A Guide on Florida Teaching Certification

Florida Teaching Certification

Florida Teaching Certification, often referred to as a Florida Teaching Cert, is a vital credential for educators looking to teach in the state of Florida. This certification ensures that teachers meet the necessary qualifications and standards set by the Florida Department of Education to educate students effectively. 

Obtaining a Florida Teaching Cert opens up opportunities for educators to make a positive impact on students’ lives and contribute to the state’s educational system. In this article, we will delve into the requirements, process, benefits, and importance of acquiring a Florida Teaching Certification.

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The Requirements for Florida Teaching Cert

To obtain a Florida Teaching Cert, aspiring educators must meet specific requirements set by the Florida Department of Education. These requirements typically include holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, completing a state-approved teacher preparation program, passing the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE), and undergoing a background check. 

Additionally, candidates may need to fulfill specific coursework and clinical experience requirements depending on the subject area they wish to teach.

The Process of Obtaining a Florida Teaching Cert

The process of obtaining a Florida Teaching Cert involves several steps that aspiring educators must follow diligently. First, candidates need to ensure they meet all the eligibility requirements outlined by the Florida Department of Education. 

Next, they must apply for a Florida Educator Certificate through the state’s online portal and submit all required documentation, including transcripts, test scores, and proof of completion of a teacher preparation program.

After submitting their application, candidates may need to undergo a fingerprinting and background check process. Once all requirements are met and the application is approved, candidates will receive their Florida Teaching Certification, allowing them to teach in Florida schools.

Benefits of Holding a Florida Teaching Cert

Acquiring a Florida Teaching Cert comes with a myriad of benefits for educators. Firstly, holding this certification demonstrates a teacher’s commitment to meeting high professional standards and dedication to the field of education. It also enhances job prospects and opens up opportunities for career advancement within the Florida education system.

Furthermore, a Florida Teaching Cert provides educators with the legal authorization to teach in public schools in the state, ensuring they meet the necessary qualifications to educate students effectively. This certification also allows teachers to participate in professional development opportunities and stay current with the latest teaching methodologies and practices.

Importance of Florida Teaching Certification

Florida Teaching Certification plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of education in the state. By ensuring that educators meet specific standards and qualifications, the certification process helps guarantee that students receive high-quality instruction from competent and qualified teachers. Holding a Florida Teaching Cert also instills confidence in parents, students, and school administrators regarding a teacher’s abilities and expertise.

Moreover, Florida Teaching Certification is essential for educators seeking employment in Florida schools. Many school districts and educational institutions require teachers to hold a valid teaching certificate to be eligible for employment. By obtaining a Florida Teaching Cert, educators can fulfill this requirement and pursue their passion for teaching in the Sunshine State.

What is the Cost of Obtaining a Florida Teaching Certificate

The cost of obtaining a Florida Teaching Certificate varies depending on the specific requirements and pathway chosen. Here are some key costs to consider:

Application Fees

  • Receiving an initial certificate or upgrading from a temporary teaching certificate to a professional certificate costs $75
  • Adding subjects to an endorsement and renewing a certificate both cost $75
  • Receiving a duplicate certificate, dropping a subject, or changing the name on the certificate costs $20

Program Tuition

  • TeacherReady charges a $50 application fee, $100 technology & online material fee, and $5,400 program tuition.
  • Teachers of Tomorrow offers an affordable path with options like a one-time payment of $297 or 6 monthly payments of $49.50

Exam Fees

  • Registration fees for initial attempts on the Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) are required.
  • FTCE test fees range from $37.50 to $150 per exam.

Additional Costs

  • Fingerprint screening and background check fees may be required.
  • Costs for completing an educator preparation program, if applicable.

It’s important to note that the total cost can vary based on the specific programs, and exam retake requirements for each individual. Scholarships and financial aid options may also be available to help offset the costs of obtaining a Florida Teaching Certificate.

What is the Validity Period of a Florida Teaching Certificate

A Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate is valid for five school fiscal years. The certificate must be renewed within each validity period to remain active.

The validity period of a Florida Temporary Certificate is three school years, and it is non-renewable. The purpose of the Temporary Certificate is to provide time for the educator to complete all the requirements for a Professional Certificate.

To renew a Professional Certificate, the educator must complete the following requirements within the last validity period:

  • Six (6) semester hours of college credit, including at least one (1) semester hour in teaching students with disabilities (SWD)
  • 120 in-service points, with at least twenty (20) points in teaching SWD

If the renewal application is not received by the certificate expiration date, the applicant has one (1) year from the expiration date to submit the completed application, renewal processing fee, and an additional late fee of $30.

Florida Teaching Certification is a vital credential for educators looking to teach in Florida. By meeting the necessary requirements, following the certification process diligently, and reaping the benefits of holding a Florida Teaching Cert, educators can make a significant impact on students’ lives and contribute to the state’s educational system.


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