Best E-Learning Platforms in Nigeria

31 Best E-Learning Platforms in Nigeria for Remote Learning

This article focuses on the best e-learning platforms for remote in Nigeria for individual learners, students, instructors, schools and businesses.

Especially as every aspect of our lives has lately been influenced by digitization one way or the other. Teaching and learning in Nigeria have to adopt some form of e-learning too.

WhatsApp and Telegram classes happen to be very popular, alongside delivering lectures via television and radio.

However, the recent pandemic has thrown a new outlook on this.

Schools and businesses have now seen the need for a serious adoption of a virtual and blended learning platform for online learning and training.

So, the question one would ask now is: if WhatsApp, Telegram, radio and television delivered lectures can’t cover the complexity of learning and training, what would?

A Learning Management System (LMS), of course!

A good LMS is what is needed to take care of our educational, career, or business training needs.

But then how do you identify which one to use considering that there are quite a number of them?

Don’t worry, we will get to this right away.

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What are E-Learning Platforms?

E-Learning platforms are systems or software that can be integrated into an institution’s portal to deliver remote or online learning.

There are different types of e-learning system based on the learning tools or mode of delivery.

Some e-learning systems are computer-based and do not require the internet for its delivery while some require the use of the internet.

Either way, let us look at 10 different types of e-learning platforms.

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10 Different Types of E-Learning Platforms for Remote Learning

The different types of e learning platforms are listed below:

  1. Asynchronous Online Learning
  2. Synchronous Online Learning
  3. Computer Managed Learning (CML)
  4. Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI)
  5. Interactive Online Learning
  6. Linear E-Learning
  7. Collaborative Online Learning
  8. Individual Online Learning
  9. Adaptive E-Learning
  10. Fixed E-Learning

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Benefits of e-Learning platforms

If you have not considered using an LMS as an educational provider or for business training in Nigeria, you should strongly consider doing so now. Using an LMS will provide you with the following benefit:

  • Saves time and money: Everyone knows saving money is key in Nigeria. LMS eliminates the need to build classrooms and the cost of commuting.
  • Capacity Building and Consistency – Using e-learning platforms allow educators to build capacity to deliver training to a large number of learners with ease. It also allows for consistency.
  • Learning Retention – Student has the opportunity to go over training as often as needed leading to higher retention rate.
  • Measurable – When using a learning management system to deliver your e-learning, then tracking learner progress becomes very easy.
  • Reduces Printing Cost – Eliminate the cost of printing as nothing needs to be paper-based.
  • Flexibility – Using e-learning, your employees and students have the freedom to learn at their convenience, place, and pace.

Before we look at these 31 best e learning platforms in Nigeria, we need to check out the features to look out for in a good LMS. I mean, if I want to pick out an LMS provider, what should I look out for?

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Features to Look Out for in a Good eLearning Platform

Remote learning uses digital resources to deliver learning, not the traditional classroom. Just sit in your room and learn! Plan your learning around your day-to-day activity.  How fun will it be to have your popcorn and ice-cream by your side while reading your study material? Or saving time by reading on your mobile phone while commuting.

Then you need to know what to look out for when picking an LMS for your organization or institution. Whatever your needs are for choosing LMS, look out for the following features:

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1. Course Creation and Management

A good LMS allows you to administer your courses on groups of learners without having any technical knowledge. An LMS that allows you to create your content without the trouble of creating it elsewhere and exporting it to the LMS. Make sure it allows you to create and manage your course easily. GopiusLMS is the go-to LMS system for this feature.

2. Assessments

What would be the point of studying, if the learner’s progress cannot be assessed? E-learning systems that provide assessment, progress tracking and feedback using quizzes, surveys, and polls are a must-have.

3. White Label

Customizing the look and feel of your e learning system should be possible and easy to achieve. Look out for this feature when picking out an e-learning system.

4. Reporting

LMS reports helps you discover and monitor your students, staff, or learner’s commitment and progress. Tracking your learning goals is important, it gives you a clear picture of the learning situation.

5. Cloud-Based

The cost of maintains and installation can be scary, so get an e-learning provider with a cloud-based platform. All your worries about backups, maintenance, installation, training staff for technical know-how should be cared for by your LMS. It reliefs you of any stress regarding technicalities. If you want to try out what it’s like to use a cloud-based LMS, try GopiusLMS for free here.

6. Users and Groups

To make learning more collaborative and interesting, a learning system should make it possible to create groups, forums, and user roles. This feature encourages efficiency in learning processes, make sure your LMS of choice has it. Create different user roles and groups to make learning much more efficient.

7. User-Friendly Interface

Students or learners need to access e-courses with easy. Navigating through the LMS system should not be a course in itself. LMS platforms must allow users to move around with ease, accessing material and resources, reports should be stress-free. No clumsy, shabby, or confusing interface.

8. Mobile Learning

Everyone is on the go these days. It is statistically proven that 66.5% of the world population use mobile devices.

(Image: Statista)

The ability to access an LMS on a mobile device is necessary. Make sure your e-learning platform supports use on mobile devices.

9. Asynchronous Learning

One of the core reasons for developing a learning management system is to provide learners of all levels and cadre with training anywhere, anytime. Having access to engaging learning material and resources is a plus for an LMS. Learners can combine videos, messaging, readings, and forums to achieve learning goals at their own pace. This improves engagement and knowledge retention.

10. Video Conferencing

It allows for one-on-one attention when needed. There times that practical based training is needed to further enhancement of a learning module. Video conferencing allows for these possibilities and instant clarification of an unclear point. It’s a must-have for any LMS worth it’s salt.

All these and more makes Gopius LMS one of  the best e-learning platforms in Nigeria.

31 Best E-Learning Platforms for remote Learning in Nigeria

The 10 features above are what everyone looking to adopt an LMS should look out for in their LMS of choice, be it individual instructors, learners, administrator, trainer, employer, employee, and others.

These features will ensure your all learners have a great experience while learning or training.

And, having examined the different types or categories of e-learning platforms, let’s jump right into the 31 best e-learning platform in Nigeria.

1. Gopius LMS

Number one on the list is Gopius Learning Management System (LMS), which supports all of the features mentioned above, coupled with its robust functionalities.

Gopius e-learning platform is by far the best online learning platform for schools and businesses, as well as instructors, learners and employees in Nigeria.

It meets all the features one looks out for in an online learning management software, such as: course management, white label, live classes or conferencing, report tracking, mobile learning, online courses, cloud-based LMS, to mention a few.

Gopius is a user-friendly, learner-first e-Learning platform in Nigeria that serves the learning and training needs of people from all types of organizations.

It provides curriculum-based content and resources for primary schools, secondary schools to tertiary institutions. It is also perfect for employee onboarding and online training for businesses in Nigeria.

Gopius allows for a customizable or white-labelled interface for brands and organizations, while taking on the burden of data storage and security, installation, and maintenance for you.

Experience they say is the best teacher, Try GopiusLMS for free now, and enjoy amazing learning experience.


9ija kids is a mobile app designed that serves children ages 3-11 years using interactive games and fun. It’s limited in its function as an LMS.

3. ClassNotes provides Nigerian secondary school students (JSS1 to SS3) with curriculum-based subjects and topics. It is an online learning resource to help secondary school students.

4. ULesson

The uLesson app caters to Senior Secondary School students in selected subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology preparing them for Senior Secondary School Exams such as WAEC, GCSE, IGCSE, KCSE, SAT and more.

5. Unicaf

Unicaf is an online platform offering affordable, quality undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, to the benefit of thousands of students in Africa and other continents. Unicaf partners with universities abroad to offer their online courses.

6. National Open University

NOUN combines both the traditional model of learning to technology-assisted learning. It is one of the best e-learning platforms in Nigeria

7. Easyprep

Virtual Educational Services (Easyprep) is a virtual teaching assistant for the educational process. It serves primary and secondary school students. It is a subscription-based platform.

8. StudyLab360

On StudyLab, students provide students with curriculum-aligned questions in all topics for practice. It also provides practice exam past questions like WAEC and JAMB. It also provides a combo curriculum containing all topics from IGCSE and NERDC.

9. Nexford University

Nexford University’s mission is to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing learners access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic online education that prepares them for the global workplace.

10. Roducate

Offers government-approved content from primary to university level.


Offers professional training courses to learners on a subscription affordable monthly subscriptions. It’s more like a hub for tutors and learners.


Tuteria is a tutor booking service provider. It is not an LMS.

13. City tutor

City tutors similar platforms to Tuteria. You can access quality tutors on different subjects.

14. ProTeach

The website provides a personalized home tutoring services like the two above.

15. Learnerster

This platform uses Zoom to deliver classes. You can access different courses here.

16. Woloafric

WOLO is an African E-Learning Project. It is a platform created to offer education and skills training to Africans.

17. is an online market place for skill acquisition. You can learn skills like Design, Photography, Spanish, Marketing, and some more on

18. University of Africa

The University of Africa (UoA) is a Private Open Distance-Learning Tertiary Institution. They currently offer degree courses in  Business Administration; Commerce; Economics; Health Service Administration; Human Resource Management; Law; Logistics and Transport; Marketing; Public Administration; Tourism and many more.

19. Afrilearn

Afrilearn offers practice exercises and a personalized learning dashboard. They tackle WAEC, JAMB, NECO and are also partnering with some institutions in Africa to offer specialized content.

20. Prepclass

Prepclass is an educational technology company that connects learners with skilled tutors for a training session that will take place physically at the learner’s home.

21. Compass Tutor

Compass tutor is an online platform that helps students reach their full academic potentials, building long-term academic resilience, and life-long intellectual curiosity. They offer tutor placement and provide residential and more full-time tutors.

22. Ubongo

Ubongo is Africa’s leading edutainment company that creates fun, localized, and multi-platform educational media. Their programs significantly improve school readiness and learning outcomes for kids, and also promote social and behavioral change for kids, caregivers, and educators.

23. Dovilearn

DoviLearn is an e-learning platform, that trains professionals and students online.

24. Lifelearners

They provide workable learning solutions for different agencies and sectors in the growing economy of Nigeria.

25. Macaranta

Macaranta is a platform that helps people gain valuable knowledge from professional instructors from all over Nigeria. The word Macaranta is a Hausa word that simply means school.

26. M-Shule

M-Shule is an adaptive, mobile learning management platform designed to improve performance for millions of primary school students across Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa.

27. Eneza Education

Eneza Education is an ed-tech company that offers revision and learning material via basic feature phones. Eneza provides delivers educational material through mobile phones in Kenya and Ghana.

28. Remote School is a cloud-based learning platform. It offers interactive online and private home tutoring.

29. Mobile Classroom

Mobile Classroom platform provides students with subject-specific teachers.

30. Goproschool

This e-learning platform provide curriculum-based online study material and lesson notes for teachers and homeschoolers for kindergarten-Secondary

31. Passnownow

Provides curriculum-based study notes for students and it caters to only secondary schools. They also provide resources like past questions.


That was quite a long list of best e-learning platforms for remote learning in Nigeria.

Most of the platforms are not a full Learning Management System as you can see. Some are just education apps, while others are tutor providing platforms and educational institutions portal. Still, you can choose anyone that fills your need.

Finally, we are done with the 31 best e-learning platforms in Nigeria, we have examined the benefits of using an e-learning platform and also touched on features to consider when choosing an e-learning system provider.

Please, put all this information to use by adopting a holistic LMS provider like Gopius LMS; it is still the best we have in Nigeria because it provides you with the best user experience. Try Gopius for free.


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      If you want a platform where your child can learn from ready-made videos and fun games, then I can recommend 9ja Kids and roducate.

      But if you’re thinking of an LMS for your child’s school or your child’s teacher, then I will strongly recommend Gopius LMS.

      Note: The amount of data consumed usually depend more on the kind of content viewed, not necessarily the platform. Even though some platforms consumes lesser data than others.


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    It is Schoolportal NG and they provide absolutely free learning lessons. I think you should add them to your list.

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