10 Best Websites for Nigerian Students

10 Best Websites for Nigerian Students

The world is fast becoming an information and technology inclined globe and as such affecting everything that makes it whole, education not exempted. Learning and other forms of researches are now done with easy without the individual leaving the comfort of their homes. Here are 10 Best Websites for Nigerian Students.

The big question we tend to ask ourselves is “what is responsible for this tremendous change in system?”. Well, the answer to this question is not far-fetched and as the Internet has enabled millions of people help re-develop their potentials by providing the users with classic and well customized treat for its users.

Over 80% of the internet users have access to free research tools and learning and as such enhancing user’s guide in achieving optimum results.

In Nigeria today, students all-round the nation tends to utilize the beauty of the internet, cutting through all edges and meeting up with deadline assignments, but just like every aspect of live, there are some internet programmes that tends to be more unique than others in giving out great results.

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10 Best Websites for Nigerian Students

Listed below are the some of the educational websites in Nigeria commonly visited and mostly advised to students to help utilize their time and resources judiciously.

N.B: This is not a ranking of educational blogs in Nigeria, but rather a self-help list to help interested users browse the internet.

Gopius E-Learning

This is an upgraded version of our number one LMS on the list – Smart Lecturer Learning Management System, for tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The Gopius LMS takes off the restriction on users by allowing lecturers, teachers and individual tutors or trainers to be able to enjoy the enormous benefits of blended learning. GOPIUS LMS is not just for higher academic institutions, but for all academic institutions and businesses in Nigeria. Aside from the online courses and blog, it has a new unique feature – the Gopius teacher community. This community of instructors makes GOPIUS e-learning management system stand out from all other LMS software providers.

Contact Gopius E-Learning

Address: Ibom E-Library, IBB Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Phone: +234-806-967-6939
Mail: info@gopius.com
Website link: https://gopius.com/


It should not come as a surprise to see Myschool.com.ng appear as one of my list as the platform has been for many years, a research and Educational Resource Website with 235,000 likes on Facebook and thousands circadian traffic which made the site stand unique among equals. It has really kept lots of Nigerian school leavers conversant about latest jamb, post utme, post-graduate news and other admission materials. However, Myschool is progressively turning into an E-commerce and a Learning Management system education website with increased sales of materials on website.

Nairaland (Education Forum)

Nairaland Education Forum is undeniably worth talking about as its engaging features as a forum network and other aspects cannot be overlooked, education notwithstanding. Users have continually shared worthwhile information on Nairaland Education forum on wide ranging issues concerning Nigerian students including scholarship and other opportunities.


This platforms serves as both a scholarship board and for other educational products. Supposed as one of the most quick-witted education blog. LinksAfrik issues updates on latest scholarship, mutuality, business grants, competition and other free online courses available.

Words Rhymes & Rhythm

This platform is otherwise known as Nigeria’s poetry. This platform serves as a virtual classroom for aspiring and conventional rhymesters to share knowledge and rub minds. The interface is more of a social media environment.

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This is an internet-enabled, mobile and desktop-enabled Computer Based Test examination preliminary and testing platform, with a vision to help aspirants excel in all the main Nigerian Examinations (JAMB especially). University admission seekers in Nigerian (otherwise known as Jambites) have continually expressed continually gratitude to this exam preparation platform.

The Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

Although popularly accepted as blog on Free enterprise Education. This website has really affected and empowered many students and entrepreneurs in Nigeria with start-up pitches, business news and entrepreneurial education.


Legalnaija has contributed expressively to notifying Nigerians about their licit rights, duties and onuses by publishing legal issues and providing free legal info’s to the public. This also promotes legal savvy and supremacy of the rule of law locally in our dear nation Nigeria.


Campus Portal Nigeria is an autonomous news broadcasting organization and information web-based community for students and everyone with interest in the Nigerian education segment. The platform has empowered Nigerian Students and facilitated the promotion of Education in Nigeria.


This is one of the quite highly rated school portal for students. The Website gives users every proper and unaffected information of all school latest news/updates, it has helped so many students in outclassing admission pursuit and providing helpful tips for all students ranging from High school, Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities, and other Post-graduate studies.


Here is another education inclined website that have well scrutinized and up-to-date posts. If followed diligently, users are surely not going to have problems in getting first-hand education information as it also offers update on School news.

In addition, they have other categories (mostly forums) which covers SIWES otherwise known as I.T (Industrial training) (which tends to be important for prospective Nigerian students since they will be going for their industrial training at a scheduled time during their course of study). This site moves ahead from the undergraduate level and covers both NYSC {just like Nairaland NYSC section}, Scholarship updates and Jokes(as there is humour to ease off the stress)


EdX is an online learning platform and also a Massive Open Online Course provider just like UDEMY, dishing out high-quality courses from the world’s best academia and institutions to greenhorns anywhere around the world. Out of over 80 universities, it includes top global and comprehensive rankers. Founded by Harvard university and MIT in 2012, the platform enables individuals around the world to study even at their own stride choosing from a broad variety of courses.

Furthermore, it is imperative to note that online platforms have made education available so much that the wide collection of gen out there is not only incredibly valuable but free, to an enormous magnitude. All that is needed is to afford a good internet connection, Wi-Fi preferably.

Online education is a good opportunity to gather skills required in the real world. These days where you get your knowledge from is inapt as long as you can prove you are up to the task assigned to you.

Innovative Future

A educational blog for students with up to date school news, educational tips and tricks and also a platform for students to share their ideas.  In a niche where very few bloggers are interested, Innovative Future has continued to thrive with excellence.  The blog is driven by the desire to provide valuable information for students amidst a generation where morally degrading information rules.  innovativefutureDOTnet
Innovative Future also organises annual essay writing competition for students in Nigeria as part of it’s mission statement which is making massive impact on the life of the Nigerian Student.


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