Educational TV Programmes for Children in Nigeria

9 Educational Benefits of Cartoons to Children

Back in the day, we used to have a lot of educational TV programmes for children. These days, more often than not, a gathering of children before a television set means a carton centric channel is on. Most of them, on close inspection, would be a better fit for dummies and the not so mentally astute. There still are educational programs for children on the air, they just don’t make it to kid themed television.

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Educational TV Programmes for Children in Nigeria

There are cartoons like ed. Edd and eddy which are reminiscent of the movie dumb and dumber. There are others like Ben 10 which entertain but don’t teach much. I grew up watching much better television.

Our Top 10 list is made up of educational cartoons and stations that don’t just entertain but teach the children.

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Channel 319 DSTV

This tops the list because what you get on that channel is 24/7 education. There are programs for all ages from 3 to 16.

Barney and Friends

This is a great way to pass across a message, educate, and involve your child in sing along sessions at the same time. Very entertaining, quite educative, all around fun.

Beauty and the Beast

There is no better cartoon (now movie) to teach a child not to judge a book by its cover. It passes along the short comings of shallowness quite nicely. This is especially good for ladies, but also a masterclass in social education for young boys.


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