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Nigerian Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure

This article focuses on the Nigerian Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure.

Lots of Nigerians have great confidence, that the best jobs they can have is with the government, some of them though the reason why but just continue with this trend. Governmental jobs are known as jobs known basically for the benefits accompanied with it and it is also one determining factor for retirement.

Federal Civil Service Commission in Nigeria

The FCSC is an executive body in Nigeria that make appointments and transfers as well as executive disciplinary actions over the federal civil service and it is headed by the Chairman and commissioners, all other staffs are under the control of the office of the Head of Civil Service Federation.

However, to understand the salary scale of the FCSC, there is need to understand the Federal Civil Service Commission and how it operates as there are hundreds of Nigerians that apply for the commission’s conscription process each year. It is known that the Federal Civil Service Commission is one of the highest paying establishment in Nigeria.

The Federal Civil Service Commission has diverse obligations and accountability, which include;

  • Provide guidelines on appointments, discipline and promotion
  • Recruit senior officers
  • Represent the Civil Service Commissioners at Senior Staff Committee meetings of Ministries
  • Endorse the advancement of officers to high-ranking positions, including conducting promotion exams and interviews.
  • Analyzing the endorsements on Corrective cases of civil officers.

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Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure

Before diving deep into the salary structure details, it is Important to note that the minimal salary under the federal civil service position is #18,000 usually amount paid to drivers.

The level of hierarchy in the FCSC is as follows:

Minimum waged staff

The minimum paid staff on Grade Level 01 receives N18,900 monthly summing up the total salary of N226,800 annually. A little above than the minimal wage at the FCSC.

School leaver

This is for the just employed graduates and they usually being placed on Grade Level 04, Step 1 will earn a little more than the least staff – N242,994 per year which is about #20,250 monthly.


This is a further step to promotion as it is from Grade Level 06 Step 01. While on this rank, the officer receives an annual stipend of N316, 229 and having attained the Step 15 on the same Grade Level, he will receive a further boost of N487,295 per annum.

Diploma certificate holder

The diploma certificate holder on Grade Level 07 Step 01 will receive N43,163 per month at the Nigerian Federal Civil Service Commission. It sums up to an annual salary of N517,965

Officers’ counterparts

On Grade Level 09 Step 01 they will receive N780,656 per year. After attaining Step 15, they will get N1,152,698. Just compare that to the ordinary officer’s’ salary!


Graduate on Level 08 Step 15 is amid the Officers’ Level 09 Step 01 and Level 09 Step 15. They will receive N81,000 monthly working at the Federal Civil Service Commission. This sums up to a salary of a total of N978,663 yearly.

Director of the Federal Civil Service

No doubt, the director is the most paid position at the FCSC. On Grade Level 17 Step 9 he/she gets a monthly salary of N454,344. It extents to a yearly salary of N5,452,136. Outrageous, isn’t it?

However, Other allowances are not mentioned above which invariably means the officials enjoy other immense benefits like marriage benefits, transport allowances and some others. Officers most times don’t get promoted to level 15 before being promoted to GL.


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