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Interactive Whiteboard: The Perfect Tool to Engage Your Students
Interactive Whiteboard: The 1 Perfect Tool to Engage Your Students

An interactive whiteboard (also known as an interactive learning board, smartboard, digital blackboard or SMART Board) is a digital teaching tool that enhances the learning experience by making it more visual and dynamic. It allows teachers to effectively engage students and create a more collaborative learning environment. Interactive white boards are used in both primary […]

10 Ways To Remain Fit as a Teacher

10 Ways To Remain Fit As A Teacher Living a healthy and fit life doesn’t cost much and isn’t as hard as people make it look like, It also isn’t going to be as easy as it would require dedication, consistency and most of all patience. Remember, It takes about 28 days to form a […]

7 ways to be Smart and Healthy as a Lecturer

You have to explore ways to be smart and healthy as a lecturer. Many who eventually make it to the university classrooms as lecturers feel it is already a done deal, having earned their ways to the scholarly profession. Does it end at just being a lecturer? No! What about your students who are at […]