10 Reasons Students Probably Dislike You As A Teacher improve education

10 Reasons Students Probably Dislike You As A Teacher

10 Reasons Students Probably Dislike You As A Teacher

As a teacher, you might probably be thinking “My students don’t hate me.” after reading the topic. Chances are, you are so damn wrong.

I know not all students dislike their teachers, and you just might be lucky enough to be that one in a million that they all love. It’s even more likely, though, that you’re not and at least some students really do dislike you.

I can say this because I disliked most, if not all of my teachers when I was in school. Sometimes I even went as far as reporting the teachers to the principal, asking for a change in teachers.

Why? Mainly because they were bad teachers, but that’s pretty vague. To put a finer point on it, Teachers and classes were not fun, but there are many layers to this onion, and you should tune in, because there’s a very good chance that some of your students dislike you, and you may not even realize it.

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10 Reasons Students Probably Dislike You As A Teacher

Here is a funny truth, no student nor pupil will ever approach you to tell you that they hate you. You’ve got to find that out yourself. Here are 10 Reasons why your Students Probably Dislike You As A Teacher:

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1. Teachers very are boring

They preach standards, testing and expectations. Students see no value in this. You as teacher should try and loosen up, and if you’re going to preach about all those stuffs, then find a way to make it interesting.

2. Teachers are strict

I used to always think being strict meant running a tight ship and that was the kind of structure we needed as kids, I was wrong. If you don’t believe this, read about those who have studied best possible practices of teaching for decades and found out that being too strict isn’t favorable for successful teaching and learning.

3. Teachers yell

If you’ve ever been a kid, you’d know that kids generally don’t like being yelled at as most kids would even start crying once you start yelling. An intelligent principal once said that the culture of his school began to change when he and his staffs stopped yelling at kids.

4. Teachers are buttoned up

If you’re secretive, it’ll look as if you are hiding something, and students don’t like that. I remember growing up, knowing only my teacher’s name and what he/she looked like. Loosen up, tell them a little about your personal life, bond and connect with them and you’ll have their hearts. How do you even expect someone to like you when they don’t know anything about you ?

5. Teachers have too many rules

Kids already face lots of rules in their lives. They want a little bit of freedom. Let them chew gum, wear their hats or wear their wrist bands. I mean, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

6. Teachers give too many homework

If students don’t have a say about take home assignments and are being given a string of zeroes for missing work, then the assignments are useless. Traditional homework does not increase learning, and the consequences of not doing it only make students dislike teachers even more.

7. Teachers give “pop” quizzes

Tests, in general, say nothing or very little about learning, and a surprise quiz is nothing more than a mean way for teachers to punish students and exercise control. Using impromptu quizzes to punish these students will not only let them dislike you but also, their parents will too.

8. Teachers take mobile devices from students

This is the 21st century and teachers still take mobile devices away from students in most Nigerian secondary schools and tertiary institutions. I don’t care if the school says devices are banned. Just because some of your leaders are blind doesn’t mean you have to walk into walls. This is the age of mobile learning. Embrace it.

9. Teachers use grades as weapons

This is the one most students in Nigerian Universities will relate to. Most lecturers go as far as saying and telling you to your face that “no matter what you do, you can never have an A in my class”. This is really bad because not only does bring down the moral of Students,it makes them resent you even more.

10. Teachers make threats

Again, Nigerian Universities lecturers are guilty of this. “You will never pass my course” “I will make life hell for you in this school” are just some of the threats Nigerian lecturers make so very often and yet they wonder why students hate them. Isn’t it obvious ?

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At this point, conscientious teachers, who want what’s best for their students, will likely check this list and wonder which reasons apply to them, and how to change for the better.

Teachers need to understand that students are more than just empty minds that you must fill with information.

Students are human beings. They have feelings, and they have needs. So before you impact knowledge into them, make sure you show them that you care; that you do really do like them. Speak softly. Look them in the eyes. Ask questions. Be a friend to them, before you are their teacher.

Do these very simple things, and students won’t dislike you.

They may never love you, but they will surely respect you, care about you, and many will take a bullet for you. If they’re willing to do this for you, imagine how much they’ll want to learn from you.

Now, you can go on and teach them!


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