Flexible Learning Sequence
How Can You Build A Flexible Learning Sequence With A “Blueprint” For Your Online Course?

What to know about flexible learning sequence. An online course curriculum serves three purposes, according to researchers: contract, communication tool and, learning aid. Focusing on these three tasks has helped to address many of the issues brought on by the physical and temporal distance between online instructors and learners as I’ve worked with the creation […]

Ways An Hospitality Company Benefits From LMS
6 Ways An Hospitality Company Benefits From LMS

If you work in the hotel sector, using eLearning through an LMS, it will greatly improve your operations, especially now. Traditionally, one of the busiest times of year for hospitality is during the holidays. If you own a restaurant, you could notice an increase in reservations for Christmas parties for businesses and family gatherings. Maybe […]

LMS Support ILT
Can LMS Support ILT Without Any Cons

Your teachers will have all the technological resources necessary to deliver memorable (and up-to-date) training sessions thanks to a learning management system. But how can you get the greatest LMS without spending a lot of money from the business budget? This article will answer the question, can LMS support ILT without hurting a budget? Read […]

Learning Management Systems for schools and businesses
Best Learning Management Systems for Schools and Businesses

This is a simple but comprehensive guide on setting up a Learning Management Systems for schools and businesses to implement remote learning and training within and outside Nigeria. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of courses, training programs or learning and development programs. It […]