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Getting an online degree, most especially in accredited fields like Psychology, is what many students are earning to achieve. And you may doubt if spending 4-5 years in college to earn an psychology degree is even worthwhile. Yes! It is. Let’s show you what you need to know to get accredited psychology degree online.

However, these numerous attached benefits of the discipline (Psychology) would give you a change of mind.

Benefits of majoring in psychology

The benefits of psychology cannot be over-emphasized as psychology major is one of the top 10 college majors.

Below are some of these benefits:

Personal Knowledge

Many students get to choose psychology because of the personal desire to explore and learn more on how their minds and emotions do work; as well as navigate reasons to certain behaviours and interactions carried out consciously and unconsciously by them.

Skills Acquisition

Skills like communication, problem-solving and critical thinking are key when it comes to interactions for our daily living. Thus, the above mentioned skills are learned in psychology education programs which go as far as equipping the students to serve both in their personal and professional lives.

Career Development

Getting an online degree in psychology may also lead to various alternative career paths in fields like business, human resources, teaching and even marketing. Not only can one become a psychologist; earning a degree in psychology may as well open ways to a number of potential career options in a variety of fields.

Sub-fields In Psychology

There are different Sub-fields in psychology and each of them have their own specifications. So if you think all psychologist roles are the same, think again.

Below are some of the subfields and their specification;

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is likely what a great many people consider when they hear, “psychology.” It’s the part of psychology that takes a gander at psychological dysfunction and the methodologies with which to treat such dysfunction.

Social Psychology

Social psychology takes different practices, qualities and characteristics shown by individuals in changing social circumstances. It ponders basically on human conduct and association.

Health Psychology

The Psychology of health is a broad area within the field. It encompasses not only physical health, but emotional, behavioural and social health as well.

Counselling Psychology  

The branch of psychology that revolves around understanding and managing the problems people face in their home, work and social lives and trying to find solutions to them.

Developmental Psychology

The study of how human thinking and behaviour develops and progresses throughout the lifespan.

Forms of Online Psychology Degree

Under listed are the various forms of Psychology degree that can be attained online;

Associate Degree

Graduates who obtain an associate degree in psychology are open to many other career options available such as: rehabilitation assistant, child care provider, orderly, and coordinator. 

Bachelor’s Degree

Holders of the Bachelor’s degree also get work in psychological offices and schools in order to assist patients cope. But this is done under the full supervision of a licensed doctor.

Master’s Degree

Students who obtain a master’s degree online tend to enjoy several privileges such as: enrolling into a variety of specialisations on the studies of human behaviour, both individually and in groups; continuing in whatever job you’re engaged in while still furthering your pursuits in your desired psychology field.

PhD Degree

In order to be fully accredited and recognised as a licensed psychologist in the field, obtaining the doctoral degree is one of the minimum qualifications guaranteed. Thereafter, graduates can then take the state licensing exam in order to earn full certification.

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Top Institutions to Get Accredited Psychology Degree Online And Their Costs?

These are the questions that will probably be going through the mind of anyone longing to get an online degree in psychology. So we’ll be considering the top 10 institutions both in terms of academic accreditation and top 10 cheapest (there’s no one who wouldn’t love to save an additional dollar).

A List of Top 10 Accredited Online Institutions (Psychology Degrees)

Institutions Average Tuition Fees
University Of Florida $341
Oregon State University $280
Fort Hays University $194
North-eastern University $378
Pennsylvania State University $600
Colorado State University $419
University O f Central Florida $481
Eastern Oregon University $210
Arizona State University $490
Washington State University $557

A List of Top 10 Cheapest Online Institutions (Psychology Degrees)

Institutions Tuition Fess (Annual)
Fort Valley State University $5,742
California State University $6,368
University Of the Cumberland $6,560
Fort Hays University $6,780
Valdosta State University $6,900
The Baptist College Of Florida $7,192
Kennesaw State University $7,200
Central Methodist University $7,500
Fayetteville State University $7,556
Ohio-University Main Campus $5,611

Duration Period of Earning An Online Degree In Psychology

The duration period is determined by the certificate program or form of degree a student has in mind to pursue. Let’s take a look at the different duration interval in the different forms of Online Psychology Degree that we have:

  • Associate Degree: This takes 2 years to complete unless the student is enrolling on part-time basis then he/she could spend up to 3 or 5 years to complete the program.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 4 years is the duration to complete a Bachelor’s program in psychology (On full-time basis).
  • Masters Degree: On a full-time basis it takes 2 years to complete a Masters Program in Psychology.
  • Doctoral Degree (PhD): Those that do offer the online doctoral degree in psychology have a range from 2-5 years. 

Are Online Degrees In Psychology Respected?

Most Managers are very much aware of the authenticity of degrees obtained online and won’t discredit a student that pursues one. However, there could be a few things that can make online degree in psychology a bad choice. The curriculum in the traditional universities is usually what most employers used to grade the expertise of students. Sadly, this doesn’t fully match or tally with that done online. Such being the case, online degree may not well be credible or respected.

My Advice

Hence, any student that seeks to pursue an Online degree in Psychology should always do well to better his/her skills by making good researches and engaging more in personal studies to compliment the  Psychology degree Obtained Online. This is because once you graduate from an online program such as psychology; it is your challenge to convince your employer that you’re reliable and have also learned a lot in the degree program. 


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