Linking Your to Your Mobile Network

4 Solid Ways of Linking Your NIN to Your Mobile Network

Linking Your NIN to Your Mobile Network – In Nigeria, linking your National Identity Number (NIN) to your mobile network is a straightforward process provided by major network providers.

Linking Your NIN to Your Mobile Network

Follow these steps for each network:


– Dial *785# or *785*Your NIN# from your phone to link your NIN. Alternatively, use the MyMTN App to submit your details.

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– Send “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName LastName” to *109# or dial *109*Your11DigitNIN# from your Glo phone.


– Dial *121*1# to link your NIN to your Airtel number.


– Visit or dial *200*8# to link your NIN to your 9Mobile number.

These steps ensure a quick and simple process to link your NIN to your mobile number.

Benefits of Linking NIN to Your Mobile Network

Linking your NIN to your mobile network in Nigeria provides numerous advantages:

1. Identity Verification:

   – Enables the government to monitor and combat criminal activities like fraud and terrorism.

2. Access to Vital Services:

   – Necessary for services such as passport issuance, banking, land transactions, insurance, pension, health insurance, taxes, voter registration, consumer credits, and all government services.

3. Easier Identification and Security:

   – Adds a layer of security, protecting against identity theft, SIM swap fraud, and other cybercrimes.

4. Seamless Communication:

   – Allows switching between mobile networks without re-registering NIN.

5. Bonuses and Incentives:

   – Mobile service providers offer bonuses for customers linking NIN to their SIM cards.

6. Compliance with Government Regulations:

   – Ensures compliance with the government’s directive to link all phone numbers to NINs.

Linking Multiple NINs to the Same Mobile Number

Using the NIMC mobile app, you can link up to six additional phone numbers to the same NIN. Download the app, log in, input NIN and mobile numbers, request and enter the OTP to complete the process.

How to Unlink a NIN from a Mobile Number

The process for unlinking a NIN from a mobile number is not widely publicized. If you have concerns, it is advisable to contact your mobile network provider or the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) for guidance. Specific policies and procedures may apply, and seeking assistance from relevant authorities is recommended.

Verifying Your Identity After Linking NIN to Your Mobile Network

After linking, the verification process involves submitting NIN, NIMC verification, in-person visits if necessary, and receiving notifications about the status of verification.


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