blended learning program
Designing an Effective Blended Learning Program in 5 Steps

What exactly is blended learning? Blended learning program are a type of training that combines online resources and opportunities with traditional classroom-based teaching methods. While the learners attend classroom sessions with their peers and instructor, these face-to-face practices are enriched with online activity for content and delivery. Blended learning provides the best of both worlds: […]

Blended Model
A Comprehensive Guide on Blended Model

A blended model of learning is an approach that combines traditional classroom instruction with online learning. It is also known as a hybrid learning model, which involves a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. This approach allows students to learn at their own pace and in a flexible way, while still receiving the benefits of […]

5 Most Rated Benefits of Blended Learning
5 Most Rated Benefits of Blended Learning

Among the many advantages of blended learning, we’ve explained here, the most rated benefits of Blended Learning. With the viral influence of technology and internet in today’s world, there is great need to incorporate these developments into teaching and learning. One major way of integrating technology into education and pedagogy is through blended learning. Considering […]

What Innovative Teaching Techniques Have You Seen in Developing Countries
What Innovative Teaching Techniques Have You Seen in Developing Countries?

Learning is a continuous and dynamic process. Every teacher has their own teaching style and methods of communicating knowledge. This article highlights different types of teachers and their innovative teaching techniques that have been seen in developing countries. While many people may think that only underprivileged schools or struggling universities need to find ways to […]