The Value of Gopius LMS to Teachers, Learners and Businesses

So, what value does GOPIUS LMS – Learning Management System – offer?Gopius LMS is a learning management system that is built around the premise of aiding the teaching and learning process. Change is a constant and that rings true even in the education system. We cannot continue to rely on age old techniques in a world that is radically different from when these techniques were introduced.

How does it benefit its users?

Why should you use it?

Of what benefit is it to anyone who might consider using it?

What is GOPIUS LMS About?

Gopius is a free Learning Management System (LMS) for blended learning among instructors (teachers, lecturers or trainers) and students/learners/trainees in higher institutions and businesses in Nigeria.

It is a social networking web application appropriate for teaching and learning. Our LMS is a replica of the dominant conventional (face-to-face) instruction, but in an online social media app format.

It is capable of providing lecturers and teacher with the tools necessary for in-class communication as well as collaboration within and outside class room.

GOPIUS LMS is a free blended learning platform aimed at redefining teaching and learning in Nigeria.

As an Learning system for teaching and learning, SmartLecturer LMS is endowed with the following features and more.


A lecturer can post lesson or send attached files to the full class; private notes can be sent to selected students.


Functions like an innovative notice board. Lecturers can broadcast announcements and lesson content to the learners.


Lecturers can create polls in order to maximize students’ understanding of opinions as well as their thoughts.


A lecturer can post assignments online; students answer online and can be graded online.


Essentially a self-management tool providing users with automated notifications of due dates and events, with a short description of the event.


Lecturers can evaluate students’ performance by administering assessments in the form of Multiple Choice Questions; True/False; matching; calculated; short or long answer questions.


Like the note or announcement, alerts appear in a bold and large font, serving as a clear reminder to students and lecturers about events, assignments and due dates.

The Benefits and Value of GOPIUS LMS

The first question we have to answer is, who does this benefit? With these top LMS tools and features, this LMS provides value for its users. Smart Lecturer benefits students, obviously; lecturers and teachers, it’s in the name; businesses; tutors and mentors. How does this benefit them? We will take it category by category.

Lecturers, Teachers, Tutors, and Mentors

Have you ever wondered what students do with their mobile technologies and social media accounts during and after classroom instruction? With Smart Lecturer LMS, you can go a long way in ensuring that your students do something meaningful with their online presence.

  • It reduces the space between the lecturer/teacher/tutor/mentor and the student/mentored.
  • Gives the lecturer/teacher/tutor/mentor a better supervision and grading system.
  • It gives the lecturer/teacher/tutor/mentor a place to store their material. Offline storage systems can be unreliable.
  • Makes the process of education/mentorship less expensive.
  • It fits to all schedules.
  • It inspires creativity.
  • Takes the lecture halls/meeting spaces online allowing a 24/7 education/mentorship process.

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Students tend to gain a lot from using any LMS. Here are some of the reasons why Smart Lecturer LMS is/will be of great value to students or learners in general.

  • It brings the learning process to the convenience of the student.
  • Allows for personal growth at the pace of the student.
  • Gives the student choice of direction.
  • It brings the resource materials down to the level of the student.
  • It helps the student stay in touch with the changing world.
  • Helps the student save money.
  • It inspires creativity.
  • It can reduce the time it takes to learn as all related materials are directly available.
  • Functions as a social site as well allowing students across geographical distances simulate virtual classrooms.

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Businesses and Organisations

Smart Lecturer LMS isn’t just for higher education, as it was initially. Now businesses can utilise the LMS features and tools embedded in the Learning management system. Here is the value Smart Lecturer LMS brings to the table for businesses (both for the trainers and trainees).

  • It aids in the training of employees
  • Makes the work schedule a continuous process, as it allows the staff to access the office from wherever they are
  • It aids connectivity
  • Allows for geographical displacement without affecting output
  • If used correctly, it increases productivity.
  • Allows for easy supervision and mentoring
  • It reduces overhead costs
  • Acts as a storage space for company documents and all other business-related files.

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Smart lecturer is a revolutionary website, which is set to redefine the process of education and business in Nigeria. With Smart Lecturer, the classroom/lecture halls, and offices become a 24-hour running system, thus increasing productivity.

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Here’s where we shall end this post on The Value of Smart Lecturer LMS to Teachers, Learners and Businesses. But I urge you ask yourself this question – is Learning Management System (LMS) | The Missing Link in Education in Nigeria?

By the way, start a free plan now, as an instructor or as a learner and begin to utilise this valuable LMS in your classrooms and businesses. Bye for now.

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