Best Online Learning Resources Students Need Urgently The Importance of Technology in Nigerian Education

The Importance of Technology in Nigerian Education

The importance of technology in Nigerian education system cannot be over emphasized. The education structure in Nigeria has been undervalued and ignored for decades, probably since the independence of Nigeria. Successive governments have been dismissive of its importance even while touting an interest in the growth of the country. Truth is, education is the manure which aids growth, but it cannot stand alone.

A research into the education systems of developed nations and developing nations of the world will showcase robust education systems. Most of these countries have filtered out what works and what does not to their own benefit. Nigeria, on the other hand, is still using the same structure that was set in place not long after independence.

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The importance of technology in Nigerian education system

The world has changed and we are supposed to change with it. Technology and the advances of the other nations in the world have left us grasping for straws. If we ever intend to catch up, we have to focus on improving our education system. The fastest way to do that, is to apply technological advances to the process of education.

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1. Technology Aids Communication

Outside the classroom, the use of mobile phones has made the world a much smaller place. The internet has increased connectivity across cities, states, nations, geographical timelines. If it works outside the classroom, it will work inside as well.

A lot of teachers would probably be scared about the downside of it, but here lies my defense. Would you rather have a non-communicative class than one with the ability to be responsive and challenging? Personally, I prefer a challenge.

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2. Technology Increases Knowledge

The internet is a vast storage of knowledge. A knowledge and understanding of its use at the fingertips of the students, make knowledge dispersal a whole lot easier. The use of internet technology in classroom would ensure direct contact with the latest information on any subject. Thus, keep the classroom abreast with the rest of the world. This is already in use by all developed and most developing countries, why not us?

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3. Technology is the Future

The world around us has changed so much in the last 20 years. There will be rapid changes in the technology and education industries within the next 20years. Therefore, it is inimical to the education process to prepare the students and teachers/lecturers for this eventuality.

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4. Technology Bridges Gaps

Technology would aid the lecturer and teachers to reach students of all learning styles. It is a great tool for bridging knowledge gaps. That way the students can experience things they would never have come across on their own.

The problem some students have in class is boredom. With visual aids and audio aids, the lecturer can keep the students connected at all times. The fastest way to learn is by seeing and hearing (scientifically proven).

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For those who worry about the adverse effects of technology, exposure to technology is controllable. This is practiced on a country wide scale in China and on an organizational scale in universities and high schools in the developed and developing world. I do not advise practicing this on a nationwide scale, though. The effects, as seen in China, do not favor the press.

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