5 Essential LMS Reports That An Instructional Designer Needs

Essential LMS Reports

Essential LMS Reports – When thinking about what features you need from your learning management system (LMS), your first thought may be what features will improve your students’ eLearning experience.

While this is incredibly important, you also need to think about how your LMS can make your life easier too, and that’s where reporting comes into play.

Even if you don’t think about it at first, it’s important to consider reporting when choosing a learning management system. You should be able to get the information you need from your LMS at any time to see how well your eLearning is doing.

We will talk about the important reports that you can get from your LMS to help you measure your training well.

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5 Essential LMS Reports

Duration of Time Spent Per eLearning Course

It can be difficult to know how much time your students should spend on eLearning courses because they are meant to be completed in small parts, whenever your students have free time to study.

This means that if a student works on a class full-time, they can finish it in a week or two. But if they only work a few hours per week, it could take them many months to finish the class.

LMS reporting helps you see how much time a student actually spends working on a course by tracking how long they are logged into your LMS and what activities they do during that time.

This will show you if your students are doing well in your classes, because you should have an idea of how long it will take to finish each course.

It can show if some students are having trouble with certain parts of the class and taking longer to finish certain sections than usual.

This gives you the opportunity to talk to your students about any issues and check your course material for any difficult parts that people might be struggling with. 

Maybe one part of the class is hard to understand or doesn’t have enough information for your students to fully understand the idea.

It’s important to pay attention to how your students are doing in your courses. This will help you spot any problems and see what areas you can make better in the future.

Courses Satisfaction Rate

Surveying your students to see how much they enjoy the course and their interaction with you as a training company is an important task to undertake. 

You want to make sure that customers are happy with the experience you’re providing them, and if they’re not, you can take steps to ensure you address any issues head-on.

While it’s great to have statistics on the overall performance of your training company and teaching staff, it’s more helpful to have feedback broken down by the course you’re offering, so that you can quickly and easily see the overall satisfaction rate for all your students. 

This can help you identify courses that may need improvement, as you’ll be able to see which courses have low scores or specific issues raised for them.

Track Qualifications

While some training courses may be one-time only, many must be completed periodically to ensure their effectiveness.

This means those students can come back to you again and again to complete their training and ensure that they remain certified.

This is a great remarketing opportunity because you can inform students that their training is coming to an end and encourage them to come back to you for new business.

But how will you keep track of this to ensure you don’t miss out on this activity in the future. The best way to achieve this is to clearly state on each such course how long the qualification is valid from the date of completion. 

You will then be able to generate a report showing the upcoming days when the training will end. 

Pulling this report every few months will show you a list of people you need to warn about workout burnout and hopefully encourage them to buy back from you to complete their training once again.

Rate of completion

Not all students who purchase your course will finish it. Sometimes things in life can become a problem, and sometimes people stop doing something because they don’t like it, it’s too hard, or it doesn’t include the things they want to learn.

If a few people don’t finish the course, it’s normal. But if a lot of students are quitting, you should check if the course can be improved.

The completion rate reports will show you if some courses have many students who didn’t finish them. This can help you find out if there are any problems with your course material that you need to fix.

You can contact the students who haven’t finished your classes by using the data from your LMS report.

This will help you ask them why they didn’t complete the course, which can make it easier to solve the problem. You can also tell them to finish the course after you have solved these problems.

Assessment Results

Reporting assessment results is necessary for many reasons. This allows you to see which students passed and which students failed, but it is important to be able to review the results of mini-assessments or mid-course assessments, as these may indicate that students are having problems before reaching the final grade. Evaluation at the end.

If a student fails all of the mid-course assessments, it is likely that the student will not be able to complete the course. 

Having this information on hand will allow you to connect with students and resolve any issues they may have. You can also provide additional educational support where possible to help them complete and succeed in the course. 

Additionally, it’s another way to report any potential issues with your course content. If many students are failing a particular assessment, it may be time to revisit the problem and see if there are any problems.

  • Are all the questions clear?
  • Does the previous course material cover everything in detail?

It’s important to ensure that you are providing your students with the best learning experience possible.


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