Good Opening Lines for Dating Apps

Good Opening Lines for Dating Apps

Good Opening Lines for Dating Apps – It is evident that dating apps have revolutionized how people date. The accessibility of swiping right or left has made it possible for people to find love comfortably. Nevertheless, as more and more people use dating apps, it is increasingly hard to get noticed among a huge mass of people. Therefore, an effective opening statement is among the most successful ways to create great first impressions. This post shall delve into some effective lead-in phrases for dating applications certain to catch an eye.

5 Key Categories of Good Opening Lines for Dating Apps

1. Ask a Question

Asking a question is one of the simplest ways to begin a dating app discussion. This indicates your interest and you may end up having a better discussion with the person. Some good questions to ask include:

– What’s your favorite book/movie/TV show?
Do you have an upcoming holiday planned during summer?
my best weekend moment.

2. Use a Compliment

Compliments can help one break the ice and make the other person feel good about themselves. Nevertheless, one should ensure that they are sincere and should refrain from making common compliments such as “you’re beautiful,” or “you have nice smile.” It would be better if you found some aspect of their profile/photo to complement them on. For example:

Wow, nice choice of music!
WOW! your profile tells me a story of a great story teller.
Wow!!! How about you do photography professionally.

3. Make a Joke

Laughter can be achieved by showing somebody your personality through humor. Nevertheless, racist or sexist jokes are definitely not welcome. Therefore, aim at developing a joke that you can make about that. For example:

Should I swipe right and befriend me, or do you still not believe in swipes at first sight.
Saying that I suck at math and I think me and you make a great pair.
I look as if a good catch, but I am not a fisher man. Can you help me out?

4. Share a Personal Story

Sharing one’s own story in person makes him/her vulnerable and gives an opportunity to build stronger connection. Therefore, it should be short but not too much. For example:
I have been home, which I came from Japan, and ate the most delicious sushi in my life. Did you ever visit Japan?
I love hiking, and just a few months ago I ascended Mount Kilimanjaro. What is the craziest thing you have done on purpose?
– I’m an ultimate “Harry Potter” fan, who has ever spent whole 12 hours standing in the queue just to have a personal meeting with J.K. Rowling. What’s your favorite book series?

5. Use a Pick-Up Lines

These pick-up lines may seem like cheese, but when utilized appropriately, they could be funny and flirty ways to begin talking with each other. Nevertheless, one should not rely on offensive or vulgar pick up lines. For example:

– Are you a magician? This is because every time I check on your profile, all the other people just vanish into thin air.
– Do you have a map? Suddenly, my mind was swept away by your eyes.
– Is your name Google? It is because of who you are, that is what I have been looking for.

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Indeed, a great first line makes all the difference for dating applications. However, the best way to present your personality is by using honesty in whichever method of approach you decide on; whether asking a question, using a compliment, making a joke, telling your own stories, or applying a pick-up line. However, you must only aim at starting off a discussion as well as establishing contact with your potential audience, hence do not shy away from being yourself.


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