Ways to Improve Education Standard in Nigeria

Ways to Improve Education Standard in Nigeria… The quality of education in Nigeria has fallen far below its standard compared to the past. Yet it cannot also be placed in comparison with the system of education available in other countries. The percentage of the Nigeria’s national budget that is also set out for education by […]

9 Educational Benefits of Cartoons to Children
Educational TV Programmes for Children in Nigeria

Back in the day, we used to have a lot of educational TV programmes for children. These days, more often than not, a gathering of children before a television set means a carton centric channel is on. Most of them, on close inspection, would be a better fit for dummies and the not so mentally […]

The Need for Tighter Security in Schools

The economic situation of Nigeria has led to a rise in criminal events like kidnapping, and ritual killings. These have dominated the news cycle for the past few months. Most worrying is the trend of kidnappings centered on schools. These brazen kidnaps have parents worried about the safety of their children in boarding houses. Thus, […]

Interactive White Board: 5 Ways to Use it

In this modern age of computer and technology in education, institutes and educational centers can advance educationally by investing in interactive whiteboards. An interactive white board provides a better alternative for smooth classroom learning compared to regular blackboards and whiteboard marker. When hooked up to a computer, an interactive whiteboard’s screen becomes a “live” computer […]

The Importance of Technology in Nigerian Education
The Importance of Technology in Nigerian Education

The importance of technology in Nigerian education system cannot be over emphasized. The education structure in Nigeria has been undervalued and ignored for decades, probably since the independence of Nigeria. Successive governments have been dismissive of its importance even while touting an interest in the growth of the country. Truth is, education is the manure […]

Assistive Educational Technology
How Assistive Educational Technology Supports Students With Disabilities

How Assistive Educational Technology Supports Students With Disabilities… Children with disabilities have always had problems in attaining high educational goals, in comparison with kids with no disabilities. Previously, such kids face an array of challenges, like discrimination, inequality and poverty in their lives as their possibility to receive a suitable education to earn a living […]