going to school Why Should Sex Education be Compulsory in Secondary Schools

3 Good Reasons Why Should Sex Education be Compulsory in Secondary Schools

Should sex education be compulsory in secondary schools? Let’s face it, the world has changed, and it is still changing. The closeted lifestyle of our time, and the times before us is as good as dead. The youth today are considered egregious by those that came before them. Truth is, every generation is different and will be misunderstood by the previous generation.

The idea of abstinence isn’t an ideal held up by the current generation of youths. A close look at facebook conversations will confirm the truth of this. In the pursuit of development, the loss of norms is to be expected (sociology 101). Thus, the question is not how to fix the problem, but how to manage the result.

Man is a social being. The process of socialization will lead to experimentation in the quest to understand his position (Sociology 101). Results of an experimentation process are usually 50/50 ie can be positive or negative. Hence, researchers lay tight controls on their experimentation. Young adults cannot be truly controlled from the moment they leave the direct oversight of their parents. How then can sexual activity be curbed or directed so as not to result in negative side effects?

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Why Should Sex Education be Compulsory in Secondary Schools.

Secondary schools have an important role to play. Most teenagers discover their sexual inclinations in secondary school. Thus, this is the best stage in which to direct, without fear or favor, their sexual futures.

One of the biggest problems of Nigeria is a lack of social education. I still come across graduates, masters and PhD holders inclusive who lack social instruction. The process of social instruction cannot be left to the parents. That equation has proven faulty and thus must be reviewed.

Good social education will ensure that males know how to treat females. It will ensure that young men have a healthy respect for young women. It will ensure that the idea of equality, which is still a running question, is stamped down on their cerebrums. Here are a few reasons, non-exhaustive, why sex education should be compulsory in high schools.

To curb excessive sexual experimentation in universities

The fact is these kids will experiment. It is unavoidable. It’s best to prepare for the worst-case scenario even in the case of outliers where a better scenario is expected. What is known will not be sought. A clear understanding of the natures of the biological system of both sexes, the pitfalls of experimentation and the infections have to be clearly spelt out.

Why Should Sex Education be Compulsory in Secondary Schools

To Protect the Futures of These Young Adults

As stated above, all pitfalls must be stated clearly. Pregnancy is real, so is HIV and all other STDs. The teenagers must know that their futures are at risk if they are not careful. These days, most of them are quite knowledgeable on the subject despite the general squeamishness expected on broaching the subject. Problem is, the knowledge is in most cases misguided or as separate from the truth as east from west.

To Improve Safety Standards

Regardless of the steps taken, total abstinence cannot be assured. therefore, safety measures must be passed across clearly. Fact is, sex, regardless of education is 80% probable in university.

Apart from these, there are secondary reasons that do not directly apply, but are important nonetheless to national development. Sex education helps to reduce future population spikes which could distract a nation from its development goals. Sex education creates a social balance which can be felt from the moment of education. This balance ripples outwards to affect all other social activities. Sex education reduces the likelihood of civil crimes like rape and sexual assault. In conclusion, it is important to pass on sex education in university for the sake of the futures of the teenagers. Long term this is helpful to the nation as a whole.


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