10 Coding Courses for Kids and Youths with Free Resources

10 Coding Courses for Kids and Youths with Free Resources

Did you know that there are more than one million open coding jobs? The demand for software developers is projected to grow by 20 percent, or 600,000 new jobs, by 2024. To meet this demand and help the youth become productive coders, we have listed 10 coding courses for kids and youths with free resources.

10 Coding Courses for Kids and Youths

These courses help you discover your passion for coding through interactive projects and hands-on exercises.

Introduction to Computer Science

Computer science is the study of how to solve problems with code. It’s a creative, innovative process of designing, building and testing software. Computer science is the foundation of the digital world: you use it every day on your phone, laptop, even at your local grocery store.

Computer Science (often just CS) is a combination of programming, math, and logic. It is a very useful skill that can be applied to a broad range of jobs. From web development to robotics, there are many fields where knowing how to code will give you an advantage.

Scratch for Kid: Learn to Code by Playing Games

Scratch is a free online programming language developed by MIT Media Lab that’s designed for kids, educators, and parents. Students can create games, animations and much more by snapping together graphical blocks of code to create instructions for their computer. It’s the perfect place to learn how to code if your child is more interested in gaming than in mathematics or logical puzzles.

Scratch offers a variety of activities. The Explore section features games that are fun to play, but also teach computer programming concepts. The Build section is for creating your own games, stories and animations. Scratch also has a shop where you can buy costumes and props for your characters.

Python for Kids: Learn the Basics and More!

Python is a general-purpose, high-level, open-source programming language that is widely used in both commercial and open source applications. This is the language currently used in the MIT course.

The course has been designed to introduce you to the basics of computer science and programming. It also provides you with the tools that you can use to continue your studies by building your own programs.

Code Your Own Games in Javascript

If your child loves video games and wants to create them, a Javascript course is a good place to start. JavaScript is a programming language used to create interactive websites and apps. It’s commonly used in web development and computer programming, particularly in the development of video games and computer programs.

JavaScript’s growing popularity makes it a great choice to learn how to code because it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their computer skill level or background.

Most people who want to learn how to code start with JavaScript because it’s an easy language to learn and understand. If your child is interested in creating video games, you can start with a free course like Code Your Own Games in Javascript to learn the basics of creating virtual worlds. As your child advances, he or she can move on to more advanced courses and build upon the skills learned in these beginning courses.

Try your hand at HTML and CSS

Once your child gains some experience with programming and feels comfortable with JavaScript, you can introduce him or her to HTML and CSS. HTML is the most basic language used to create web pages and CSS is the set of rules used to determine how they’re presented.

If your child wants to build and design their own websites, HTML/CSS is a great place to start. Some free resources that you can use are: – Try Code School – HTML and CSS – Learn HTML and CSS from W3 Schools – Free Code School Courses

Free Programming Courses for Teens: Learn Advanced Skills

Taking online courses will help your teen progress their programming skills. Here are some programming courses for teens that can be taken online.

– The Complete Python Bootcamp

– Learn Python like a pro!

– JavaScript: Understanding the Foundations of Programming

– Introduction to Computing Using Python

– Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Java

– Intro to JavaScript for Web Apps

– Introduction to Web Development

– Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

– Python for All – Learn to Code by Building 10 games with Javascript – A guide for teen programmers.

Coding for Android and iOS: Build Apps and Games

If your child is interested in programming apps, building games and exploring different types of software, you can introduce them to Android and iOS. Android is a computing platform developed by Google that’s used in countless applications like robots, drones, fitness trackers and more. iOS is the operating system used in Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and other devices.

Many of the most popular apps in the world are made using Android or iOS and are a great way to build skills and put your creativity to work. A few free resources for Android and iOS are listed below:

– Coding for Android

– Android Programming

– Coding for iOS

– iOS Development

– Learn to Code by Building 10 Games with Java

– Build Mobile Apps with App Inventor


The demand for software developers is projected to grow by 20 percent, or 600,000 new jobs, by 2024. To meet this demand, we need to address the diversity in tech issue by reaching out to all communities and equipping them with digital skills. We hope this article inspires you to introduce your kids and youths to the world of coding.

Kids usually love digital toys, games, and activities. They can be a gateway to understanding how computers work and what coding is. If you have a young child, start with simple activities like using the computer or tablet to play games, watch shows or read books. Once your child is a bit older, you can introduce them to programming with any of the above coding courses for kids and youths!

If you are looking for an online course that can help your kids get a head start with programming, check out our free coding courses for kids in collaboration with Codingal. You should start now.


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