Andragogy in Developing New Courses

How To Apply Andragogy in Developing New Courses

Andragogy in Developing New Courses – Andragogy is just a fancy word that is used to talk about how adults learn. It includes the ideas, traits, rules, and ways that adults use to learn new things.

Therefore, it is important in today’s workplace to train your staff in order to follow the rules, stay competitive, and meet the needs of your customers. How do you use adult education principles when making new online classes for your group. There are different ideas about how adults learn, but the most famous one is by a man named Malcolm Knowles.

We will talk about the theory of andragogy in this blog because we think it is still very important, especially for e-learning.

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How To Apply Andragogy in Developing New Courses

Now we can look at each of the six traits to find ways to make sure that the e-learning courses you create follow adult learning principles.


When making e-learning courses, we should think about what learners already know. This means thinking about what students already know and can do so that the course is at the right level for them.


The best way to make learners more motivated is to include them in the learning and training process as much as you can. Some ideas are: brainstorming, thinking and imagination

Create an environment in the company where learning is encouraged. Create a culture where the organization keeps getting better and better. Training and learning are important for making things better all the time.


There are two important things to think about to make sure your online courses are interesting for e-learning. Make sure everyone knows what they need to learn and that it helps with the company’s goals.Make sure the content stays on topic and doesn’t include unnecessary information.

Personalized Concepts

E-learning courses help students take charge of their learning. They can finish the course on their own computers, whenever they want. Customized online courses can be made in many ways to give students more control over their learning.

Making a collection of online courses that students can use whenever they want helps them take control of their own learning. They don’t have to do it because someone tells them to.


Making sure your online course is immediately useful for learners starts with setting clear goals for the course and then making sure the content matches those goals. Analyzing the gap is also part of the process to make sure the things we want to learn match what the business needs.

Another way to make training more relevant is to learn at the right time. Like before, just-in-time learning means making a collection of online courses that learners can do whenever they want. Usually, this is when the learner really needs to learn something, because they are very motivated.


Basically, the most important part of effective adult education is focusing on the learner when creating online courses. This means taking into account all the characteristics mentioned earlier. This principle is about making sure to consider the learner’s point of view and explaining the clear advantages for them.

It also encourages them to feel motivated and in control of their own learning. When students see how important the information is and feel like they have control over their learning, they will be more interested and dedicated.

By always putting the learner first when creating content, a strong relationship is formed—where the learner’s needs, interests, and goals are not just recognized but also met. This way of learning focuses on the needs of the learner and makes e-learning courses work better.

It also helps create a culture of real enthusiasm for learning. When students feel appreciated and listened to, they are more likely to pay attention and do well in their learning. This leads to increased participation and better learning results.

In summary, the success of online learning depends on how the learner feels and what they think about it. This idea is really important for making online courses that connect with and motivate students, and help them achieve important learning goals.


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