how to become a professional teacher in nigeria
How to Become a Professional Teacher

The teaching profession is one of the noblest professions known to man. Teachers have taught and molded presidents, heads of states, prime ministers, kings, queens, and a plethora of industry leaders and captains of industries. Teachers are the necessary drivers of civilization, as there are responsible for shaping future leaders, ensuring we have the best […]

21st Century Teacher Skill Set
10 Top 21st Century Teacher Skill Set

You might have heard the term 21st century teacher being bandied about in both the media and educational circles without caring as much to ask what it actually means. Or maybe you’ve come across it in educational article one too many times without sparing some thoughts on what its meaning. Well, it’s time to break […]

Mobile Technology Integration in the Classroom
Mobile Technology Integration in the Classroom

In years past, the use of cell phones in class by students was considered a distraction and impediment to effective learning. However, in recent years, more and more teachers, instructors, educationist and school administrators have come to understand the awesome benefits of mobile technology integration in the classroom, if deployed responsibly. In a typical high […]

the Problems with Nigerian Education System
The Problems with Nigerian Education System

This article attempts to dissect the problems with Nigerian education system and how these seemingly intractable problems can be surmounted. The Nigerian educational system is bedeviled with a myriad of problems that has led to the near-collapse of the sector in recent years. This has led to the worrisome reduction in the quality of education […]