Checking your NIN number using USSD code

Checking Your NIN Number Using USSD Codes

Checking your NIN number using USSD codes is a convenient way to access this crucial piece of identification in Nigeria. Whether you are with MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile, a simple USSD code is all it takes to retrieve your NIN. This comprehensive guide will show you how to check your NIN using USSD codes across the main mobile networks.

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Checking Your NIN Number Using USSD Codes

To check your NIN using USSD codes, follow these steps:

1. For MTN, dial *346# on your mobile phone.

2. For Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile, dial *346# on your mobile phone.

The USSD code for NIN retrieval is the same for all major network providers in Nigeria, making it easy and convenient for users regardless of their network provider. After dialing the USSD code, follow the prompts to retrieve your NIN number. Please note that using this service attracts a N20 fee, which is deducted from your phone credit balance.

It’s important to safeguard your NIN as it is linked to almost all governmental databases, including bank accounts and mobile phones. Only disclose it to relevant authorities when required.

In summary, checking your NIN number using USSD codes is a simple and efficient process that can be done using the same code across different network providers. It’s an essential step in ensuring you have access to your NIN whenever you need it.

For more details about the VNIN,

USSD Codes for NIN Retrieval:

  • MTN: Dial *346#
  • Airtel: Dial *346#
  • 9mobile: Dial *346#
  • Glo: Dial *346#

Remember to keep your NIN secure and only share it when necessary.

What is the Process for Enrolling for a NIN Number

To enroll for a National Identification Number (NIN) in Nigeria, follow these steps:

1. Pre-Enrollment:

  • Fill out the NIMC Pre-enrolment form online by visiting the official Pre-Enrolment Portal.
  • All mandatory fields need to be completely filled with correct information.
  • Minor applicants should be accompanied by parents/guardians who can assist with the form filling.
  • Minor applicants should bring an original and valid birth certificate and NIN slip of one of their parents or guardians. 

2. Visit an Enrollment Center:

  • Walk into the nearest NIMC Registration Centre with any one of the following original and valid supporting documents.
  • The applicant’s pre-filled information will be inputted into the NIMC Software by an enrollment officer.
  • The applicant’s biometrics (ten fingerprints and facial image) will be captured.
  • After completing the enrollment, a Transaction ID Slip will be issued to the applicant as evidence of the transaction.

3. Issuance of NIN:

  • Between 2 to 3 working days after the enrollment has been completed, a National Identification Number (NIN) will be issued.
  • The NIN issuance may take longer in certain cases due to data validation procedures at NIMC.
  • A National Identification Number (NIN) Slip will be issued to the applicants after processing.

The NIN is a unique 11-digit number that is used to tie all records about an individual in the National Identity Database. It is important to enroll for the NIN as it is mandatory for all citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, from birth and above. The NIN is essential for official transactions and should be safeguarded and disclosed only to relevant authorities when required.

This process is free, and the NIN can be obtained by visiting any NIMC Registration Centre during the specified hours.


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