As the rest of the world embraces the digital benefits of online learning, Nigeria is not left out of the race. In many private nursery and primary schools across the country, learning management systems are gradually replacing the traditional model of teacher-learner classroom interaction, as it offers a more comprehensive and interactive way of teaching that traditional models often lack. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 learning management systems in Nigeria. We hope you find this article both informative and educating.

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What Is A Learning Management System Or LMS?

To get a full grasp of our discussion on the top ten LMSs in Nigeria, it is much better we start by defining what a learning management system is all about. A learning management system is a software application that is used to organise and share electronic (or e-learning) materials, assignments, and assessments via an online platform for students to learn from. It also tracks and calculates grades, facilitating communication students and teachers.

In Nigeria and elsewhere around the world, there are a plethora of learning management systems now currently in use. Because of its ease of use, it has become a veritable tool in the hands of educationist who have embraced it both locally and globally.

Even though Nigeria has often been accused of being somewhat slow in embracing emerging technologies in the e-learning sector, there has been steady progress in recent years in the upsurge of educational institutions who have shown interest in incorporating learning management systems in the day-to-day classroom interaction of their pupils and students. There has also been an increase in the number of indigenous technology companies who now cater to this new line of technology by developing, and sustaining, the technological infrastructure which powers this emerging sector.

Top 10 List of Learning Management Systems in Nigeria

Below are a list of the top ten learning management systems now currently utilised in Nigeria:

Before we consider the top 10 list of LMS in Nigeria, I urge you to visit our most recent LMS. Talking about the Gopius LMS.


This is an upgraded version of our number one LMS on the list – Smart Lecturer Learning Management System, for tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The Gopius LMS takes off the restriction on users by allowing lecturers, teachers and individual tutors or trainers to be able to enjoy the enormous benefits of blended learning. GOPIUS LMS is not just for higher academic institutions, but for all academic institutions and businesses in Nigeria. Aside from the online courses and blog, it has a new unique feature – the Gopius teacher community. This community of instructors makes GOPIUS e-learning management system stand out from all other LMS software providers.

1. Smart Lecturer LMS

Targeted at higher institutions, it is one of its kind, allowing an open access by both lecturers and students alike. The platform appropriates and integrates learning management strategies using a social network platform, eliminating partially or fully the need for a face-to-face interaction and instruction. The platform is a testament to the gradual dominance and taking over of emerging LMSs over traditional models of instruction. You learn more about how it works by visiting the website.

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 2. Educe

This is another company that specialises in building resourceful learning management systems. Currently, the company has two learning management solutions under its sleeve; Rapid Learning, which is a platform that supports standard course development protocols, and Schoolket, which is a framework for building learning management systems targeted at Nigerian secondary schools. The platform comes with a school management system, a website template, and an enhanced android app, which you can only access when you pay a fee.

3. TutorNG

Developed by Exolve Technologies Ltd, TutorNG is a learning management system targeted at both students and tutors worldwide. For those keen on learning something not taught in traditional schools and classrooms, this platform provides the needed solution. It offers a robust platform for learning, incorporating both e-learning and other features in its interface, and allowing both tutors and learners to interact while on this platform.

4. Makau Polaris Learning Management System

This was developed by Labyet Polaris Limited is targeted at corporate institutions who have to subscribe before being allowed access to the platform. The company is based in Lagos and could be reached via their website

5. University of Jos LMS

A facility owned, operated and managed by the University Of Jos In Plateau State. The platform allows for distant learning on a number of courses in some of the faculties of the university. We had to feature it here, because apart from it and maybe those of the National Open University (NOUN) and the one at LAUTECH, there are no other of such learning management systems in any other university in the country.

6. Wizitup

Another learning management system you will find in the country. This is a cloud-based proprietary system focused on providing top of the range education online. For those who wish to connect to the platform but with inadequate data access, their educational content can be provided offline through localised installations, preloaded tablets , or through mobile apps installed in their smartphones. The good news about it is that it is completely free to use, and is targeted at both primary and secondary school students.

7. TeachMe

This is another learning management system in the country. Here, you can basically share and sell your knowledge online for a fee. You can also learn such skills as programming, yoga, design, photography, and a whole lot of other skills.

8. Tangerine LMS

This is a SCORM-compliant e-learning solution that allows educational institutions the flexibility of allowing learners to be in charge of their e-learning experience. It allows them determine when and where their e-learning takes place, as well as allow them determine the pace. Learning can also self-enrol, and complete their assessments, among other things.

9. Eyecity Solutions Limited

This is another of the indigenous companies offering learning management systems in the country. The company is a pioneer technology start-up focused on educational technology, ICT competency training, learning management systems, and distance learning systems, among others.

10. CleanScript Group

An indigenous company dedicated to building e-learning and learning management systems. It is based in Lekki, Lagos and has been in the industry for a while, catering to both primary and secondary schools across the country.

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Even though Nigeria is a latecomer in the incorporation of learning management systems in its classrooms, it is gradually catching up with the rest of the world in terms of deploying much needed learning management systems in its classrooms to aid effective teaching and help improve the teaching-learning experience.