9 Super Easy Ways Teachers Get Parents involved at School

9 Super Easy Ways Teachers Get Parents involved at School

Education in Nigeria would have been better than what it is today, if only parents were more involved in their children’s learning. Truly, parent participation improves the school system of any nation. This guide will be showing you easy ways teachers get parents involved at school.

Do you always ponder why children are not usually too wayward at their early level of education? This is due to high level of parental engagement at their early stage. But as they grow older and go higher (secondary and tertiary education), previously academically sound students starts regressing in their performance.

Most guardians and carers feel that, at this stage, their wards can make it with little or no parental supervision.

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This is the beginning of the bunch of the problems with education in Nigeria.

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What then is Parent Participation?

Parent participation refers to being positively involved and active in in your child’s learning. The term is synonymous to parent engagement and parent involvement. Values, attitude and behaviours of parents can positively influence a child’s learning outcomes.

Education Psychology Interactive defines parent involvement as:

Parental involvement is a combination of commitment and active participation on the part of the parent to the school and to the student. There are many problems concerned with involvement. Many secondary schools simply do not know how to deal with the nontraditional family and the areas of concern that it represents.

A child’s parent or family is usually the first to influence the child, you know? So effective parental engagement and family involvement is beyond mere participation in Parents Teachers Association‘s meeting, doing assignments, helping with fund raising. There is more to it.

Parents involved in school actively engage in their children’s learning, both at home and in school; irrespective of a child’s age, educational level and previous academic achievements.

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Easy ways Teachers Get Parents involved at School

It’s true when they say “when schools and family work together, students do better and stay in school longer”. So, how then can teachers and administrators get parents to be more involved in their children’s learning. According to Ontario Ministry of Education, Parents have a huge role to play in getting the best out of their children’s schooling.

Here are 9 easy ways school administrators and teachers get parents involved at school:

1. Share Positive Notes Home

Teachers can choose one student and send positive notes to his/her parents. On the back of the note, he can ask the parent to send positive note back about the child. Irrespective of the number of pupils in the class, this will surely go a long way.

2. Showcase Students’ Accomplishments

Parents love to know that their children are doing well in school. They love seeing their children in action both in school and at home. You can also share a picture of children’s achievement on social media.

3. Match Parents and Resources to Needs

Teachers should be able to utilize the individual strength each each parent has and use it to improve the learning process of the child, class and school.

4. Set Expectations for Parents Early

At the beginning of a school session, teachers can set expectations for parents. These expectations can be sent in the form of a note via students or during PTA meetings.

5. Create Classroom Structure that Includes Parents

I know some kindergarten teachers  make schedule for parents to provide snacks. Even at the primary/secondary school level, the class could be so large that teachers will really need the support of parents.

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6. Accommodate Parents Needs too

Administrators can fix meetings after work hours, have translators at meetings, and more. The purpose here is to carry all parents along; thereby getting them more involved.

7. Create Opportunities to Connect

Parents can be invited to classroom to watch group presentations, debates and other brain teasing games. Students can be encouraged to start presentations by introducing themselves and thanking their parents for coming in.

8. Be Specific about Classroom Needs

There are always needs to be met in schools, especially in Nigeria. Always create a list of specific items needed in the classroom, along with the prices and when they can get them. Many parents wouldn’t mind getting some of those needs met.

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9. Improve Communication

School administrators and teachers should try to communicate more often about the needs of a child to get parents more involved at school. A child’s parent should be able to trust the school administrator and teachers, when it comes to the child’s needs and progress.

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How Parents can Help their Children do well in School

Below are simple tips parents can apply to help their children do well at school.

  • Have high but achievable expectations for your child.
  • Talk regularly about school with your children at home.
  • Encourage positive attitudes and regards for school teachers.
  • Be the perfect example for your child.
  • Ask what was learnt in school each day
  • Be ever ready to listen to what happened at school.
  • Help your child develop good work habits.
  • Reading out loud with your child and listening to them read out loud surely improves their reading ability.
  • Develop a cordial relationship with their teacher.
  • Make them know learning is fun and best for them
  • Teach them to be creative and innovative.

I believe, one of the most effective ways parents can help children improve academically is to make sure they go to school everyday. Attendance in school surely has a major influence on academic outcomes. (Australian Government Department of Education)

In Conclusion

Parents are major stakeholders in the education sector of every nation. So, for  education in Nigeria to be improved, parent participation cannot be pushed aside. We’ve mentioned 9 tested and easy ways teachers get parents involved at school.

Also, how parents can help their children do well in school is highlighted. With these strategies for teachers and parents, education in Nigeria will surely improve.

Thank you for your time.

Do you find this article useful? If yes? Share on all social media till it gets to every parent and teacher in Nigeria. Our education sector in Nigeria deserves this little effort of ours.


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