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Social Media Use: Should it be Taught in Schools?

Should social media use be taught in schools? Generation Y and Z were born in the Information age and have been exposed to the internet and have used it from an early age. Lately the internet has become unsafe for some as evidenced by the spate of suicides caused by online bullying and the use of internet poaching by terror groups.

The question then arises, should social media use be taught in schools? Man is a social creature and needs to communicate to feel relevant. The effect of social media on the physical world in the past few years is a clear signal of its disruptive capability. Firms who have understood its reach are making use of its capabilities to enhance their businesses.

Social media has become the go to source for news. The rise of Psy, the Cocacola saga at the Supreme court, and in recent days the resume or resign campaign are evidence of the social media’s reach. So, why should social media use be taught in schools?

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Socialization is a Must – Social Media Use

When the internet was created, a lot of people thought it would not last. It is still around over 20 years later and growing by the day. Ideas connected to socialization will keep coming. Children and teenagers need to be prepared to make the best use of the facilities to further their growth as individuals and as netizens.

Security Reasons

The internet can be a very dangerous place. Social media, though slightly more secure is far from safe. Everything said on social media is monitored and therefore nothing really goes away. Furthermore, due to its pervasive nature, students need to know how to protect themselves against online threats. Parents will not always be there to watch what their kids are up to online.

Career Building

There is no stopping the pervasiveness of social media. Today it is being used to communicate between staff within companies and across companies. The largest professional network, LinkedIn is a social media site with over 200 million members. This network is where most big businesses get references from for outsource programs and staffing.


There are two ways to move up the ladder in the workplace; hard work, and connections. A connected worker will move up much faster than one who works hard. Social media delivers connectivity with convenience.


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