Employee Onboarding with an LMS | Choosing the best E-Learning Vendor

Employee Onboarding with an LMS | Choosing the best E-Learning Vendor

Companies have induction programs that all new hires must pass through before the job proper commences. For some organization, it’s a 3-day affair, for some it is 1 week and for some, you are thrown to the dark and just have to feel your way around. Employee onboarding programmes can be a daunting experience for new hires when joining an organization or institution. It is almost like navigating your way in a dark room you have never entered before. In this post, we will look at 5 things to lookout for when choosing an e-learning vendor for employee onboarding with an LMS.

An eye-opening induction program that provides quality information in good time is vital in helping new hires find their way around. Asking repeatedly for information can be tiring both for the person asking and the person supplying information. The hiring departments need to empathize with new intakes to effectively create an induction process that helps them feel more at home in their new environment.

Companies all over the world are now investing in making available the best onboarding programs and processes to ensure they keep their new hires. As new hire turnover is as high as 20% within 45 days of employment. New employee turn-over takes its toll on organizations and businesses and should be avoided as much as possible. Doing this seamlessly requires some strategic pathways.

This is where the need for employee onboarding with an Learning Management System (LMS) comes in.

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Successful Employee Onboarding with an LMS

Successful employee onboarding can bring with it cost challenges in terms of on-time and resources for organizations. Businesses that can impact on their bottom line either positively or negatively depending on how strategic the organizations are. The need for a strategic employee onboarding measures to ensure a smooth integration, cost-effective process that impacts positively on an organization’s ROI is key.

Choosing the right LMS depends highly on your company’s needs and preferences. An onboarding process can be a fun and effective process for your new hires if key points are considered in choosing an LMS.

A company must ensure that the e-learning system employed to cater to new hires or seasoned workers must allow for seamless delivery, effortless navigation, provide proper content, and other benefits. Progress monitoring, tailored content, learning data mobile support, and more. A good learning system will help to automate the otherwise repetitive process and keep the information updated easily. It will save you time and money and help to build learning pathways.

This is why I shall look into things to look  out for before choosing the best e-learning vendor for employee onboarding with an LMS.

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Choosing the best E-Learning Vendor in Nigeria for Employee Onboarding with an LMS

Here are 5 things to lookout for when choosing the best e-learning vendor for employee onboarding with an LMS.

User-Friendly Interface

The issue with tradition onboarding is by far the hostility that comes with the process with new hires feeling lost and unwelcomed. This is due to the sheer time and efforts involved in the process with old staff feeling bothered and disturbed by the repetitive nature of trying to show a new staff the ropes. An LMS with a user-friendly interface (user-friendliness varies from user to user depending on their needs) and ease of navigation is a must to ensure any successful onboarding.

An interface that can be managed by anyone without the need for vendor training and retraining is key. This will allow for easy creation of programs, courses, and content using various forms of media, draw up program reports, and add learning pathways and measure learning and developmental progress. Information must be readily available and accessible without ant technical training support needed. It must be interactive, intuitive, and collaborative at best. The system must be reliable without any form of issues when used irrespective of the medium through which it is accessed. An appealing layout also contributes to user experience; a well-organized training platform without any clutter. A clear and concise layout is a winner any day. Read more about user-friendly LMS software here.

Personalized Learning Experience

Ensuring a recruit stays interested in your organization and is eager to join before all hiring process formalities are done with, companies and organizations need to personalize the experiences of their recruits. A tailor-made model is needed to achieve this because new employees come with different outlooks and expectations.

Tailoring processes by using different media and pre-boarding surveys to determine employee needs, learning patterns, and expectations ahead of the onboarding process. Personalized learning experience allows onboarding experience to be targeted towards encouraging learning and speeding up processes as employees can choose how, when, and what to learn per time, giving them some level control. This form of learning provides engagement to learners, it empowers them to make learning decisions that suit them.

Make Learning & Development (L&D) the Basics of Onboarding Process

The basic reason for onboarding programs is to help the new hire feel welcomed, have enough information, be able to navigate their way quickly and deliver their best as soon as they join an organization. A learning portal must place importance on knowledge management and help to integrate measurable, diverse programs with a variety of content delivery style is a must.

The bottom line is the impact on ROI of an organization which can never be achieved if L&D is not tailored and measurable. LMS enables easy assessment of collaborative learning, questionnaires, feedback, and input front key stakeholders like team leads, departmental heads, managers, and the likes.

Systems that accommodate multiple interfaces; for instance, an LMS that allows several content specific pathways is a good buy. This type of integration will allow diverse pathways for learning like paths for different departments, job or role-specific learning path, procedure, and process features.

Performance Measurement

A learning software that cannot provide one with measurable data is a waste of time and resources. After all the whole essence is to enhance employee performance and value delivery as soon as they get on board with the company. The ability to track learning and development is therefore crucial. An e-learning portal or software must be able to curate feedback and data to put checks and balances, update or change processes to fit an organizational need for employee onboarding with an LMS.

Mobile Adaptability

In recent times, any content– learning or not—should be accessible on mobile devices or software that supports mobile devices. People are closer to their smartphones and are interested in “on the go” contents and contents that can be accessed at their convenience. Reports have it that 51.98% of internet users do so on their smartphones. Having such support allows for remote training which can benefit new employees as existing courses, video sessions, and any form of information be pushed to them through their mobile for pre-work processes.

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Next Step

Having examined the above, do ensure that the LMS you chose is fits your organization’s onboarding process. As businesses and institutions have different needs regarding induction of new intakes into their system.

The LMS employed should be able to take care of their specific needs, otherwise it will be a great loss in terms of cost dedicated to the integration process. Conversely, the right LMS will greatly impact the efficiency and overall bottom line.

Among the many e-learning service providers and vendors in Nigeria, Gopius LMS for business, which provides solutions to the above key points, is a must-have for all companies, businesses, startups, and government. So long as there is a need for successful employee onboarding with a LMS, Gopius LMS is your sure go-to e-learning vendor.



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