UX Design Principles
Top 5 UX Design Principles That Influence Learning Experience

Know about UX Design Principles that influence learning experience in today’s world. The traditional educational system is no longer functional, which is why individuals now need more individualized and hands-on learning strategies. A modern learner’s demands are not met by textbooks, antiquated instructions, or traditional classroom lessons. The syllabus must now be more easily available […]

Cognitive Load Theory In Instructional Design

It is imperative that you comprehend the fundamentals of the Cognitive Load Theory and include them into your instructional design if you want your learners to benefit fully from the eLearning course you are developing. You may learn more about Cognitive Load Theory in this manual, including how it might be used in educational contexts. […]

challenges for instructional designers to overcome
The Roadblocks of Remote Learning: 7 Challenges for Instructional Designers to Overcome

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in remote learning, with many educational institutions and organizations switching to online and virtual learning environments. While remote learning offers many benefits, such as increased flexibility and accessibility, and there are several challenges for instructional designers to overcome. Challenges for Instructional Designers to Overcome In this […]