Highest Paramilitary Salary in Nigeria

9 Highest Paramilitary Salary in Nigeria

Are you interested in the 9 Highest Paramilitary Salary in Nigeria. Paramilitaries are government groups that are trained to do their jobs really well. They can have weapons to use for specific tasks they need to do. Some of the things they do are fighting crime, solving problems, making peace, catching and punishing criminals, and other similar tasks.

Nigeria has over ten paramilitary groups that are considered among the top in Africa. Unfortunately, these organizations do not receive as much money as others. However, their expenses are worth it.

Do you want to join a paramilitary group in Nigeria? If you do, please read this article. This text provides information about the paramilitary groups in Nigeria that make the most money. This will help you pick the right agency to join.


9 Highest Paramilitary Salary in Nigeria

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS)

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) will become the highest-paid paramilitary organization in Nigeria starting in 2022. The Nigeria Police Force created the Nigeria Immigration Service in 1958.

The second option is the top and most powerful group of people trained for military-like tasks in the country. The Service is responsible for controlling who comes into and leaves the country. The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) can arrest and take legal action against any person who is not allowed to be in the country. The NIS collects money for the government and also gives out passports, residency permits, and visas.

Salary Tree

  • The person in charge of immigration gets paid N200,000 every month.
  • The person in charge of Immigration earns N190,000 every month.
  • The person in charge of immigration receives N180,000 every month.
  • The Senior Inspector of Immigration earns a salary of N170,000.
  • The Immigration Inspector gets paid N160,000 every month.
  • The Assistant Inspector of Immigration earns N150,000 every month.
  • The Junior Assistant Inspector of Immigration gets paid N140,000 every month.

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The EFCC is a group in Nigeria that investigates crimes involving money, like when people cheat others in business, hide illegal money, or steal money.

To fight against the increasing problem of financial crimes in Nigeria, the EFCC was established in 2003.

A lot of Nigerians are unaware that EFCC is a part of the Paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria.

The EFCC is a very important organization in Nigeria that works to stop and solve the country’s most serious financial crimes.

Salary Tree

  • The EFCC entry-level staff gets around N168,500 as their monthly pay, while an EFCC worker receives N250,200 per month.
  • A Deputy Detective at the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) earns around N245,800 as salary.
  • The salary for Graduate Assistants at EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) is approximately N270,085.



One of the paramilitary groups in Nigeria that earns a high salary is the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS).

To stop illegal trading and make sure laws are followed, this government agency checks goods as they come in and go out of the country.

They are very important for keeping the country’s borders safe.

The NCS works closely with other security services to maintain peace and enforce the law.

Customs officers are paid a good amount of money because they play a big role in the global transportation of goods.

The NCS helps the country achieve its economic and security goals by focusing on stopping smuggling and collecting money.

Salary Tree

  • A worker in the Nigeria Customs Service makes between 45,000 and 500,000 Naira a month.
  • The payment for the officer changes based on their position. Officers in higher positions make more money than officers in lower positions.
  • To explain further, the way Nigeria’s Custom earns money is determined by levels or positions.
  • An officer’s rank is determined by how long they have served, their level of education, and their experience in their field.
  • Officers who have been working for a longer time, have higher education qualifications, and more experience in their profession are given a higher position.


National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

The NDLEA is a well-paid agency in Nigeria that enforces drug laws. Established in 1989 through a legal document numbered Decree No. The main goal of 48 is to fight against the buying, selling, and misuse of drugs in the country.

The NDLEA works hard to stop drugs from being smuggled illegally through airports, seaports, and border crossings. They also work on catching leaders who are part of gangs that sell drugs and illegally move money around.

The NDLEA pays its employees well, which makes it an appealing career option for people who want to fight against drug crimes and keep the country safe.

Salary Tree

  • BSC holders working for NDLEA earn about N1,005,905 per year at Grade Level 8 Step 1. This translates to a monthly salary of about N90,000. At Grade Level 8 Step 2, the annual salary is about N1,029,857, or about N92,000 per month.
  • Those of other levels are not verified yet. 


Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC)

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is a well-paid government agency in Nigeria that deals with road safety. It was created in 1988 to make sure the roads in the country are safe.

The FRSC makes sure people follow traffic rules and takes care of drivers and other people on the road. They also focus on making roads better and promoting vehicle safety to stop accidents from happening. The FRSC wants to stop dangerous driving by teaching drivers about the rules of the road and how to drive safely.

Because their work is very important, members of the FRSC get paid a lot compared to others.

Salary Tree

  • Chief Inspector earned a salary of N1,405,549.
  • The Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI) earns a salary of N1,325,534.
  • The Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI) earns a salary of N1,252,538.
  • Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI) earns a salary of N1,143,939.
  • The Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI) earns N1,058,516.
  • Marshal Inspector I, also known as MI-I, is identified by the registration number N777,976.
  • The Marshal Inspector II (MI-II) has a valuated cost of N548,287.
  • Marshal Inspector III (MI-III) with a number code of N393,042
  • The Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA) earns a salary of N966,861.
  • The Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA) earns a salary of N539,848.
  • The Senior Road Marshal Assistant is a job position that pays a salary of N387,828.
  • The salary for the Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I) position is N349,889.
  • The salary for the Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II) is N319,841.
  • The Road Marshal Assistant III, also known as RMA III, earns a salary of N305,876.


Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS)

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) is a group in Nigeria that gets paid well and is also called the Nigerian Prison Service.

Established in 1861, their main job is to look after and handle people who have been legally punished for doing something wrong.

They watch over the prisons in Nigeria and make sure they operate well. Their job is very important for keeping law and order.

Salary Tree

  • The Prison Assistant (PAI) job pays between N296,406 and N374,289 for levels 3 to 5.
  • The Inspector of Prison, at a salary range of N357,395 to N411,494 is at level 6.
  • The Senior Inspector of Prison (SIP) earns a monthly salary of N483,914 to N567,965, which is at level 7.
  • The Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPII) position starts at N898,956 and goes up to N986,901 (level 8).
  • The Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPI) earns a salary between N939,390 and N1,056,496 at level 9.
  • The Deputy Superintendent of Prison (DSP) makes a salary ranging from N1,012,592 to N1,143,599 at level 10.
  • The Superintendent of Prison (SP) earns a salary ranging from N1,094,097 to N1,252,098 (level 11).
  • Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP) makes a salary ranging from N1,158,172 to N1,325,234 at level 12.
  • The Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP) earns a salary ranging from N1,225,594 to N1,405,499 at level 13.
  • The Deputy Comptroller of Prison (DCP) earns between N1,619,497 to N1,825,599 at level 14.
  • The Comptroller of Prison’s salary is between N1,759,991 and N1,966,291 at level 15.
  • The Assistant Comptroller General of Prison (ACGP) earns a salary ranging from N2,272,298 to N2,464,590 at level 16.


Nigerian Security and Civil Defense (NSCDC)

The NSCDC is a well-paid paramilitary agency in Nigeria. Their main job is to keep the country and its people safe from dangers and emergencies.

The NSCDC has the power and right, given by an official law, In 2003, to do its job well. They help the Nigerian Police Force and Nigerian Military in handling problems that happen within the country.

Salary Tree

  • The Assistant Cadre earns a salary of N296,586 to N374,299.
  • An Assistant Inspectorate Cadre earns a monthly salary between N357,375 and N411,474.
  • The salary for the Inspectorate Cadre is between N483,064 and N567,095.
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II receives a salary range of N858,936 to N986,971.
  • The salary range for Assistant Superintendent Cadre I is between N939,380 and N1,056,496.
  • The second-ranking police officer collects between N1,012,592 and N1,143,599.
  • The Superintendent Cadre II earns between N1,094,087 to N1,252,098.
  • The second level of Chief Superintendent officers are paid between N1,158,182 to N1,325,274.
  • The Assistant Commander gets paid between N1,225,594 to N1,405,449.
  • Deputy Commander’s salary ranges from N1,690,470  to N1,875,589.
  • The Chief Commander earns between N1,759,951 and N1,966,251.


Federal Fire Service (FRS)

The Nigerian Federal Fire Service used to be a part of the police and was called the police brigade. This is a group that makes sure fires are put out to protect people and things. Other tasks also involve making more people aware of how to keep safe from fire and avoid it.

Workers at the fire commission are happy because they earn a decent amount of money every month. But many people don’t realize the true value of the money this agency pays to its employees. The Nigerian Federal Fire Service pays its staff an average salary of around ₦800,000 to ₦1,400,000.


Nigerian Police Force

This is the most respected and well-paid group of armed forces in Nigeria. The government made this agency to make sure that laws are followed and people are safe in the country. Therefore, the police have the power to catch and punish people who break the law.

The Mobile Police is a special police team that works like the military for important missions. For instance, if there is trouble in the country, they will help keep people safe and protect their belongings while resolving the problem. The police have many jobs to do, but we can’t talk about all of them right now. 

Nigerian police officers make between ₦546,572 and ₦6,558,872 every year as their salary. In addition to their regular pay, they also receive extra money.

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