Best 20 LMSs in the world

Best 20 LMSs in the World Today

Learning management systems have come a long way; from simple e-learning programmes that offer users access to few scholarly resources online to sophisticated programs that now integrate a range of both text, video, photo, and other multimedia services in order to provide a truly immersive and enriched user experience that makes the learning process more worthwhile. In this article, we are going to bring to you a list of the best 20 LMSs in the world.

This list of learning management software has been created using a plethora of yardsticks to determine which, out of the over 600 LMSs now in the world, should be ranked in the best 20. The position of each LMSs in the league is determined by a number of factors, including system usability (which is the mostly widely used and validated metric for measuring ease of use), perceived usefulness (which essentially is the degree to which a user consider the LMS maximises their work performance), and net promoter score or MPS (which quantifies, via a one-to-ten scale, how much users are wont to recommend the particular LMS product to others).

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Best 20 LMSs in the World

Now, here is the list of the best 20 learning management systems in the world as of 2019:

1. Looop

This is the preferred platform for companies and other corporate bodies and it include such well-known names as ASOS, Sky, Startupbootcamp, MoneySupermarket, and Financial Times.

2. Learn Amp

This is an LMS platform that finds, uploads or create learning and even track and team’s progress. It is interactive and very user-friendly.

3. Agylia

One of the best LMSs that is highly recommended. It is a mobile, flexible, and global LMS that allows learners access to digital learning on any device of their choice, wherever they are and whenever they need it. This allows for learners to learn at their own pace and convenience.

4. Skolera

This is a unified learning platform in which teachers can deliver targeted streamlined and integrated learning to learners, also allowing them to interact with both students and parents.

5. TalentLMS

This is one of the most intuitive platforms in the e-learning niche market, packed with an array of customised options that suits both branding and workflow requirements. It supports a plethora of content types, including SCORM and TIN CAN. TalentLMS supports video-conferencing, course selling, notifications, gamification, branched and extensible user profiles. It also comes packed with native apps for both android and IOS platforms, enabling learning wherever you may be. To get a free trial, you can  sign up for TalentLMS free trial here.

6. LearnUpon

Since it was founded in 2012, LearnUpon has been dedicated to the helping of educators interact with their learners by ensuring the full optimization of the e-learning experience through the use of interactive courses designed to have quizzes, polls, surveys, and even timed questions. The platforms also allows users the latitude to divvy up each class into groups so as to allocate different catalogues and assignments, all depending on the criteria the instructor prefers. To top it all, it also features an in-built dashboard that allows educators and teachers to monitor the progress of learners over a period of time. For a free trial, if you sign up for a LearnUpon free trial here.

7. MindFlash

This is a cloud-based learning management system platform focused on providing trainers with a targeted and flexible system for both small and even large-scale training programs. Apart from allowing you to upload an already existing learning module and automatically convert them into an online course, the platform also has the advantage of allowing you to create a large number of online courses using its very user-friendly and interactive templates. Al courses on the MindFlash platform are accessible to all learners via the internet 24/7, and can be accessed via a number of devices (laptops, smartphones, and tablets. For a free trial, sign up here.

8. iSpring Learn

This is a simple cloud-based LMS platform that allows you to quickly upload courses and quizzes, send invitation to learners and then monitor their progress as they learn. The platform features detailed stats like completion rate and individual performance, where instructors can spot skills gaps and quickly address them by enhancing courses or simply re-planning training strategies. It also offers mobile access, meaning learners can access courses even when offline and also using their mobile devices.  For a free trial of this amazing LMS software,  sign up for an iSpring Learn free trial here.

9. WorkWize

This particular LMS is all about speeding up the preparation and authoring of instructional materials and other learning aids, providing speedy delivery and real-time notification to learners keen on completing their education. It also allows for concluding courses with fast sign-offs and an automated system to allows for the verification and prompting of compliance. The system uses Closed Loop Compliance, which is a proprietary system capable of automating course procedures and policy compliance.

10. TalentCards

Another of one of the best LMSs currently in the market today, TalentCards employs learning cards and the use of smartphones to compete with learners’ diminished attention span and dislike to long training and learning sessions. It focuses on bit by bit learning, allowing learners to be more productive and engaged than traditional methods. Also, learners can create learning cards online and distribute them through the app. You can sign up for a TalentCards free trial here.

11. SkyPrep

Although not dedicated to classroom use, SkyPrep is a SCORM-compliant online training platform that allows you track and optimise the training of your employees. It also helps in the designing and sharing of courses online, as well as carrying out assessments. Files uploaded onto it automatically gets retained and are stored for as long as you need them. It also supports a large number of formats, including YouTube, Vimoe, PowerPoint, Slideshare, Prezi and much more, making sure you can combine text, images or videos in creating interactive course materials. You can sign up for a SkyPrep free trial here.

12. Edmodo

Offered free to school districts and teachers, Edmodo has a solid online learning platform that helps to offer extended learning programs, including distance education. The LMS has the added advantage of allowing schools and districts to build their own network using the platform to network and collaborate with students and parents alike in their community in order to create an extended learning environment.

Edmodo is also packed with a rich set of tools for teachers to help link them up with school administrators, book publishers, students and even parents. Also, there are polls, community pages, online classroom, and progress tracking embedded in the system. Furthermore, the Edmodo platform is fully integrated with Google Apps for Education and Microsoft OneNote and Office. All these apps can be accessed inside the system without the need to move from one system to another.

13. Schoology

Geared towards addressing the learning needs of K-12 students, the Schoology LMS platform ensures they acquire the knowledge and skill sets best suited for the age grade. The platform is easily customised to ensure each student learning is fully optimised, preparing them for further education and learning as they grow older. With an interface that is easy to navigate and also user-friendly, the platform makes learners focus on what they need, rather than tinkering with the app which can distract from the learning process.

14. Canvas  LMS

This LMS is a dependable platform for educators, teachers and students. The system can be customised to suit your particular scenarios, and can also be accessed through cloud with either a desktop or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It has a pedagogical interface, letting you add new course contents to enhance your courses. The interface is also ease to navigate even for non-technical learners, allowing for both teachers and students to easily learn the features. Other key features include audio and video message capabilities, social media integration, as well as RSS support.

15. Blackboard

This platform is optimised for both business and in education. The cloud user interface provides a rich course management platform with configurable settings and scalable features that is geared towards your current learning needs. Both available in desktop and mobile access, the platform offers a collaborative space that allows teachers and learners to connect and interact at any time the log into their system. Its unique selling point is its flexible environment, group management, and social learning features.

16. Moodle

This is a free on-premise that allows teachers and instructors to build their own private portal of courses. It can be used both in education and in the corporate world. Backed by a community of developers, the system uses certified Moodle Partners that allows you to leverage shared insights in order to develop your own unique learning platform. As an open source system, it lends itself to deep customisation, allowing for interoperable design that features plugins and integrations from third-party apps. Its unique selling point is the fact that it is open source, on-premise and backed a global community of Moodle developers and certified partners.

17. Coassemble

Formerly known as eCoach, Coassemble is an online tool that is geared towards allowing you to create your own training programs, conduct trainings, and even view progress reports. These functionalities leads to enormous cost-saving, as users do not need to invest in additional software. It comes with over 40 templates that allows you to customise and get the feel you want in the system. Also, the mobile-friendly solution allows employees and learning to undergo training on the move via their mobile devices at any given time.  You can easily sign up for a free Coassemble trial here.

18. Top Hat

Top Hat is another top of the range LMS that allows educators to create attendance records, customise resource materials, and enhance classroom activities with the use of student devices. It also allows the administration and grading of tests or quizzes, creating of individualised homework particularly tailored to students unique learning situations. Thus, the system empowers your academic position by introducing a learning system that is designed to increase engagement to an appreciable level.

19. Brightspace

This is another LMS designed for children in the K-12 level, higher education students, government and even corporations. Packed with features that are intuitive for even non-IT users, the LMS leverages social networks, cloud and mobile access and also helps learners to learn at their own pace at times that are convenient for them. Other features of the system include MOOC creation and delivery, email/IM/mobile notifications, instructional design wizard and support for LTI apps.

20. ProProfs LMS

Last but not the least, this LMS features one of the largest libraries for instructional materials, courses, and professional tests. Apart from facilitating training, the system allow users to create online FAQs and knowledge bases to guide both employees and customers. Its unique point include the fact that it is easily configurable, and boasts of a vast collection of library resources that learners can easily tap into.


LMS systems have come a long way and are now permanent fixtures of the educational landscape, bridging the gap between educators and students and allowing for a more interactive learning environment. In this article, we have been able to list out and feature 20 of the best LMSs in the world for 2019 and we hope you enjoyed reading this article and learning a thing or two about some of the best LMSs now in use in our classrooms to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Please feel free to take a look at our new LMS – Gopius LMS – we hope it make the list of the best 20 LMSs in the world soon.


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