LMS Features To Mitigate Risks And Improve ROI

8 LMS Features To Mitigate Risks And Improve ROI

LMS Features To Mitigate Risks And Improve ROI – You only get one chance to invest in the right online training software. 

Unless, of course, you’re a member of the LMS of the Month Club, which I think is a great alternative for the eLearning professional on your gift list who doesn’t like jam or cheese. 

All kidding aside, finding an LMS that offers the best return on investment is serious business. All the elements must be in place to help you launch a personalized online training program and minimize risk. 

Are there features you should look for to get the best return on investment and avoid costly compliance violations?

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LMS Features To Mitigate Risks And Improve ROI


It may seem like a luxury, but gamification does more than just reward employees for their hard work. It helps you increase engagement rates to improve ROI and reveal the top performers on your team. Whoever wins the most badges or reaches the top of the leaderboard could be a good candidate for a co-coaching position. 

At the very least, you can help them quickly become leaders because they show initiative. Gamification is a great source of maintaining compliance due to the fact it tracks employee gaps as well as their goals. 

For example, an employee who participated in training eventually received a health and safety badge. Thus, they have proven their abilities and can move on to the next task.

Live Videos

Live video LMS features are ideal for live online events that keep employees informed and facilitate feedback. Is the new law coming into effect this week and will it affect your warehouse team? Simply schedule a live event online and share the latest news to avoid mistakes and tarnish your organization’s reputation. You can also record events and reuse them thanks to the built-in video editor.

Customize Reports

You’ll be able to choose which metrics to track and how to display the data. One of the key features of a compliance learning management system is personalized online reporting. Find a system that allows you to assign user roles and provide relevant reports to key team members. 

For example, certification progress reports are forwarded to your sales managers so they can motivate underperformers. This also includes customizable data visualizations that highlight trends that could lead to a compliance disaster.

Multilingual Support

If your employees work from home, they might need online training materials in the language they speak. A system that can be used by people who speak different languages makes sure that everyone has the same good learning experience from your online training program. 

However, you can let them choose to change it if they are at a faraway branch and need to see information in English.

Report Scheduling

Learning management system features for report scheduling go hand in hand with online custom reports. You have the ability to not only determine who receives analytics, but also how often and how often they receive it. For example, customer service supervisors receive their service metrics via email each week. 

This way, they are ready for the review meeting every Monday and don’t need to search for relevant information in the LMS reporting dashboard. All the data will be in their inbox when they get back from a busy weekend.

Management of Certificates

Certifications motivate employees and enable them to better track their development. However, they also help you monitor overall performance and identify areas for improvement. Employees should take charge of their own online training because you can quickly evaluate their certification journey. 

For example, a call center employee who participates in a training course falls behind and does not receive a certificate in telephone etiquette, even though it is required and their co-worker has received a certificate from them last month. 

You can follow up to understand why they’re struggling and provide online support resources to minimize risk.

Offline Mobile System

Allow employees to access compliance training on any device, even when they are not connected to the internet. A mobile system that works without the internet lets employees in training download information and resources from the app. 

The system updates their progress when they connect and log in again. So, they still get recognized for what they do, and you can still keep an eye on what they do when they are not online to make sure they follow the rules. Everyone benefits or gains something.

Authoring Tool

Quickly update content and develop new online resources to monitor regulations, policies, and protocols. An integrated authoring tool was once reserved for high-end platforms. Luckily, many compliance LMS vendors now offer complete packages because they understand the need for timely reviews. 

Outdated content increases the risk of workplace accidents and non-compliance due to employees not having up-to-date information. 

LMSs with authoring tools also help reduce costs because you don’t need to buy additional tools to create content. Look for an LMS with an asset library that includes templates, image libraries, and themes to expand resources further, as well as interactions to transform traditional training content into dynamic support tools . 

For example, training triggers that employees can interact with to explore topics in more detail or access relevant micro-learning resources.


These LMS features work together to optimize resources, detect potential vulnerabilities, and maintain accurate compliance records. As they say, there is no “I” in “team”. Every function has a role to play in minimizing risk and maintaining employee accountability. 

So look for an all-in-one learning management system that doesn’t force you to pay less, even if you’re on a tight budget. Just consider how much you will save by reducing workplace injuries and not having to pay regulatory fines.


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