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Utilize These 5 Strategies to Improve Sales Team Training

Is your sales approach not working for you? Are your salespeople communicating effectively? In today’s cutthroat market environment, an efficient sales team training program can make all the difference, especially one that utilizes online training.

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With Online Sales Team Training, Close The Deal

Sales are challenging in both B2B and B2C situations. Even if your marketing is excellent and your product is the best thing since sliced bread, it won’t sell if you don’t have a sound sales strategy.

Apple is a good example. Its superb sales strategy and Apple Store retail environment played a significant role in its recovery from the verge of bankruptcy it experienced in the late 1990s to its emergence as the largest company in the world in the 2010s.

5 Strategies to Improve Sales Team Training

Naturally, not every CEO is as visionary as Steve Jobs. However, there are a number of indicators that will let you know if you need to reconsider your sales approach.

For instance, you would be able to determine that anything is wrong should your sales numbers be lower than they were in the past. Similarly to this, if you don’t have specific sales goals, you won’t know how well you’re doing (or its lack thereof).

This post will provide you with 5 recommendations to help you kickstart your sales team training program and boost team productivity.

1. Ensure that All Your Workers are Coordinated

You need to put some effort into making sure your salespeople “received the memo.” You need to compose the aforementioned memo first. After that, you’ll need to rework it to make it clearer and more concise.

Finally, you must convey it, whether through email or instant messaging (poor), your intranet portal, which is preferable, or your learning management system (LMS) (best). The ease with which your employees can disregard or immediately forget an email and the effectiveness of each of the aforementioned choices were compared. A comprehensive sales team training program was found to be the most successful option.

2. Offer Constructive Feedback

Your sales plan may not always be the issue; rather, it may be how it is carried out. Or, to put it frankly, with the way some members of your sales staff put it into practice. Defy the urge to criticize them or undermine their sales strategy, despite this.

Give them pleasant, constructive criticism instead, and explain why they should think about your alternate strategies. The goal is to avoid making people angry with you for providing comments. In this sales enablement endeavor, you should make them respect you as someone who can help them better their sales game.

To make it more impersonal and ensure that everyone benefits from it, it would be even better to include your input in the training program for your sales team.

3. Sprinkle Some In-Person Training

The physical encounter a salesperson has with a customer—how they present themselves, speak, respond to the customer’s questions, and so on—can be extremely important in driving sales, unless you’re conducting all of your business online.

The best way to teach and practice these abilities is through hands-on sales effectiveness training sessions, where experienced senior sales agents can teach new hires things like how to approach customers.

This doesn’t imply that you should give up on your online training arrangement, but it does imply that your LMS should enable in-person training, preferably through a combination of teleconference/webinar and in-person training sessions (ILT) that take place in a classroom or on the job.

4. Take Your Sales Training Online

We’ve talked about what your sales training must focus on up to this point. The best way to operate your sales team training program, however, is a crucial consideration.

It makes sense to choose an online training option for that last query. The greatest option for any type of business training is universally regarded to be online training.

It is considerably more affordable than classroom-based training, accessible from wherever your employees are at any time, and much simpler to update (so you may try out new sales team training concepts) and roll out to a big number of people. In reality, technical difficulties like LMS installation and maintenance become unimportant when using a cloud-based solution like TalentLMS.

You may also incorporate mobile-based microlearning into your online training, which is a certain way to boost learner engagement and knowledge retention if your LMS permits it. For instance, TalentLMS enhances its online service with native iOS and Android applications designed for learning on the go (and can even function offline).

Flexible reporting tools and the capacity to support numerous sales teams are further characteristics you should look for in an LMS.

5. Use Past Success Stories

You must tell your new personnel about the accomplishments of your older teams if there is a lot of turnover on your sales team.

Of course, simply alerting your staff of prior accomplishments and periods of record sales is insufficient. You’ll also need to discuss the circumstances around past triumphs and how those aspects still apply to the sales team’s present initiatives.

You can draw inspiration from the examples of others in your field or even from other industries; you are not required to stick to your company’s own success stories.


It is impossible to overstate the value of sales training. Without an effective training program for your sales force, even the strongest sales plan won’t go you very far.

You must make sure that your salespeople are all on the exact same page and have received clear instructions regarding market and sales objectives.

In order for new hires to utilize the same tried-and-true strategies, it will also be necessary to provide them with constructive criticism and educate them on the factors that contributed to your company’s prior accomplishments.

For an efficient sales training course (or any other employee training activity, for that matter), online training is the best option, and TalentLMS is the best tool for achieving success in online sales training.

Don’t merely take our word for it; register for a free account at TalentLMS to explore how the best corporate training LMS may assist you in educating your sales staff and achieving your sales targets.


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