Easy Ways to Check Your NIN Number By Yourself

Ways to Check Your NIN Number

Ways to Check your NIN Number – The National Identification Number (NIN) is a unique identifier crucial for Nigerian citizens and residents. 

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Ways to Check Your NIN Number

Verification of your NIN can be done through various methods, both online and offline. Here are several ways to check your NIN:

1. USSD Code:

   – Dial *346# from the phone number associated with your voter’s card, driver’s license, or BVN registration.

   – Follow the prompts to retrieve your NIN number.

   – A service fee of ₦20 is applicable.

2. Online Method:

   – Download the NIMC mobile app from the Google Play Store.

   – Install the app and enter your NIN to access your details.

3. NIN Validation:

   – Visit any national identification management office in your area.

   – Request the national identification number validation form.

   – Fill in the required details and submit the form.

   – Make a payment of ₦4,000 for NIN validation.

4. NIN Tokenization:

   – NIN tokenization involves the use of encrypted representations of the NIN in transactions.

   – This includes User IDs, QR codes, the Virtual NIN, and verification log details on the MWS Mobile ID app.

   – These methods protect an individual’s data privacy during daily transactions.

It is imperative to safeguard your NIN as it plays a crucial role in official transactions. Only disclose it to relevant authorities when required.

Obtaining a National ID Card in Nigeria

To acquire a National ID card in Nigeria, follow these steps:

1. Visit any NIMC registration center.

2. Complete the enrollment form with personal details.

3. Submit the form and provide biometric data (fingerprints, facial picture, and digital signature).

4. Upon successful enrollment, receive a Transaction ID Slip containing your NIN.

5. Apply for the National e-ID card, which serves as identification, debit card, and access control card.

6. Pay the required fee for card issuance after biometric data verification.

Remember to keep your NIN secure and easily accessible for official processes.

Cost of National ID Card in Nigeria

Obtaining a National ID card is free of charge according to the NIMC Act. Registration is compulsory for all eligible persons in Nigeria, irrespective of age, and is devoid of any associated costs.


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