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Jamb Admission Cut Off Marks for Higher Institutions

Jamb Admission Cut Off Marks for higher institutions (Universities, polytechnics and Colleges of Education)…

It is an extremely common knowledge that JAMB has put an official benchmark of 180 for all courses and all schools. This may not be the same cut-off mark in 2019 and it is because cut-off marks depend on candidates’ overall performance each year.

The problem is that most JAMBITES confuse this JAMB benchmark as their choice-institution’s departmental or course cut-off. In this article, you will understand just how admission into tertiary institution works.

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Jamb Admission Cut Off Mark 2019 For Colleges Of Education

For you to be eligible to apply for screening in the College of Education of your choice, you have to have scored at least 150 marks in your JAMB exam.

All Colleges of Education have their cut-off as 150 and so if you scored 150 and above, then you are eligible to apply for their screening.

Now, even though JAMB has put their cut-off at 180, so far as Colleges of Education are concerned and as long as they choose to leave their benchmark at 150, then the JAMB cut-off for 180 does not matter at all.

Jamb Admission Cut Off Mark For Polytechnics

All Polytechnics in Nigeria set their cut-off at 150, from detailed research, with few of them deviating. Poly such as Auchi Polytechnic which requires a minimum of 160 marks and Lagos State Polytechnic which insists on 180 as its official benchmark alongside a handful of other Polytechnics.

So, if you scored 150 and the polytechnic of your choice put its cut-off at 150, then you are very eligible to apply for screening. But, if the polytechnic of your choice states its cut-off at a score higher than 150 (160 and above) and you did not reach that cut-off, then you are not eligible to apply for screening.

The JAMB benchmark of 180 does not hold water so long as Polytechnics choose to leave their cut-off marks at 150.

Jamb Admission Cut Off Mark for Universities

There are so many Universities in Nigeria. These universities, categorised as federal, state or private, have their separate cut off mark for admission or as agreed by the Board.

JAMB Cut off Mark for Private Universities

Private Universities do not care for your JAMB score. All they need is a good WAEC, NECO, GCE or any equivalent for you to be eligible for screening.

JAMB Cut off Mark For State Universities

Every State University in Nigeria chose to concur with JAMB and leave their cut-off at 180. In other words, for you to be eligible for application to State Universities, you must have made at least, 180 marks in your JAMB.

JAMB Cut off Mark For Federal Universities

Here, there are many variations.

Many Federal Universities have their cut-off at 200 with very few exceptions. Such as Federal University of Technology (FUTO)and Federal University, Dutse (FUD) whose cut-off is 180.

Now, if you made 180 in your JAMB exam, you will be eligible for screening. UNLESS the Federal University of your choice has a benchmark of over 180 (180 and above). The University’s benchmark or cut-off may depend on the course of your choice.

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We hope you now understand how Schools use JAMB cut-offs for their Screening Eligibility.

Good luck!


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