ILT Training With TalentLMS

Adequate Ways To Control ILT Training With TalentLMS

Asynchronous online learning may be the new undisputed king, but some subjects are still best taught in-person, whether in a classroom or by webinar. Thankfully, TalentLMS combines the greatest aspects of both worlds. We will give you tips to control ILT training with TalentLMS.

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ILT Training With TalentLMS

Corporate training has undergone a revolution thanks to online learning’s efficiency, lower cost, and on-demand availability (and even general education).

Although the majority of subjects may be studied effectively by students on their own using online content and rich interactive experiences, certain training still benefits from having an instructor in charge, whether in a traditional classroom setting or during a live session.

This covers everything reliant on human interaction or physical demonstration (from using factory equipment to performing an instrument).

Businesses can schedule, manage, and monitor both online and real-time training sessions (in a classroom or over a teleconference) using LMS-based Instructor-led (ILT) training.

In this post, we’ll examine the way that TalentLMS manages instructor-led training activities and discuss the new ILT-related features and workflow enhancements that the most recent platform update has brought about.

TalentLMS’ Concept of ILT

“Units” are discrete bits of content that make up the core of a TalentLMS course. Rich text, online content, video, audio, presentations, SCORM content, tests, polls, and other sorts of content can all be included. ILT training sessions are available as just another type of unit that you may add to your course, combining traditional online learning and instructor-led training.

With frequent online content and in-person training combined into one course and managed as a cohesive whole, you may construct your own unique instructor-led training design.

A unit of “Instructor-Led Training,” as it is also known, is made up of one or more sessions. For the same lesson, sessions let you plan more than in-person training events. You could designate your learners to attend one or the other of your ILT training sessions, for instance, if they are being held concurrently in two different physical classrooms. Similarly to this, you might set up multiple students participating in the same webinar at the time that works best for them.

The option to arrange your ILT training in accordance with the actual classrooms’ seating capacity, your learners’ convenience and personal schedules, and the desired number of attendees as determined by your instructors, gives you the greatest scheduling freedom.

The Creation of an ILT Course

By choosing “Instructor Led Training” from the list of possible content categories and giving their new unit a name, TalentLMS instructors can build new ILT training units from the courses page. They can add real-time sessions to the newly established ILT unit after that.

A session’s start date, duration, and kind all serve as indicators of when it first becomes “live” (whether webinar or classroom-based). In the latter case, teachers must also specify the location and size of the classroom.

On their TalentLMS course dashboard and calendar, students may see upcoming ILT sessions and choose to self-register for any of them (capacity permitting).

In the case of online ILT sessions (webinars), when the pertinent session is about to start, a link encouraging learners to “join the webinar” will also display on their homepage if they have registered for it.

The status of a student must be explicitly changed by an instructor to “passed” (or “failed”) for an ILT training unit to be considered finished.

TalentLMS Embodies these New ILT Features

The fundamental TalentLMS ILT functionality has been discussed thus far; it is material that seasoned users are already accustomed to. Of course, the platform never stands still, and the most recent update in particular introduced a variety of ILT training-related capabilities.

A few of these include:

  1. ILT unit page with improved visuals and a more streamlined design for simpler workflow.
  2. The capability for students to choose ILT events from the main calendar and register for them directly.
  3. Events like “ILT Session creation,” “ILT Session registration,” and “X hours before ILT session starts” can cause new ILT-related notifications to be sent out.

The latest and greatest version of the big blue button, an open-source webinar platform connected with TalentLMS, has recently been released. It contains new features like “breakout rooms” (for improved collaboration), closed captioning, and quicker screen sharing.


Any LMS worth it’s salt should include the capacity to mix routine online learning with in-person training sessions, regardless of the name you give it (instructor-led training, hybrid training, blended learning, etc.).

The key to TalentLMS’ success in this area (as well as others) is that it adheres to its tried-and-true philosophy of keeping things straightforward to use yet incredibly effective when fully exploited.


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