Educational Android Apps for Children

Educational Android Apps for Children

There was a time when the mention of a phone would convey the image of a land line. Today, such functions have gone mobile and with it, entertainment. Children love games, but the parents have always questioned what they learn from them. Well, here are a few educational android apps for children that will do a lot more than entertain them.

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Educational Android Apps for Children

Many Android apps are created for children’s learning purpose. Aside from the fact that these mobile applications entertain the users, they surely educate children at their learning pace. So, let’s consider these educational android apps for kids carefully in order to help them optimise their learning.

All by Myself

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter book comes to life in this preschool app. The illustrations show that Little Critter doesn’t do everything perfectly, but he always makes an effort to do the best he can. Several other Little Critter books are available. Download ALL BY MYSELF Android apps for kids here.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This app teaches kids how to count, match colors, letters and includes a digital jigsaw puzzle. Kids learn by playing and all the lessons in this app are coded as games. The kids get animated stickers as rewards for completing each game.

Star Chart

This helps those kids who have a penchant for star gazing (probably future astronomers) to study the night sky and understand what they’re looking at. This app uses state of the art GPS, and a 3D rendering of the universe. The app calculates, in real time, the current location of every star and planet visible from Earth and shows you precisely where they are; even in broad daylight.

Kids Learn to Read

This is a pronunciation game that teaches its users to pronounce words. It helps tiny tots understand the coming together of speech sounds and phonemes to create simple words. Great for that kid that keeps getting your name wrong.

Super WHY

Themed after the television series of the same name, children who use this get to play as any of the four lead characters. Super WHY is a coupling of four different mini games based on reading, spelling rhyming and letters. The completion of each of the mini games ends a virtual sticker which can be used in a bonus design-a-scene stage.

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex

This is a book made into an app and there are three fun ways to read. This app was made with direct oversight by the Smithsonian so the attention to detail is exquisite. The app teaches readers new words. With an interactive environment which reads aloud words in correlation to tapped images, an all-around beautiful way for the youngsters to learn.

Toddler Tapping Zoo

This app correlates pictures with their accompanying sounds and is a beautiful way of teaching the young ones to distinguish sounds. It also trains their motor skills.

Jumpstart Preschool Magic of Learning

As it says in the name, it is designed for preschoolers. The kids get to follow Frankie the Dog on a learning adventure that makes learning a lot of fun. The skills focused on include math, pre-reading and critical thinking.

Madagascar Preschool Surf and Slide

Another preschool targeted app. The children who come across this app get to play as young Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. The idea is to surf down some fantastic slides while learning preschool skills. There are six subjects under consideration; numbers, letters, colors, shapes, animals, and critical thinking.

Kids Socks

This is a game that focuses on recognition. In the game, the children get to match socks by dragging them to their matching pair. It includes a baby mode for toddlers where dragging isn’t necessary; the match can be done by touching. It has un underpants mode as well.

123 ABCs Handwriting Fun

This app works on a child’s handwriting. The children get to practice writing lowercase and uppercase letters, zero to nine numbers, and shapes. Audio support allows for audio aid during tracing. A shake of the mobile device cleans all previous mistakes.

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Alphabet Car

A driving game that helps children learn alphabet letters, words and spelling. The phone is the steering and the idea is to drive the bus towards the correct letters and words for a win There are over 40 levels ranging from easy to hard. It has good graphics and allows car customization.

Math Flash Cards

This app allows children to practice their additions, subtraction, multiplication, and division with traditional math cards. It features big buttons for easier identification, various levels of difficulty, and a quiz mode for more competitive gamers. The latest version has the Math Bonanza game.

Dr. Seuss ABCs

The classic children’s book gets an app makeover. Children get to learn their letters as the follow the story. The highlighted words help to drag the child’s attention as needed. Great for tiny tots who are just learning how to read.

Kids Finger Paint

Remember when you bought your kid a set of crayons, and she or he went ahead to create a mess, just about everywhere? Well this app allows them to make a mess…virtually. The app has nice seasonal background which the children can paint, and prompts which they can easily understand. The amount of pressure applied, determines the size of the brush. A phone shake erases previous work.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good start for your children. With time, more research can be done on your end to add more apps for the specific needs of your child.


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