Tighter Security in Schools | 4 Good Reasons

Yes, there’s the need for tighter security in schools, including schools in Nigeria!

The economic situation of Nigeria has led to a rise in criminal events like kidnapping, and ritual killings. These have dominated the news cycle for the past few months. Most worrying is the trend of kidnappings centered on schools. These brazen kidnaps have parents worried about the safety of their children in boarding houses.

Thus, it is important we focus on the need for tighter security in schools.

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The Need for Tighter Security in Schools

The Boko Haram situation in the north east heralded the era of school targeted kidnappings. Out of 200 plus girls that were taken that day, only about half have been recovered. After that, a few other schools in the Lagos are were hit. For those wondering why, the economic situation has forced the worst sides out of people in an effort to survive.

Schools are soft targets and can be infiltrated with ease without much resistance. Thus, more often than not, are likely to be targeted. This kidnappers prey on three things in their quest for an economic landslide;

  • the vulnerability of the parents in concern with children when held hostage,
  • the likelihood of state or federal intervention,
  • and the lack of security apparatus on the ground before the attack.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of such events is likely to increase rather than reduce in the near future. Thus, certain steps must be taken to reduce the risk, especially by schools in high risk areas. Here is a list of things that can be done to prevent such situations.

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Ramp up security within the school grounds. This serves two purposes. It keeps the school secure from external intrusions and keeps the students within safe. This will make your school a harder target.



It is relatively easy to wire a school with an intercom system, thus making communication possible across different buildings. This aids the security team stay in contact with different sectors. Secondly the security team should be outfitted with proper communication tools.

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Smart organizations have procedures to prepare their staff for dangerous situations. Students can be prepped to protect themselves through simulations and dry runs. It is a lot easier to control a situation if you are on top of the situation. The school can have a student body (or club) in charge of passing information rapidly to the security team.



One of the kidnapping events last year happened because the structures surrounding the school were permeable. It is possible to keep out intruders if you make it difficult for them to gain access. This, really, is the first line of defense. All procedures must be taken to ensure there is not direct access to the grounds. Environmental structures that pose a security risk should either be taken down or modified for security purposes.

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It is best to heed the change in society early or it may be your undoing as a school owner. A kidnap on your property has long lasting effects and can be extremely destructive to your business activities long term.




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