Top E-Learning Platforms in Nigeria

Top E-Learning Platforms in Nigeria

Top E-Learning Platforms In Nigeria…

It is with no doubt that education is one of the features of economic and profitable growth, for a country to achieve sustainable progress, there is need to invest, empower, endow as well as devote in human capital development therefore making the individual(s) more edified intellectually.

Education enhances and equips the people who in return contribute immensely to the development of the nation’s economy thereby increasing the country’s context and peculiarities.

Many a times, especially in this part of the world, most people do not get first hand information to upgrade their scope. Not because they don’t want to but because they are so pre-occupied with work or other various things so therefore cannot afford to go back to school but all that is in the past now, as the world seeing more advancement has put in place what is called “E-learning platform.”

What is E-learning

This is a form of learning conducted via electronic media, usually on the Internet. It can also be said to be a form of learning system based on formalized ideas but with the help of electronic means.  E-learning is based more on the giving out of information; ideas and various philosophies from the internet which makes it accessible by anyone, anywhere even at the comfort of their home.

Globally, there are various e-learning platforms that enable individuals learn and get certified even up to college/University degree without leaving their house or environment as the case may be.

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Benefits of e-learning platforms:

There are lots of advantages associated with learning over the internet, some of them are listed below and they include:

  1. Learning with ease: Gone are those days when one had to travel long distances to acquire formal and informal education, but now with the aid of internet enabled devices, one can easily access quality education.
  2. E-learning platforms makes learning more enjoyable by scheduling more convenient and very well ex-posited programs for the addressees it targets making it a unique alternative to physical learning as it enables both the instructor and audience the opportunity of expressing themselves without phobia or vices of such thereby creating an interactive session for all.
  3. Expense reduction and helping modify the skills of employees in the technical know-how of the ever growing industry: E-learning reduces the organizers’ expenses by cutting down the costs incurred in securing locations and other infrastructure that would have been put in place to create the so much anticipated awareness.

In the case of employers, the platform helps minimize the expenditure of training employees or sending their workforce overseas for advanced or professional training as the various courses can be easily assessed without having to spend quite as much intended to use. All that is required to do is for the experts to simply upload the courses as well the required tools that would be needed.

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Top E-Learning Platforms In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, e-learning platforms are not new to many as even the leaders are more like the pioneers of such institution. Many who were not opportune to learn back then due to lack of time or finances can now do so with ease and get certified. Some of these top e-learning platforms in Nigeria include:


The Gopius LMS takes off the restriction on users by allowing lecturers, teachers and individual tutors or trainers to be able to enjoy the enormous benefits of blended learning. GOPIUS LMS is not just for higher academic institutions, but for all academic institutions and businesses in Nigeria. Aside from the online courses and LMS blog, it has a new unique feature – the Gopius teacher community. This community of instructors makes GOPIUS e-learning management system stand out from all other LMS software providers.

The National Open University of Nigeria (Noun)

an online Tertiary Institution recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria, this platform boasts of thousands of graduate yearly. This particular e-learning platform in Nigeria has grown to be the first among others to be recognized in the country and happens to have tutored a former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the person of Dr. Olusegun Obansanjo (B.A, M.SC in Theology).

Skill to Success (S2S)

This is also an online platform for learning that helps equip employees with necessary skills that helps in enhancing success in the workplace by providing necessary training by helping them realize how to create a business strategy that involves a business marketing plan by making learning much simplified and have packages that are modified to individual or organizational desires to enhance familiarity. We are committed to helping you succeed in all you do.

Is an online platform whose assignment is to link learners and teachers from all over the world. Teachers come in various forms: they could be learners, university affiliates or test research companies who with the passion to enlarge their capacity and range later end up being tutors themselves without knowing it. The scope is to promote knowledge sharing across so many borders. It enables learners create basic academic skills such as history, reading, science, creative arts, spellings as well as non-academic skills such as cooking, event planning, estate or management tutorials.

Is a recognized e-learning platforms in Nigeria that provides services using SMS to give learners access to materials and coaching they listen to outside their respective study hall.Tutors pre-record quizzes, questions, and lectures and send them for free by using a precise SMS code. Educators are debriefed when scholars are through with their lessons and received their students’ respective performance. It saves them time, and they can provide instant feedback to the students.

In the year2014, announced a strategic, premeditated joint venture with in launching a full mobile learning experience across Nigeria. It includes the SMS and voice-based mobile education services of and e-learning via the internet mobile web, platform.


An educational platform for both students and teachers. The platform is suitable for classroom use, as clarification for teachers and as a School Information and Administrative System (SIAS). It uses diverse methodologies and standards that meet the needs of all students irrespective of their learning technique and approach. The platform uses digital materials for self-learning, instructing and classroom lessons among other things. Presently accessible to the platform primary schools comes with a ‘Wizpad’, a ready-to-learn device, a gadget from the sole platform owners to help enhance the beauty of learning.

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One great opportunity the e-learning platforms offers the Nigeria market is that it helps in localizing and simplifying contents that are expanded beyond the scope of many since most of the platforms are launched with foreign made course. A Learning Management System does this too. It also uses artificial intelligence to help tutors, mentors and scholars to understand the know-how level of each student and tutor. The aim is to find a representation that allows students to receive the right and genuine content, leading to a more personalized learning and modified education standard and higher and better grades.


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