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Best 21 School Management System in Nigeria

If you have ever been involved in school management, you can attest to the fact that it is a lot of work. While school management will never become really easy, technology has significantly simplified the process. This is possible because of the existence of school management system software.

What is a School Management System?

A school management system software is simply a computer program that comes in handy in managing, as well as in centralizing the operation and activities of a school. It goes a long way in ensuring that everyday school management processes are made simple. That’s not all. It significantly connects the different departments in a school.

Let’s go through some of the best school management system software open to Nigerian schools.

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MYSCH is a school management system that is developed with one thing in mind, simplicity. The simplicity of the software makes it easy to navigate, look-up a teachers lesson plan, manage results, take computer based tests, E-library and book module, the list goes on. It is a school management system that helps school administrators, teachers, and parents get involved in the academic welfare of the student.


SAFSMS is a school management system that helps students, parents, and teachers get involved in school administration. It is widespread across Nigeria and is software that is built around transparency. Furthermore, it goes a long way in effectively handling little challenges associated with running a school. 

3. School Software Pro

School Software Pro was developed to handle the management procedures of universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, secondary schools, and primary schools. Since coming into the scene, it has enjoyed patronage from a good number of schools. Some are prominent while others are not. This school management software comes with over 57 features that are great for school management, setting exams, learning, and teaching. This software was designed in a way that just a copy of it can be used in managing more than a one school at a time.

4. Educare

Educare was developed to put away difficult work so long as school management is concerned.  It is very modern software and is generally considered to be affordable. This software is able to automate the process involved in school operations. Due to this, it can significantly help in improving the quality check of education and also lower the cost of running a school. That’s not all. It can help in increasing a school’s revenue.

5. MySchoolCloud

MySchoolCloud was designed to make school administration remarkably simple. It comes with features that are very effective and ensure that the process of running your school is affordable.

This school management software stands out from lots of other school management software because of the fact that there are no limitations to the number of students, teachers, and parents that can use it. That’s not all. It can be used on several types of gadgets and is also user-friendly.

6. Nortify

Nortify is a school management software that is cloud-based. It is compatible with PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. It was designed to help with academic records keeping, finance management, analyzing students’ [performances, online registration, and a lot more. It is a complete package and is very easy to use.

7. Edalaf SMS

Edalaf is more than just a school management system. It is one of the most highly-rated school management software in Nigeria.  It was designed to suit various educational systems and schools. Going by this, flexibility is one of its strong points.

Edalaf can be used online and offline.  Additionally, it was designed to be used by parents, school administration, teachers, and students. Furthermore, before schools are mandated to make payment, they can make use of this software for a term.

8. Schoolcube

Schoolcube was developed by Revocube Technologies and has seen regular use by several schools in Nigeria. This school management system software might be popular for general administration. However, there is more to it.

With Schoolcube, teachers do not have to struggle when looking to manage the reports and assessments of the students under them. Additionally, it is not open to just teachers. Parents were considered while it was being developed. So, it is easy for them to stay up to date with how their children are performing without necessarily coming to school.

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9. Edves SMS

Edves SMS was developed to do more than just manage school processes. It was built to provide solutions to challenges around stress, paperwork, ad data capturing. When getting this software, schools do not have to settle for a one size fits all system. This is because this software can be customized to fit a school’s needs and specifications. In addition, this school management software works for tertiary institutions, primary school, and secondary schools.


SCHOOLiT is a school management system that is not limited to secondary, primary, or tertiary institutions. It was designed to be used by institutions of learning at all levels. So long as a school is interested in carrying out the processes in a simple way, this software makes this possible. It is open to employees, students, and parents. Additionally, it ensures the tracking of attendance, fee payment through electronic means, and admission processes that are automated. 

11. SchoolShell

SchoolShell is a software that was designed to be used by polytechnics, colleges, group of schools, secondary schools, and primary schools. It is a leading mobile app so long as school management is concerned. 


Nersapp is cloud-based and is absolutely free. It can be relied on to carry out several tasks. In as much as this software is free, there could be charges linked to its setup. This is something to be given a great deal of attention as setting it up takes quite a while. Sometimes, training is needed before it can be set up properly.

Due to the fact that making use of this software does not require a lot of funds, it is one that can be used by schools that are not very buoyant.  Also, if you run a school but do not have any budget for a management software, this is a software you might want to try out.


This software was named after its creator. It is a highly-rated school management software and it comes hand in hand with a free site which helps it run properly. While the site that this software comes with might not seem like a big deal, it helps it stand out from other school management software. This software is generally considered amazing. However, the cost of its purchase and even the cost of training could put off potential clients. 


Blupebic is a school management software that is really affordable. This makes it a good product for any school considering affordability when shopping for a school management software. This software comes with a handful of features. However, difficulty in setting up is definitely not one of them.  It is very user-friendly. There is more. This software can be used on mobile devices, is compatible with several devices and comes with a rich display.  

To make use of this software, your students will simply need to pay N500 every term.

15. Quick School Manager

Just as its name states, this software can help schools carry out administrative procedures very rapidly. So, if you run a school and are looking to waste no time in processing school activities, Quick School Manager software can help.

This software is cloud-based and beyond the fact that it can help with rapid administration, it can also help in conserving funds. With this school management system comes features that are easy to use. That’s not all. It comes with modules that cater to the needs of parents, staff, and students. 

16. Digital School

Featured by Digital School are several modules such as transport, BULK SMS, inquiry, accounting, salary, result, fee, etc. It is school management software that is generally considered as complete. Additionally, it was designed to be used by schools at all levels of learning. That’s not all. This software has a video and photo gallery, as well as a website.


MAC EDMS stands for Mac Educational Data Management System. It is reliable school automation software and helps schools enjoy top-notch Solutions that are IT based. It features data security and very comprehensive features. 

18. SchoolKnot

This is generally considered a major solution for all that a school needs as far as school management is concerned. Beyond providing school management software, SchoolKnot helps schools with MobileERP. It has very special features. Some of these features include a fee report that is automated. Additionally,  it features an inquiry module that is intuitive.

19. School Canvas

School Canvas used to be known as Parentsalarm. It has been around for a while, is very intuitive and simple to use. It was designed to help schools carry out their operations without so much stress. It also comes in handy in helping educational institutions stay in touch with parents. This software helps with things like providing notification for homework, tracking the location of school buses, and giving announcements.

20. Fedena

Fedena is a global brand and has enjoyed patronage by schools all over the world. It was designed to help with administration and management of activities that are school related. 


EDUMAAT was designed to integrate various departments in an educational institution seamlessly. It is software that needs a bit of training to be operated. However, as soon as you get a little trained, operating it becomes very easy. Additionally, it has an interface that ensures easy control.

What are the Benefits of School Management System Software?

There are quite a handful of benefits associated with the use of school management system software. With this software, school administrators can manage records and track school assets very easily. That’s not all. Some other benefits are:

  • Ensuring that tasks are scheduled very easily
  • It brings about a notable improvement in the relationship between teachers and students
  • It improves the relationship between parents and educators
  • It helps in grading and analyzing the performances of students.

Final Word

If you have never made use of a school management system software, you might be comfortable making use of just any of these software. However, if you understand what using a school management software is all about, then, you perhaps know that you will get the most value for your money when you make use of the best.

So, if you need the best school management system in Nigeria, or you just want a software to manage your learners’ report cards, kindly call this number +2348087137457 or reach us via email at


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