10 Reasons Why Onboarding Programmes are so Important for your Organisation

Why Onboarding programmes

Starting a new job or pivoting to a new industry can sometimes feel overwhelming. An entirely new environment, different people to work with, new working conditions and demands – the list is endless. For these reasons, many people find it very difficult to settle into a new workplace. Onboarding programs are meant to bridge this gap and get people settled into the new environments on time. This is why this study focuses on why onboarding programmes are so important for your organisation – whether in schools or businesses.


What are Onboarding Programmes?

An onboarding program is a process that ensures that new employees get acquainted with their role in the new organization, the way things work in the organization, and also their fellow employees. As insignificant as this looks, a proper onboarding programmes or exercises are very vital in getting new employees in a workplace settled into the system. This is a precursor to how effective they will be as they fill up the positions they were hired to fill.

A pivotal study was carried out by Aberdeen group, which is a company that collects and analyzes data related to buyer behavior and trends in the marketplace. According to the findings from their research as documented by a senior marketing consultant on LinkedIn,

the cost of replacing an entry-level employee is 30-50% of the person’s annual salary.

This research still revealed that the percentage stated above is not a figure that is set in stone. As a matter of fact, the percentage increases drastically as the person rises up the ladder in the corporate organization. Because of this research, it has been proven that having staff leave an organization at a high rate can be harmful to the profit margin of the firm because most of the money that should be collected into other departments or recorded as sales are now converted into hiring new staff.

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Why Onboarding Programmes are so important for all Organisations

One way to make sure that new and qualified staff to stay within a work environment is the implementation of proper onboarding programs. This is because onboarding programs are vital to providing new staff with all the skills/knowledge they need to be at their best in the new workplace. If your organization is still looking for reasons to adopt a proper, more advanced onboarding program, here are a few reasons why onboarding programmes are so important for your organisation.

1. Great way to make an amazing first impression on a new employee

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to the workplace. The impression a new employee gets in a new work environment will play a major role in whether or not he will want to keep working there. Onboarding programs are a great way to make a good first impression on a new employee. Once this person gets the idea that he is welcome in the new workplace, chances that he will want to remain and put his best into the advancement of the organization are increased.

2. Vital for educating new employees in the workplace

This is a no-brainer and has been hinted at earlier parts of this article. Within those hours of the onboarding sessions, the employee gets to learn most of what he should know as a worker in an organization. This is where he learns best practices in a firm, what is expected of him, and so on.

If he is left without going through the proper onboarding process, he may be left in the dark and have to grope his way through.

3. Reduces the need for employee turnover

We established earlier that the resources needed for a proper turnover are much. The cost incurred by having to turn over employees can be cut down to the least when a company has a proper onboarding programme. This is because when the new employees go through the process of onboarding, they are equipped to be at their peak performance and deliver their best to the growth of the organization.

Under these circumstances, there is little or no need to downsize or relieve employees of their positions because they will be efficient at what they do.

4. Increases efficiency of workers

Proper onboarding programmes are very vital for workers to be able to function at their peak efficiency level. Once they know exactly what is expected of them in the workplace environment, and how to deliver on what they have been hired to do, it is only natural that they will be able to deliver on the task they are supposed to.

This way, the organization gets a team of dedicated, and highly efficient workers.

5. Reduces the time-to-productivity metric

The time-to-productivity metric is a very vital aspect of organizational efficiency. Generally, the time-to-productivity metric is the time it will take a new employee in an organization to get all the information he needs to function at his peak productivity level. Conversely, it is the time needed for any new employee to get to the level of efficiency displayed by a person that has been in the system for at least two years.

If workers are left to figure a lot of things out for themselves, the time needed for them to attain these positions would be greatly increased. This will also have a toll on the general output of the organization.

6. Enforces workforce compliance early

A pivotal aspect of the onboarding process is the compliance program your new employee passes through. When an employee passes through the right compliance program, it sets the atmosphere he most likely will function under in the organization.

An onboarding programme is the first opportunity the employer gets to determine the intensity his employee will work with. If the employee gets the memo that he is working for a group that is firm and does not tolerate laxity, they will know to put in their best from the early stages. Also, the paperwork of compliance – compliance policies – for the organization are dealt with here.

7. Vital for cultivating inter-personal relationship within the organization

The employers have a necessary role to play in the actualization of this. During this process of onboarding, employers, and stakeholders in the organization can take marked steps to build lasting relationships with their employees. They can also take it a step further by getting the employees to work with themselves in teams.

This way, employees can learn teamwork, submit to mentorship and coaching in the workplace, and cultivate better people skills. This is a necessary part of organizational output and efficiency.

8. Superiors are easily accessible and relatable

It is not so strange to see a major disconnect in the strata in an organization. Ther is usually that gap that exists between the leaders of a company and the workers in that company. In many cases, the leaders seem to be unapproachable and standoffish.

A proper onboarding programme can solve this challenge. As hinted earlier, great onboarding programmes establish a connection between employers and their employees from the start. Regular meetings and contact between these parties can build a relationship that will come in handy to ensure that the organization moves forward as supposed.

9. Reduced employee anxiety

One of the worst experiences employees have to face is the anxiousness that comes with working in a new organization. The first few weeks are filled with anxiety and the feeling that everyone’s eyes are on the new employees. This even gets worse when these new workers are left to figure out what is expected of them, by themselves.

The anxiety that comes with this can be daunting and is one reason why employees are unable to give their best at first. A good onboarding programme is necessary because it takes the anxiety off the new employee. When new employees go through the onboarding program, they get to know what is expected of them and how to go about it. That way, they do not have to be afraid of doing the wrong thing always.

10. Relatively easy to be implemented

Inasmuch as does not seem so, a great onboarding program does not really require a lot to be implemented. With the right professionals and resources, a great onboarding program can be incorporated into an organization’s structure in record time.

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My Submission

These few reasons explains why onboarding programmes are so important for organization’s recruitment system. When the right professionals like HR professionals are called on, and the right resources and tools made available for them, it is possible to have an onboarding program incorporated into an organization’s scheme of things.

It can seem a bit overwhelming, but we have got you covered. Get in touch with Gopius LMS right now, and let us help you incorporate a great onboarding program into your firm’s recruitment process. This way, you do not have to worry about employee turnover expenses and unnecessary details that come with inefficiency of workers.


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