Why LMS is the Future of Higher Education in Nigeria

Why LMS is the Future of Higher Education in Nigeria

Will you like to know why we believe LMS is the future of Higher education in Nigeria? As it is already, LMS is the present as well as future of education in most developed countries. Be it in primary, secondary or tertiary education, the utilization of Learning Management System for teaching and learning is becoming indispensable.

We see technological advancements is various aspects of our daily life. We now have smartphones, smartwatches, electric cars and planes just to name a few. Education, most especially in Nigeria, have somewhat stayed the same without any major upgrade.

Some lecturers in some Nigerian universities go as far as not allowing a laptop in class whereas it is a norm in most parts of the world.

I mean, it’s the 21st century and we need to go with the flow. LMS does just that, it integrates  E-learning with the already available classroom learning to produce the best learning environment possible. This is known as blended learning.

There are so many LMS Software for blended learning out there today. Some specifically made for organization’s employee training program, some for University institutions, and others for both. One needs to find out which one would be best for them before getting one.

In Nigeria, we can’t really tell if LMS can be used in other levels of education except in higher education level. This is due to the factors affecting the use of Learning Management System (by both corporate organisations and education institutions) in Nigeria.

Well, we’ll be focusing on the educational aspect and how it appeals to the Nigerian education sector.

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What then is LMS?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a software application used for conducting, documentation, tracking, summarizing and delivery of e-learning and educational courses or training programs.

Learning: because it is mostly used to deliver education content to students.

Management: Since it helps you organize these courses (make them, change them, give them to students, mark and record them, etc).

System: because it is just another word for “software”.

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Why LMS is the Future of Higher Education in Nigeria

Benefits of LMS for Higher Education

Still interested in knowing why LMS is the Future of Higher Education in Nigeria? Here are some cogent reasons why LMS should be used in the Nigerian education sector.

1. It makes learning fun

I can’t stress this enough! Learning should be fun and with LMS to supplement the already existing classroom learning, it sure would spice things up. Like my friend would always say, “New is always better”.

2. Keeps everyone going at the same pace

I’m sure every student at some point have had to skip class because of one reason or the other; sickness, work or important family occasion, etc.

It’s really difficult to carry every one along, if a student who didn’t attend your last class keeps asking questions whenever you make a reference to the topic, you discussed in your last class. It can be really frustrating, but with E-learning, that goes away.

A video of your last class would already be uploaded online (In your SmartLecturer LMS software), enabling students who weren’t available to watch it. Maybe a night before the next class to bring them up to pace with others.

3. Online discussions among students:

We’ve all had that moment in class where you’ve been asked a question and you knew the answer but wasn’t sure, so you kept quiet so as not get humiliated or mocked by the teacher or your fellow students. We’ve all been there.

LMS takes all that away, when discussing online with your fellow students you can say just about anything, and if you’re wrong, you get corrected and if you’re right, you’re right.

It is from these kinds of little online free-to-speak discussions that ideas are formed, information are passed from one student to another and most of all they get the freedom to speak without people laughing at them.

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4. It attracts the attention of students

To be honest, students these days don’t care what they are doing as long as it’s on their phone or laptops, that’s why there is an increase in demand of e-books and less of paper books. That’s why everybody has a Bible on their phone rather than carry the traditional paper Bible, you can’t just deny the fact that it makes thing easier.

It really would be more interesting, engaging and a lot more easier doing an homework on a phone or laptop rather than doing it on a paper. There are so many advantages; No cancelling of mistakes on lecture notes(makes assignment or notes difficult to read), no need of pens that mostly get lost every week etc.

5. It helps you learn how to operate and get use to a computer/laptop

It really heartbreaking seeing a Nigerian graduate not know how to operate a computer. To some extent, I do not blame them, it is not their fault. It’s just that in this time and age, knowing how to operate something as basic as a computer should be something every graduate should know.

If LMS is introduced to the Nigerian education sector, every graduate would have the foreknowledge of operating a computer. Because using a software such as LMS for learning would not only give an experience on how to use a computer but also on some key apps like PowerPoint, Excel and the rest which would come in handy in your future career.

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It goes without saying that Learning Management System would do a lot of good in the Nigerian educator sector. Either mixing with the traditional classroom learning or scrapping that and replacing it with eLearning. Either way LMS is still the future of learning in general.

Hope we’ve answered your question on why LMS is the future of Higher Education in Nigeria?

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