7 ways to be Smart and Healthy as a Lecturer

7 ways to be Smart and Healthy as a Lecturer

You have to explore ways to be smart and healthy as a lecturer. Many who eventually make it to the university classrooms as lecturers feel it is already a done deal, having earned their ways to the scholarly profession.

Does it end at just being a lecturer? No! What about your students who are at the receiving end? Can you impart in them when you are not smart and healthy? There are ways, specifically seven (7) ways to be smart and healthy as a lecturer or teacher in Nigeria.

Ways to be Smart and Healthy as a Lecturer

You have to think always about how you can exploit ways to be a smart and healthy teacher in Nigeria. It is rather imperative as a lecturer to device means of doing a better job and satisfying your students and beating time schedules.

Many who eventually make it to the university classrooms as lecturers, feel it is already a done deal having earned their ways to the scholarly profession.

Does it solely end at just becoming a lecturer? No! What about those whom you are paid to impart knowledge (your students)? Can you impart in them when you treat with levity, weightier matters such as health and your smartness in the classroom.

Suffice it to state here that there are ways specifically seven (7) ways to be a smart and healthy lecturer in Nigeria.

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Feed well
  3. Sleep well
  4. Abstain from alcohol
  5. Abstain from cigarettes
  6. Visit a therapist in cases of depression or sickness
  7. Give timely attention to work-load
  • Exercise Regularly

As one of the steps to exploiting ways to be a healthy lecturer in Nigeria, exercising regularly is key the body cannot do without intense physical activity. Exercising regularly here, does not entail performance of competitive proportions, let it not seem as though you are exercising for world heavy weights boxing or wrestling, it is encouraged that it should be done moderately.

Thirty (30) minutes of daily exercise is strongly advised. Those kinds of exercise encourage are: aerobic, calisthenics and normal distance race/this should be done early in the morning before sunsets.

The purpose of these kinds of exercises are to improve your stamina, keep you in good shaped, flexibility, build your cardiovascular muscles, improve the heart pumping ability, blossom your beauty secret toxic-ants through your skin pores during perspiration, normalize your blood-sugar content improves your lung abilities, strengthen your ligaments and tendons, decrease depression and improve your mood, slow aging, burn fat.

However, you will bear with me that a person, who exercise well hardly falls sick; that is f he balances t with good diet and good health habit.

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  • Feed Well

Feeding well is a veritable way to be a smart and healthy lecturer. It is often said that “a good stomach works with the brain.” Therefore it is needful to feed well. Analytically it has been observed that refusing to feed well could cause imbalance in the health of a man.

As a lecturer who spends many hours of the day standing, teaching your students as well as studying, do not skip meals. Endeavour to eat at least four times to five times in a day. These meals you eat should not be like that which is to be consumed by a glutton.

Eat considerable quantity and balanced diet; let your water and juice be continually handy so that you can always stay refreshed. As rigorous as your day could be, ensure discipline in the type of food you eat, go for your type of food which is healthy. Do not through caution to the wind in feeding style; your health remains prime, all things being equal. Remember your health is your wealth! Stay smart and stay healthy.

  • Sleep Well

A popular rhythm says “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wise and strong”. This goes a long way to telling us how important it is to sleep well. Sleeping well does not mean sleeping more than it is needed or required.

As a lecturer it is expected of you to sleep for seven hours (7hrs) each day. Seek sometime between lecturer breaks in the afternoon to observe a little nap as it would help reduce your nerves, makes you feel fresh and strong. When you imbibe the habit of always finding time to rest there are chances of you not being forgetful and perpetually worried about work or other responsibilities.

Your brain works faster and with accuracy when you sleep well. There are usual cases of lecturers being extremely harsh with students, this sometimes is caused by a weak mind, sore body due to work load; the truth is they do not give their bodies and minds the required rest, so sleep well to live well!

  • Abstain from Alcohol

You must abstain from alcohol if you want to stay smart and healthy as a lecturer. Many say, people who drink are those with great minds. But unfortunately, the reverse is the case, as those who drink are those with weak minds and vulnerability to failure.

Research has proven that alcohol kills cells in the brain when a person is intoxicated or tipsy. So, persistent consumption keeps destroying brain cells that are irreplaceable. That is why insomnia, a deficiency and a sickness of forgetfulness is mostly recorded among those who drink alcohol. Alcohol is not friendly to the body as it does a lot of damage to the liver and the kidney. Alcohol would make you not remember to do your job as expected of you.

It will always encourage laxity in you, always postponing your work schedules. Alcohol continually increases depression. Lecturers and teachers who engages in drinking alcohol is regarded as a clown and can hardly be trusted by either his students or colleagues. Abstaining from alcohol would make you have greater peace of mind, increased self-control, and a confident attitude toward life and the future.

  • Abstain from Smoking

As a lecturer, you must eschew smoking. It is very popular among lecturers who smoke that, smoking makes them practice or stimulates their ability to be smart. The truth is smoking increases the tendencies of hostility and awkwardness in you. Having a divided mind and inattentiveness are recurring decimals in the lives of lecturers. This kind of life style usually results in their harshness towards students, poor character disposition even among colleagues.

If you shall stay away from smoking and thus obeying the law called the word of wisdom, you shall receive health in your navel and marrow to your bones. You shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures. You shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint.

  • Visit a Therapist

May you not feel all is good with your health when you experience the slightest headache? This could be a symptom of an impending sickness which could be averted through proper diagnosis. Have you asked yourself; why do I experience this kind of health anomaly? Is my character or attitude towards my job and my student’s right?

When you subject yourself in trying to answer these questions, definitely you would find out a thing or two which would require you to visit a therapist. This therapist could be a surgeon, psychologist, psychiatrist counselor and the likes who would readily proffer adequate procedures that would solve your problem.

  • Give Timely Attention to Worked

Give attention to your work as they come; it is common among lecturers to postpone classes even when such classes have enormous workload. They would still postpone these classes for whatever or no reason they would give.

This workload keeps piling up for you when you do not do justice to them by treating them accordingly as they came, make time out with your students to iron out those topics you have not treated with them before tests and examinations.

Mark tests and examinations scripts as soon as you receive them. Do not wait! Do not delay! Give yourself a time frame. Of course whom would you wait? The best way for you to start is to start by making strict and uncompromising realizable goals for yourself in order for you to meet up.


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