Best Online Learning Resources Students Need Urgently The Importance of Technology in Nigerian Education

10 Best Online Learning Resources Students Need Urgently

Online learning resources have definitely made a whole new revolution in education. Not only because they are useful and approachable, but because they make the whole process of learning and teaching more memorable and interesting.

There are paid and free online learning resources for University students and they generally complement each other really well. Each student will prefer dissimilar resources according to their topics of interest and learning style. Yet they are generally great tools that impress practically every student who tries them.

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Online Learning Resources Students Need Urgently

You can literally find everything online these days, and it definitely does make our lives more comfortable. On the flip side, you have to be able to figure out the best way to utilize the Internet to avert going down that rabbit hole. Looking for an illustrated APA reference template? You’ll presumably find it on one of these wonderful sites. Use your online time, as students, on affirmative and beneficial online learning resources.

1) EdX

EdX has everything you need if you are not going to classes full time. You will be able to save so much time whilst having access to lots of information. From Berkley to Harvard, various courses can be found on this website. The best part is all these education courses are provided to you free of charge on this site. Feel free to read this particular edX review for more details about this great online learning portal.

2) Microsoft Virtual Academy

Most things developed by Microsoft often becomes a great success. There are various courses provided to people eager to learn. Courses stretch from IT, Cloud Computing, or all things internet. The world is evolving and almost everything is online now, and it is necessary to enlighten ourselves with as much knowledge as possible. Register in Microsoft Virtual Academy for some of the live happenings and follow a tutorial in real time.

3) Duolingo

Whether you are a student or own your own business (sometimes both), language is an essential part of your success. So if you aren’t yet articulate in English, Duolingo will definitely get you there. If you are already occupied learning a second or third language, there are various tests you can take to assist you improve your language skills.

4) Open Yale Courses

Many students cannot afford to pay for full time University classes, but want to receive all the information provided by full time learning from home. There are lots of online introductory courses on Open Yale Courses. You will be able to attain a lot of priceless information from these free courses.

5) Purdue Owl

This go-to guide will help you cultivate your writing skills intensely. Going for writing lessons these days are expensive and generally not worth the money. There are various scams out there but Purdue Owl is one of the most dependable platforms. They provide tips through all stage of writing conferred in an organized and neat format.

6)  Science Daily

Some of us panic when attempting science courses in class. With Science Daily, you do not have to feel the tension of learning in class. You can always look at it as the modernized science version of the New York Times. If you have any researching to do on a science topic, this is a very great place to start. They have a ton of essential information on their website.

7) Purple Math

I suppose before the terror of science comes the terror of math. If you ever seem to need help with math, this should be your go-to resource whenever you are stuck. Sometimes I just use Purple Math just to learn and attain something new. This definitely keep me ahead of my peers at all times. The clarifications are great which helps me understand things much quicker.

8) Drawspace

We all have a little artistic soul inside of us. If drawing is something you enjoy doing or want to perfect, you should definitely consider Drawspace. You have quite a few options of packages you could select. There is a free, paid self-study and an instructor guided selection. You really need to take a decision on how much learning to draw is worth to you and select your package.

9) Codecademy

Knowing how to write codes is very essential for students living in these times. People immensely underestimate the significance of teaching kids codes. If I had my way I’d have a class in Coding in all the school around the world.

Codecademy helps teach coding to students and individuals of all age groups. An in-browser coding provides helps if you are just starting out learning code.

10) W3Schools

W3Schools is another code learning tool. You could be a web developer in no time learning from this resource. Every major feature of web development is explained in their tutorials and web courses. They also provide an online certification program which is just simply amazing.

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You do not have to be a University/college graduate to learn new things. Educate yourself even if you do not have enough money or time to attend classes at a top notch University. Before you know it, you would have learnt so much work that an illustrated bibliography APA will be a perfect way to demonstrate your package.

The potentiality of learning as much information as you can is in your hands.


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