What is USPS PO Box

What is USPS PO Box?

What is USPS PO Box – A USPS PO Box is a uniquely addressable lockable box located on the premises of a post office. It provides a secure and convenient way for individuals and businesses to receive mail. Here’s everything you need to know about USPS PO Boxes.

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What is a USPS PO Box?

A USPS PO Box is a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows individuals and businesses to rent a secure and private mailbox at a post office. This service is particularly useful for those who do not have a permanent address or wish to keep their home address private.

Pros and Cons of Having a USPS PO Box


1. Privacy and Security: Mail is kept secure until the box owner picks it up, reducing the risk of theft.

2. Permanent Address: Useful for those who move frequently or have a home-based business.

3. 24/7 Access: Many post offices allow access to PO Boxes outside of regular business hours.


1. Limited Package Size: Some items may not fit in a PO Box, requiring pickup at the post office counter.

2. No Private Carriers: Until 2012, private carriers like UPS and FedEx could not deliver to USPS PO Boxes.

How to Get a USPS PO Box

To rent a USPS PO Box, visit your local post office and complete the necessary forms. You will need two forms of identification, at least one of which must be a valid photo ID. The cost of renting a PO Box varies depending on the size of the box and the location of the post office.

Different Types and Sizes of USPS PO Boxes

USPS offers PO Boxes in various sizes, labeled A to E, with the smallest boxes at the top and the largest at the bottom. The two largest sizes may be configured as drawers. The sizes and rental fees are available on the USPS website.


A USPS PO Box is a convenient and secure way to receive mail. While it has its limitations, such as package size restrictions, the benefits of privacy, security, and a permanent address make it an attractive option for many individuals and businesses.

USPS PO Box is a secure and private way to receive mail, offering advantages such as privacy, security, and a permanent address. Despite some limitations, it remains a popular choice for those in need of a reliable mailing solution.


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