Online Sports Management Degree – How To Key Into this Rising Industry

Online Sports Management Degree

An online sports management degree can provide you with the necessary skills to succeed in one of the world’s biggest industries. The sports industry in the United States is projected to generate $83.1 billion annually by 2025. Earning a sports management online degree can give you the business, communication, and marketing skills you need to stand out when applying for competitive positions.

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Program Overview

An online sports management degree program typically includes a mix of business, liberal arts, and sports management courses. The program can culminate in the opportunity for hands-on, real-world experience. For example, the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sport Management degree program at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has been preparing students for careers in sports for more than a decade. The program emphasizes the management principles related to the business of sports and provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable field experience.

Career Opportunities

With a sports management degree, you can gain key industry knowledge that will prepare you to handle the demands of a career in sports. Career opportunities are available in fields such as sports marketing and promotions, facility management, and sponsorship sales. 

The expertise you develop as an online sports management degree student will enable you to have a deeper understanding of management, leadership, ethics, communication, financial principles, and best practices within the field.

Best Online Sports Management Degrees

Several universities offer online sports management degree programs. BestColleges ranked the best online master of sports management degrees, including the Master of Science in Sports Management, Master of Education in Sports Administration, and Master of Science in Sports Business. 

American Public University offers an online sports management degree that enhances your understanding of how to apply management concepts, practices, and principles to the sports industry. 

The University of Louisville offers an online Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration that leverages faculty expertise, hands-on industry experience, and a career-focused curriculum to develop your understanding of sport.

What are the Career Opportunities for Graduates of an Online Sports Management Degree Program

Graduates of an online sports management degree program can pursue various career opportunities in the sports industry. Some of the potential career paths include:

1. Sports Agent: A sports management degree can prepare you to work as a sports agent, representing and managing the careers of professional athletes. This role involves negotiating contracts and endorsements on behalf of the athletes.

2. Athletic Director: Graduates can seek employment as athletic directors, overseeing the athletic programs and operations of educational institutions or sports organizations.

3. Sports Event Coordinator: This role involves planning and organizing sports events, including logistics, scheduling, and coordination of various aspects of the event.

4. Sports Marketing and Promotions: Graduates can pursue careers in sports marketing, where they will be involved in promoting sports events, teams, or athletes through various marketing strategies.

5. Facility Management: Another potential career path is facility management, which involves the administration and operation of sports facilities such as stadiums, arenas, or training centers.

These are just a few examples of the diverse career opportunities available to graduates of online sports management degree programs. The sports industry offers a wide range of roles that require the business, communication, and management skills that are developed through such a degree program.

What Skills are Developed in an Online Sports Management Degree Program

Graduates of an online sports management degree program develop a diverse set of skills that prepare them for various roles in the sports industry. Some of the key skills developed in these programs include:

1. Business Acumen: Students gain a strong foundation in business principles, including finance, economics, and marketing, which are essential for understanding the business side of the sports industry.

2. Communication Skills: The programs emphasize effective communication, which is vital for roles such as sports marketing, event coordination, and athlete representation.

3. Leadership and Management: Students learn leadership and management principles, preparing them to oversee sports organizations, manage events, and lead teams of professionals

4. Legal and Ethical Understanding: A good understanding of the legal and ethical aspects of the sports industry is developed, which is crucial for roles like sports agent and athletic director.

5. Event Planning and Management: The programs equip students with the skills to plan, organize, and manage sports events, which is valuable for careers in sports event coordination and facility management.

6. Industry Knowledge: Graduates gain in-depth knowledge of the sports industry, including its structure, trends, and best practices, which is essential for success in various sports management roles.

What is the Average Salary for Graduates of an Online Sports Management Degree Program

The average salary for graduates of an online sports management degree program can vary depending on the specific role, experience, and location. Entry-level roles in sports management may have an average starting salary of about $38,000, while higher-level positions can bring in as much as $200,000 per year. 

Specific roles in the field of sports management, such as athletic directors in higher education, advertising and marketing managers in the spectator sports industry, and sports agents, can earn average salaries ranging from $80,000 to over $125,000 per year. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for entertainment and sports occupations is $49,470, and the overall employment figures in this category are projected to grow by 13% through 2031. The average salary of sports management professionals also differs according to education, with earnings increasing from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s by about 20%. 

Location is another factor that significantly impacts sports management degree salary ranges, with earnings varying based on the cost of living and demand in the sports industry. Therefore, the average salary for graduates of an online sports management degree program can range widely based on various factors, including the specific role, level of experience, and location.


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